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DA's 2010 NFL Mock Draft (2 rounds) *12/3/09

Updated on June 4, 2017


**This is my early mock draft. Y’all can enjoy the excitement of your teams’ playoff runs, but when you're a Lion's fan like me, the draft IS my Super Bowl (although their picks generally never make an impact on the NFL).

*Clearly the draft order will switch weekly- as will team’s needs. I will try to update my predictions weekly


1st Round


1. Cleveland Browns:               

Jake Locker     QB       Washington

Locker has all the tools to be a star and he already has the NFL talent scouts drooling. His tools make him the #1 pick but is he fundamentally ready to take over right away? Generally, terrible teams are better off using top draft picks on the best talent over positional need, but damn! Have you seen their offense!


2. TampaBay Buccaneers:      

Ndamukong Suh-         DT-      Nebraska

Speaking of drafting talent, WOW! This guy is a freak! I’ve never seen such a dominating force in a high level D-1 game. Did you see the game against Texas? He was absolutely toying with top level Offensive linemen. A Man among boys!!!


3. St. Louis Rams:       

Jimmy Clausen-            QB-     Notre Dame

Bulger is getting old and they need an upgrade anyways. They’ve gone D-line the last 2 years (and bombed on both) so they’ll address their offense this year.


4. Detroit Lions:           

Russell Okung  - OT-   Oklahoma St.

The Lions have a huge investment in Matthew Stafford, and he seems to be the real deal, but he’s taking a beating this year. They NEED to keep him healthy! If they have gained even an ounce of common sense, they will take the best Offensive Tackle available.


5. Washington Redskins:          

Ryan Mallett                 QB                   Arkansas

Mallett is a big, strong-armed gunner, but is he more than an overhyped blue chip recruit? I haven’t seen proof yet that he has learned how to win or even quickly make College-level reads.


6. Kansas City Chiefs:            

Eric Berry-       S-        Tennessee

Berry challenges Suh as the most physically gifted defensive player in this class and has outstanding ball skills as well. Almost a lock to be a Pro-Bowler within 2 years.


7. Oakland Raiders:     

Sam Bradford-             QB-     Oklahoma

The Raiders desperately need to find a new QB now that they’ve finally admitted the JaMarcus Russell mistake. Al Davis was hoping for another big, strong, rocket-armed QB, but instead ended up with a smart, savvy, fragile, field dissector- for which they’re better off- as hopefully he has a better NFL make-up.


8. Seattle Seahawks:    

C.J. Spiller       RB       Clemson

The Seahawks are giddy to find the ultra-explosive Spiller still available. Spiller is dynamite- a Chris Johnson type back.


9. Buffalo Bills:            

Gerald McCoy-            DT-      Oklahoma

The Bills desperately need help up the middle and they should thank their lucky stars if McCoy falls to them.


10. San Francisco 49ers- (Carolina):    

Ricky Sapp      DE       Clemson

Lawson has been a disappointment and the Niners need to improve their pass rush. Sapp has that explosive ability and would be a strong pick up.


11. Denver Broncos- (Chicago):          

Cameron Heyward       DE       Ohio State

            Perfect 3/4 DE with size, power, and speed. Extremely talented and fills a need


12. New York Jets:     

Dez Bryant       WR      OklahomaState

Like the Lions, the Jets have a big investment in their QB of the future, and what the Jets really need is a go-to WR for Sanchez to throw to. Bryant’s kind of getting jobbed by the NCAA this year, but is still the most talented wideout.


13. Miami Dolphins:     

Arrelious Benn  WR      Illinois

Dolphins have a strong running game and while they seem to feel good about Chad Henne at QB, he can only do so much until he has adequate weapons to throw to.                      


14. San Francisco 49ers:         

Taylor Mays                 S          USC

Mays is huge and fast and delivers a vicious hit over the middle. Instantly upgrades the Niners secondary.                      


15. Tennessee Titans:               

Terrence Cody             DT       Alabama

This is far too high for such a high risk selection, but look at what happened to Tennessee’s defense when they lost Albert Haynesworth. Cody is dominant at times, in the ultra competitive SEC, and is absolutely enormous at 6’5”, 365 lbs! If not Cody, I expect them to make a play at some other space-eating 


16. Houston Texans:    

Trent Williams  OT       Oklahoma

Schaub is having a magnificent year this year and the Texans have a great passing game when TE Daniels is healthy. But Schaub is fragile, and the Texans need to keep him on his feet.


17. Jacksonville Jaguars:          

Joe Haden        CB       Florida

Haden is easily the best CB in this draft. He is an exceptional athlete and has the potential to by a true shut-down corner. Great value at this spot.


18. Atlanta Falcons:     

Carlos Dunlap-             DE       Florida

John Abraham is the only guy who puts pressures the QB, and he’s ancient. Dunlap is huge, yet agile, and he should contribute as a rookie. 


19. Pittsburg Steelers:              

Brandon Spikes            MLB                Florida

James Farrier is getting long in the tooth and Spikes is natural leader who will make the Steelers linebackers an even more dominant group.  


20. New York Giants:             

Nate Allen        S          South Florida

Kenny Phillips’ future is in doubt and the Giants could really use a physical, ball-hawking Safety anyways. Allen is a solid pro prospect.       


21. Baltimore Ravens:              

Brandon LaFell WR      LSU

The Ravens have talent all over the place, including QB now. The WR position is one of the main weak spots.


