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Crown Coast Heavy Duty Umbrella Review

Updated on May 30, 2016

So I've used this umbrella a couple times now no thanks to the ever changing weather out here. I would like to thank Crown Coast for providing me with it at a heavily discounted price. As always I'll be giving my honest and unbiased feedback I really want to help you guys with your buying choices. I have to say though I haven't used it in very high winds just yet but it seems like a well built umbrella. I like the handle it's very smooth and feels really nice. Though I do have one complaint about it being that it's a bit on the short side. I have pretty big hands so the handle doesn't fit my whole hand just kind of the top portion. It would be easier to hold if the handle were longer.

The bars on the inside of the umbrella seem to be pretty strong they're much stronger than most of the regular umbrellas I use. It may not have super strength but it should hold up against some pretty big gusts. The size of the umbrella closed is pretty compact very easy to throw into a bookbag or something of the sort. When it's opened it's a decent size but not exactly what I would call good for two people. Unless you're both crammed in kind of tight.

I like the color of this though it's a very nice shade and the matching case for it is a nice touch as well. As for the auto open/close feature I find it very handy. It doesn't close itself all the way but I didn't have any problems closing it the rest of the way. Though it is spring loaded so if you don't fully close it it can shoot back up. In my use though this didn't really happen for me only when I was trying to make it happen. I have yet to notice any kind of indication that the umbrella is failing/breaking. I'll continue using it and report back here if I notice anything. Overall though I feel this is a pretty good umbrella and it's already come in handy for me.

I can't attest just yet for it's high wind capabilities but I can say that it feels like it will work just great for my uses here in NYC. So if you're in a place that gets pretty windy, but not too hectic this should be a great choice for you. Whenever I get the chance to really test this thing out even more though I'll update this. Thanks I really hope this review helped you out in some way. Have a great day.

4 stars for Heavy Duty Umbrella By Crown Coast


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