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DWO "All In" Aftermath

Updated on July 26, 2015

Triple Threat Match

Violent V VS Thunder VS The Josh Carey

I've said it in the past and I will say it again today if you want to electrify your crowd you kick it off with DWO's Thunder. The New Mexico native had a scheduled match against the maniacal Violent V. Out came both competitors, referee Johnny "Utah" Godfrey set to officiate this contest, bell rings and we are under way....until. Out came the Hero of Health, the King of Kilter, The Josh Carey along with the Yoda of Yoga, Anthony Fletcher. The Josh Carey was looking for some competition in the form of Thunder but bit off way more than he could chew. Commissioner Adam Merrick threw a curve ball at Mr. Carey turning a singles bout into a triple threat match. All three men are in the ring and we are under way. Right off the bat The Josh Carey forms an alliance with Violent V versus Thunder. Violent V knocks Thunder to the mat with a nasty head-butt. Violent V and The Josh Carey then step on Thunders hair and pull his arms up putting all the pressure and pain on his head. The Josh Carey drops an elbow right into the heart of Thunder. Thunder not one to take this match lightly makes a heroic return sending Violent V into the corner and hits him with some electrifying shoulder tackles to his abdomen area. Thunder again sends Violent V to another corner and steps on his throat. Violent V takes the offensive and drops Thunder to the mat and attempts to break the streak of six and zero. The Josh Carey breaks the referees count at two and proceeds to tell Violent V that he wanted to beat him. With Violent V having his back to the action The Josh Carey attempts a pin fall but is given a taste of his own medicine. The action these three men brought couldn't be contained in the ring. Thunder clearly the stronger link in this point is dropped on cold, merciless concrete by the mastodon known as Violent V. The Josh Carey sends the two competitors back into the ring but is taken down for his troubles. Thunder scoop slams Violent V center of the ring but it quickly attacked by The Josh Carey. Violent V sends The Josh Carey to the corner and sets him up on the second turnbuckle, legs apart. The Man Beast known as Violent V drives his body right into the lower region of The Josh Carey taking him out of the match. Thunder with the help of his lightning bolt fans takes Violent V down and the sound of thunder is about to roar. Thunder goes to the top rope and dives right into Violent V. Referee makes the three count and Thunder is now 7 - 0. Undefeated.

Handicap Match

Hobo Hank VS Dextor & Johnny K

By now it should be evident that when the boss talks, everyone should listen. Saturday night at The Armory, The MK Bandit decided it was time to lay down the law and order on Hobo Hank. The two men exchanged words with MK implying that Hobo was a cancer in Destiny Wrestling that needed to be extinguished. MK would then go on to take the next step in eradicating Hobo Hank from DWO. Now remember last month Hobo Hank got the upper hand on MK, with a vicious attack twice and then dragging his prone body to the backstage area, MK needed emergency medical attention by staff so one has to remember that MK was out for vengeance tonight. So it was written so it was said that a Handicap Match was going to occur. Hobo Hank VS Dextor and Johnny K, two men who are dangerous individually and collectively are a lethal combination. Bell rings and Hobo Hank is swinging right hooks and literally fighting for survival. Hobo Hank takes out Dextor with some left and right punches. Hank then sends Johnny to the outside and chops at the bare chested villain of the DRC (Death Rage Cartel). Back into the ring the two men go and Hank goes for the pinfall attempt. He gets stopped at 2 by Dextor who is back in the ring and onto a full assault on Hobo Hank. A two on one attack on Hobo Hank ensues with both members of the DRC tagging in frequently to always keep a man fresh; a true veteran maneuver by the tag team. Hobo Hank, with the help of his fans rallied a comeback. First man to feel his revenge was Dextor who took an armpit to the face courtesy of Hobo Hank. Next up Johnny K felt the wrath of Hobo Hank's armpit, a page from The Nasty Boyz. Hobo Hank decided that the tag team should have a meeting of the minds by having the tag team head but each other. Dextor has had enough, the fun and games are over. He takes down Hank and stomps on his throat. Johnny K follows up with a top rope elbow right into the chest of Hobo Hank. Johnny goes back to the top rope and it looks like he has a top rope Axe Slam in mind but is caught with a kick right to his "K&K Security Team" if you catch our drift. Johnny manages to recover from a devastating kick and throws Hank into the corner; shoulder tackles follow right into the stomach of Hobo Hank. Johnny doesn't move however, instead he holds Hobo Hank in the corner while Dextor does a running knee to Hank's face. The duo continues to stomp on Hobo Hank when a familiar face returns with a vile sadistic look in his eye. The MK Bandit has handcuffs and this is about to turn into a three on one assault. With Hobo Hank handcuffed in the corner he is then set up for not one, not two but three kicks to the face by the DRC at the same time. After the heinous mugging MK, Dextor and Johnny K celebrate by the entrance while a prone almost lifeless Hobo Hank is left in the corner.

