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Custom Fishing Rods

Updated on January 11, 2012

Do I Need a Custom Rod?

Do I Need a Custom Rod?
Do I need.. Now this is the qualifier question for nearly every decision we make when it comes to spending money. What I will attempt to do here is tell you a little about custom rods and why you might want to own one.
Do me a favor, look at down at your shoes for a second. Are they nice shoes, middle of the road or basically cardboard boxes with laces on them? Why would I ask you such a ridiculous question.
Well let me explain, you see having nice shoes is a lot like having a custom rod. True, think about it, cardboard boxes with laces will keep you feet warm and dry most of the time right. But, we want to look good and maybe we need a little more out of our shoes? Maybe you jog or work in an office where you need to dress up.
Fishing rods are very similar, sure any rod off the shelf will land fish! If that is all you want to do is land a few fish then by all means get a rod off the shelf at WalMart. It will land fish and probably won't break when you hook into a big one. If it does they will take it back right.
So maybe you are like me and you love to FISH. You spend good money and all the time you can afford traveling to great places to fish. Now I don't know about you but if you are like me, when I do get there and I am fishing I want the best I can afford on my side, rods, reels, hooks, line, guides, all of it. So yes if I can have a Custom Fishing Rod built for my fishing adventures then by all means I Do Need One!

Tony Hunt Pro Staff Blackhorse Custom Rods

Tony Hunt Pro Staff Blackhorse Custom Rods
Tony Hunt Pro Staff Blackhorse Custom Rods | Source

Can You Afford a Custom Fishing Rod?

How much do custom rods cost. Well this is where I got a surprise! When I talked to a man named Lyle Stokes of Blackhorse Custom Rods I found out I had paid more for some of my rods off the shelf at a well known Fishing Superstore than I could have ordered a custom rod from him. I know the Fishing Superstore has a cool aquarium full of neat fish, you can still go see the fish, they won't know you have a custom rod built for you in your truck.


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