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Dakine Backpacks are Cutting Edge

Updated on March 2, 2015
Examples of cool Dakine backpacks
Examples of cool Dakine backpacks | Source

Based out of Hood, Oregon, DaKine has designed and manufactured one-of-a-kind  products for surfing, windsurfing and other water sports since 1979.  The company name translates roughly to 'the best' in Hawaiian Pidgin, and their products were specially created to endure the hard wear and tear of traveling watermen and women. 

Dakine first started in Maui producing surfboard leashes. The company filled the need for something tough enough not to rip under the fierce power of the Hawaiian oceans. They soon took this same level of manufacturing integrity into technical windsurfing and other sports.

During their 30+ years in business, Dakine has expanded its product line with gear for skaters, skiiers, snowboarders, BMX riders and more. Today, their innovative traveler’s backpacks are one of the most in-demand products made by Dakine. And the dakine Wonder packs are leading the growing demand.

The dakine backpack’s popularity is no surprise. They first turned out the Heli Pack in the mid 1990s and today it sports such features as a retractable ski carrying cable and an insulated hydro sleeve. This technical pack was the first of its kind in a product line containing hundreds of unique and practical models.

The dakine day packs are recognizable by their diverse variety of prints and colors, from sleek black with gray trim to brilliant red, blue and tropical designs. These technical daypacks have carrying straps for whatever kind of board you ride, padded pockets for laptops or sunglasses, and room for plenty of gear. Many dakine packs can carry up to 15 liters of volume in an 18 inch tall bag. 

The dakine wonder backpacks may have been made for adventuring in the great outdoors, but they are just as practical for a hiking day trip or overnight stay in a hotel. With some of the most original designs on the market, there is something to appeal to everyone.

If you need a dakine wonder pack for a surfing, snowboarding or mountain biking excursion, take a look at the The Mission, complete with fleece-lined pockets for ski goggles or wraparound shades, and of course carrying straps for vertical snowboard attachment. Another favorite with room for extra gear is The Point pack. This pack has a sealed pocket of wetsuit material, pocket fleece and carrying straps made for a skate or snowboard. It will hold up to 1800 cubic inches of gear, and is only 19 inches high.

The surprising thing about Dakine is their cost. Despite being made with high standards of quality, most of their daypacks cost less than $50. Although the company sells a large volume of backpacks, they have specialty travel bags for windsurfing, kite surfing, surfboards, bikes and even rolling luggage in some of the same cutting edge designs their customers favor in the Wonder pack. So when it’s time to hit the road on another adventure, be sure to check out Dakine first. You just might find your current luggage leaves something to be desired.


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    • MosLadder profile image

      Chris Montgomery 5 years ago from Irvine, CA

      I love these bags, and the styles and colors are always evolving. Thanks for commenting.