Winner Via Disqualification - Hobo Hank

Unsanctioned Match

Donnie Amsterdam VS Joe Quesada

If you've never been to a wrestling event or are new here is a tutorial called "Unsanctioned Matches 101". Unsanctioned Matches are incredibly rare. Why? Two or more competitors sign a letter of indemnity releasing the company they're working under of any damage and liability from lawsuits and damage. In return those competitors are now free to do anything they want to each other. Anything goes. Fast forward. Joe Quesada comes to the ring his resume in DWO is read off. Then he sets his signs on one Donnie Amsterdam however Mr. Amsterdam has purchased a ticket to the show and is sitting at ringside waiting to go to Denny's with a few wrestling dweebs. He is then challenged to one more fight, not a match but a fight. Commissioner Adam Merrick makes a deal with Donnie. Fight Joe and I'll lift you're suspension. This one is going to get nasty as Joe brings in Donnie from the fans the hard way and starts to hammer Donnie with closed fists. Bell rings and Joe gets the immediate advantage in fight. Donnie's jacket is torn off and thrown in his face while he is pummeled in the corner. Donnie fights back and chokes Joe on the ring apron with his forearm. Joe falls to the outside and is greeted with a nasty show with a steel chair right to the chest. Donnie tries to go for a suplex but is countered and greeted with a suplex from Joe. Before Joe can recover he is put in an armbar style submission hold. Donnie rolls Joe in the corner and places a steel chair right in front of his face. Donnie goes to the top rope and does a variation of a drop kick right onto the chair. Donnie proceeds to pick up Joe and sets him up for a piledriver attempt; Joe counters. Donnie going for the top rope one more time but is met with a chair thrown by Joe at high speed which connects right with Donnie's face. Donnie's prone, lifeless body left hanging in the corner is picked up and is suplexed from the second rope. Donnie attempts a comeback so much so as to put Joe in a reverse Boston Crab but Joe will not be denied. Joe signals for the end and locks Donnie in a submission hold. Donnie screaming in pain, writhing in agony reluctantly admits defeat and taps out. Commissioner Adam Merrick informs Mr. Amsterdam that due to his recent actions with Senior Referee Kyle Neice and Joe Quesada, Donnie Amsterdam was FIRED!

Winner Via Submission - Joe Quesada

Editor’s Note: Words can only convey some of the action; photography can convey the other parts. This match was way more brutal that I can ever write and photograph. This match had heart and passion from two outstanding professionals.