22. Green Bay Packers:                       

Mike Iupati       G         Idaho

The Packers need some mouth-smashers to re-establish their smash-mouth running game.         


23. Philadelphia Eagles:            

Jon Asamoah                G         Illinois

The Eagles must protect the aging McNabb and add protection to their explosive athletes all over the field. Asamoah would be a great road grader for McCoy and protection up the middle.


24. Arizona Cardinals:

Germaine Greshem       TE        Oklahoma

Greshem is a tremendous athlete who would make a great offense downright ridiculous.


25. Seattle Seahawks- (Denver):          

Bryan Bulaga        OT               Iowa

Seahawks really need an upgrade of their O-line and a replacement for the imminent retirement of Walter Jones. It seems that all Big Ten O-Tackles are safe, solid plays (Jake Long, Joe Thomas, etc…) and Bulaga is no different.



26. New England Patriots:       

Brandon Graham          OLB/ DE         Michigan

Patriots must continue to bring new blood into an aging defense (and besides, their offense is stacked for now anyways).        


27. Dallas Cowboys:               

Mardy Gilyard              WR                  Cincinatti

Roy Williams is extraordinarily overrated and Romo needs another weapon across from Miles Austin.


28. Cincinnati Bengals: 

Dan Williams                DT                   Tennessee

This Bengals team is suddenly looking quite solid, but they could still use a little help up the middle of their run D. Williams is the big run-stuffer they need.           


29. San Diego Chargers:          

Jonathan Dwyer            RB       Georgia Tech

Tomlinson is wearing down and Sproles isn’t solid enough to be an every down back.   


30. Minnesota Vikings:

Tony Pike:                   QB                   Cincinnati

Obviously the Vikings need a succession plan for when Favre finally wears out… if he ever does.                                  


31. New Orleans Saints:          

Sergio Kindle              OLB/DE           Texas

Saints have a surprisingly good Defense this year, but it’s either just tremendous coaching or smoke and mirrors. Their OLB’s are only serviceable, and the explosive Kindle would be a great addition.


32. Indianapolis Colts:

Golden Tate     WR      Notre Dame

Garcon and Collie are both overachieving this year, and Peyton Manning would look even better with an explosive playmaker across from Reggie Wayne.            



1. Cleveland Browns:

            Derrick Morgan            DE                   Georgia Tech

2. TampaBay Buccaneers:

            Travis Lewis                 OLB                Oklahoma

3. St. Louis Rams:

Thaddeus Gibson          OLB/DE             Ohio St.

4. Detroit Lions:

            Patrick Robinson        CB                   FloridaState

5. Washington Redskins:

            Arthur Jones                 DT                   Syracuse

6. Kansas City Chiefs:           

            Rolando McClain        MLB                Alabama

7. Oakland Raiders:               

            Anthony Davis                        OT                   Rutgers

8. Buffalo Bills:

            Everson Griffen          DE                   USC

9. Seattle Seahawks:

            Trevard Linley  CB                   Kentucky

10. San Francisco 49ers:

            Jerry Hughes                OLB/DE          TCU               

11. TampaBay Buccaneers (Chicago):

            Ras-I Dowling              CB                   Virginia

12. New York Jets:

Charles Scott              RB                    LSU    

13. Miami Dolphins:     

            Sean Weatherspoon     OLB                Missouri          

14. San Francisco 49ers:

            Brandon Ghee              CB                   Wake Forrest  

15. New England Patriots: (Tennessee):

            Jerry Hughes                OLB/ DE         TCU

16. Houston Texans:

            Dezmon Briscoe           WR                  Kansas

17. New England Patriots- (Jacksonville):

            Earl Thomas               S                      Texas  

18. Kansas City Chiefs- (Atlanta):

            Rob Gronkowski          TE                    Arizona

19. Pittsburg Steelers:

            Maurkice Pouncey        C                     Florida

20. New York Giants:

            Greg Jones                   OLB                MichiganState             

21. Baltimore Ravens:

            Kam Chancellor           S                      Virginia Tech               

22. Green Bay Packers:           

            Perrish Cox                  CB                   OklahomaState           

23. Philadelphia Eagles:

            George Selvie               DE                   South Florida   

24. Arizona Cardinals:

            Corey Wooten             DE                   Northwestern

25. Seattle Seahawks:              

            Willie Young                 DE/ OLB         North Carolina Stat

26. New England Patriots:       

            Selvish Caper               OT                   West Virginia

27. Dallas Cowboys

            Sean Lee                      OLB                PennState                   

28. Cincinnati Bengals:

            Jordan Shipley              WR                  Texas

29. San Diego Chargers:                      

            Anthony Dixon             RB                   MississippiState

30. Minnesota Vikings:

            Tyson Alualu                DT                   Cal

31. New Orleans Saints:          

            Von Miller                    DE/ OLB         Texas A&M

32. Indianapolis Colts:

            Syd’quan Thompson     CB                   Cal

 *see my updated mock draft at DA's 2010 NFL Mock Draft (2 rounds) *12/10/2009


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    • aim4strz profile image

      Daniel Austhof 8 years ago from West Michigan

      yeah they did- for the Saints, great! They had a +11 Turnover ratio, 2nd NFC total turnover, 2nd NFC Int., tied 4th in Fum. Rec. Who cares about yardage? Their scoring was respectable too, especially for a team thats ususally ahead by 3 touchdowns. They gave up the same amount of scoring as Philly and less than Chicago. So YES, suprisingly good.

    • profile image

      really? 8 years ago

      saints have a suprisingly good defense this year huh?