First Time Ever In Destiny Wrestling

LuFisto VS Crazy Mary Dobson

Everybody remembers their first kiss, their first car, their first love or their first crush. July 18th at The Armory, everyone in attendance would never first get their first Destiny Wrestling female match. Two legends of the squared circle were about to compete in a history making event. Crazy Mary Dobson was out first to the ring wearing her "Heel" t-shirt and evil mask. Out next LuFisto in a tradition Japanese style attire. The bell rings and both ladies jock for a commanding lead. LuFisto starts things off as she takes her opponent to the mat and follows with a front headlock on the mat. She proceeds to lock Mary Dobson into a version of the surfboard submission hold. Crazy Mary may be late to the party but now that she's here she's ready to counter locking LuFisto into a version of an armbar submission hold followed by a version of the Camel Clutch. LuFisto manages to reverse and applies her version of the Camel Clutch and even has time to smile for the camera. LuFisto again keeping Mary on her toes changes things up by using Crazy Mary's own arms to choke herself. Crazy Mary trying to catch her breath isn't given time to rest as she is slayed in the corner with a vicious shoulder to the face. The ring couldn't contain the action these ladies brought and took the fight to the audience. Crazy Mary is positioned on a chair and is taken down by a nasty clothesline. Crazy Mary is getting her second wind and starts throwing some right handed slugs. She is stopped dead in her tracks however when she is sent to the corner and LuFisto connects with a Rolling Senton to a sitting Crazy Mary. LuFisto is up and connects with a running kick to Crazy Mary. Pin cover attempt only to receive a two count. Both ladies go back and forth with punches to the face; lefts and rights nonstop. Kicks follow by both ladies and Crazy Marry connects with a nasty German Suplex. Crazy Mary is signaling the end and goes for a top rope. She is stopped by LuFisto and set up in a Tree of Woe. As Crazy Mary tries to get up she is met with a double footed stomp right to the chest of Crazy Mary. LuFisto picks up Crazy Mary in a firemen's carry and drops Crazy Mary onto the mat neck first. Referee counts to three and we have your winner. After the match both ladies show an immense sign of respect by bowing as seen in Japanese custom.

Winner Via Pinfall - LuFisto

Editor’s Note: This match was the definition of "All In" and winner for match of the night.

Interview W/ LuFisto

I was fortunate enough to have landed a fantastic interview with LuFisto post match. Here are they highlights to the interview. A portion will be saved for a podcast special, stay tuned.

Myself: Who inspired you to get into the wrestling business?

LuFisto: As a kid I always loved the Ultimate Warrior and Jake the Snake, I was never a Hulk Hogan more Macho Man (laughs) but I was 6 years old. Then at 14 I was in a band and my drummer at the time said "you have to watch this" and he was talking about The Undertaker. At this point I started watching and getting more involved in the product and watched Alundra Blaze and Bull Nakano. My immediate thoughts were "wow what is that?". My friend started getting tapes from New Japan and I saw Gaia and she really made me want to do this and wrestle.

Myself: Where did the name of LuFisto come from?

LuFisto: It's a combination of two names. When I first debuted in the wrestling business I was known as Lucifer; then Jacques Rougeau, The Mountie, without telling me, changes my name to Luscious Lucy. So I'm looking in the paper one day and I see the name change. So I go to Jacques and ask him who that was and he says it's you. I sit there and go he changed my name! So he tells me well Lucifer isn't a real babyface name. It's the devil and whatever. So it quickly spread and I got stuck with it. Then Japan calls and says well we already have a Lucy so you're going to have to change your name and I was at that point in my life where I wanted to change the character anyway. I wanted more Japanese culture, more superhero comic book. Now I'm a huge Star Wards fan and at the time there was a character by the name of Kit Fisto who was a devil kind of character. So in the end I kept my roots from Lucy, added Fisto and the rest as you know is history. I love my name now because no matter where I go it can be pronounced easily. Japan, Mexico, Canada, and here in the United States it works. Luscious Lucy didn't always translate well in different languages.

Myself: What was going on through your mind when you became the only woman to became the Iron Man Champion and taking the championship from Kevin Steen AKA Kevin Owens in WWE?

LuFisto: I was surprised that they would put such a heavy responsibility on me. You have to understand I was new to Combat Zone at the time. I had one match, it was me and Sexxxy vs Adam Flash and Pandora and then next show they put me against Larry Sweeny in a cage. So in Combat Zone Wrestling that was my resume, then they come to me and say you're going to take the championship off of Kevin Steen. All I could say was "Are you sure?" What I didn't know was that it was his idea all along. They wanted to switch and keep things fresh. So Kevin pitched the idea, everyone jumped on board so away we went. Combat Zone Wrestling put me on the mat.

Myself: What is Kevin Steen [Owens] like in real life?

LuFisto: He is a really blunt, a hardworking guy but he is a family man and a really nice guy. He's such an open book, he speaks his mind. When I was in CZW they always brought in guys that looked rough and were tough and I'm looking at all these guys going ok (laugh). So Kevin would come to me and say "look, give me a sign and I'll come down and legit kick their ass" and he would wait by the entrance for my entire match looking for the sign. He was my big brother in CZW. That's a side of him people rarely see, he took care of me when I was in a world where I was scared at the time. Kevin will never know how grateful I am to him for everything he did.

Myself: What was Canada's influence on the wrestling business?

LuFisto: The heritage and pedigree is so strong. You look back at Bret Hart, The Rougeau's, Rick Martel who's from Quebec, Pat Patterson also from Quebec. Back in the day Montreal Forum was packed every week with wrestling. Back then we had The Rocket Rushar headlining and he was our version of Stone Cold or The Rock; he was an international superstar. Johnny Rougeau was another huge name that never got the recognition he deserved. Everybody went to Canada to fine tune their craft. People forget Killer Kowalski got his name "Killer" in Canada due to a nasty knee drop in the Montreal Forum. Guys like Kid Tonga, The Road Warriors, Meng so many legends wrestled in Canada and headline.

Myself: Where does LuFisto go from here?

Lufisto: When it comes to wrestling you never know. I've been close to signing to big wrestling promotions but it never came through. I feel like they don't want me except for maybe down the road as a trainer or agent. So many people I know are getting signed, they're sending tapes of me with them in the ring and I'm getting looked over. I had a talk with Tracy Smothers a while back and asked me why I wasn't in Orlando for WWE tryouts? No sir I never got the call. He told me it was wrong and unjust. But he told me I was a sweet person, always gave it 100% and enjoyed the wrestling business. I enjoy the independent scene, I get to have fun, meet amazing new people. I'm looking to discover new places and being back in New Mexico in 18 years for me was a huge thrill. I want to impress my fan base every time. I was a little girl with no father and I proved girls can prove it. I took risks that messed my body up and my only failure is never making the big leagues but if I can make the younger generation make wiser choices I will have done my job.

Myself: Will we ever see you in Destiny Wrestling again?

LuFisto: I loved New Mexico; I loved DWO, never say never.

Editor’s Note: A huge thank you to Matthew Roblez, the DWO in charge and LuFisto for a rare interview. LuFisto doesn't do them often or this long but made the exception.

DWO World Heavyweight Championship Match

Josh Pain VS Dom Vitalli (C)

It is now time for your main event of the evening. Dom Vitalli the Destiny Wrestling champion defends against the challenger and one third of the Death Rage Cartel (DRC) Josh Pain. This is going to be a war of two gigantic beasts. Dom Vitalli starts things off with a take down and front headlock. Josh Pain reverses and sends the champion to the outside. These two bulls couldn't be contained in the ring and the action spilled far into the crowd. Josh Pain and Dom Vitalli make their way back to the ring and Dom is hurled into the barricade by Josh Pain. Now you have to understand Josh Pain has the strength of ten; no disrespect to Dom Vitalli but if Josh is throwing you into steel one can expect Mr. Vitalli to feel that for weeks. Knowing this Josh Pain goes for the pinfall attempt in the ring, gets a two count for his troubles. The champion is locked into a submission hold and is quickly fading. Dom Vitalli has his fans in attendance rallying behind him, the heart of a champion is beating strong. Dom Vitalli picks up the challenger and attempts to drive him to the outside but in-turn sent soaring to the cold concrete floor. Dom Vitalli and Josh fight with left and right punches, this match has more of a UFC fight atmosphere. Both men knowing each other so well get back in the ring, Dom Vitalli picking up speed, has a will-not-be-denied attitude. The champion drops Josh Pain and stuns the big man long enough for Dom Vitalli to "keep the faith" and hit his patented elbow off the top rope. Referee counts to three and Dom retains to gold.

DWO Trail of Perdition

As we get closer to the August DWO event, "Trail of Perdition", questions linger....

Thunder remains undefeated, who will step in his way as he attempts to extend his streak next month?

With the DWO Extreme Championship christened the new "Soft-Core" Championship, will an old adversary return to take it away? Will The Josh Carey ever get taken to the extreme again?

Hobo Hank seems to be on a collision course with The MK Bandit. MK won Saturday night but what plans do the two men have for the August 29th event? Who will try to gain the upper hand?

With Donnie fired from DWO, who is Joe going to look to next for competition? Will we ever see Donnie in DWO again?

Who is the next big star to come to DWO? Only one way to find out, August 29th, The Armory, 7p.m. for more information go to:


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