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Dana Brooke - An Underdog's Journey

Updated on June 26, 2019
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Former Los Angeles Lakers beat writer, future screenwriter, and currently enjoy writing about the amazing superstars of the WWE!

Everybody roots for the underdog.

It's just the way fans of sports and entertainment think as we all love the upset, we all love the triumph of the unexpected winner, but more importantly, we all love the long journey that the individual with all the heart in the world takes us on.

Dana Brooke has been a WWE superstar for a little over three years now and has unfortunately been on the short end of the stick when it comes to opportunities to shine inside the squared circle. Although that may be the case right now, fans of Dana have stayed true to her and thoroughly believe that her time, slowly but surely, will undoubtedly come.

Considering the personality of Dana Brooke and her "never give up" attitude (How are ya, Cena?), I definitely believe that she will ultimately showcase why she not only belongs in the WWE, but why she deserves to carry around the Raw or Smackdown Women's Championship on her shoulder.

Playtime Is Over: The Debut

During an interview with Becky Lynch on an episode of RAW in 2016, Dana's old friend from NXT, Emma, confronted the Irish Lass-kicker and told her that she should have eyes in the back of her head. The next thing you see is Dana Brooke clubbing Becky from behind, prompting the start of Dana's WWE career and ending what was known to her as playtime.

This attack on the woman who we now call "The Man" led to Dana's in-ring debut on the main roster. With the help of her best friend, Emma, the newest member of the WWE women's division rolled up Lynch and shockingly pinned her for the 1-2-3.

Although some members of the WWE Universe at the time weren't exactly thrilled with that outcome, when you look back on that victory today, one thing has to come to those same members' minds...

Dana Brooke can defeat the very best that the women's division has to offer.

When it comes to the WWE landscape, it's all about timing and it's all about opportunity: two things that Dana's fans have been pleading for her to finally have. Dana has beaten today's current Raw Women's Champion before, and with the right timing AND right opportunity, I bet she could do so again...

The Alignment With The Queen

Shortly after Emma suffered an injury and was forced to miss some time, Dana would then make her mark in another way at Extreme Rules in 2016. During a competitive match for the Women's title between Charlotte Flair and Natalya, the theme music of "The Nature Boy" Ric Flair was suddenly heard while Nattie had the sharpshooter locked on the champion. A mysterious person was clearly dressed up as Flair, which prompted Nattie to remove the submission hold, and eventually led to Charlotte Flair retaining her championship. That person dressed up as Ric was, yep, you guessed it, Dana Brooke.

Dana then became Charlotte's sidekick and confidant from that point forward, making sure at every moment that Charlotte held onto her WWE Women's title. As a matter of fact, if it wasn't for the assistance from Dana throughout that entire time, Flair's title reign would certainly not have lasted as long as it did.

Being alongside the incredible Charlotte Flair at this point in Dana's young career was the absolute perfect way to showcase what she can provide for the fans of WWE.

Dana Starts Crunching Numbers

After her stint with The Queen, many members within the WWE Universe thought that Dana would start receiving chances to shine in her very own spotlight. However, for some odd reason, they all didn't see that moment for Dana come into fruition.

#GiveDanaBrookeAChance started roaming around the social media world as fans of Dana started to get agitated at the fact that she wasn't getting the air time that she deserved. As weeks upon weeks passed, the WWE Universe finally got their chance to see Dana each week as she became the statistician of Titus World Wide.

Alongside Titus O' Neil and Apollo Crews, Dana was able to show off a completely different side of her that captured the audience's attention. Although she wasn't competing inside the ring, at least her fans were content with watching her grow her persona on their television screens each week.

However, after months of non-wrestling for Dana, her fans started to want more for her. They wanted to witness Dana getting inside the squared circle and show off what she can do. They wanted to see her climb the ranks of the women's division and battle against the tremendously talented women superstars. They wanted her to stop crunching numbers and FINALLY receive the ultimate opportunity to conquer a championship.

The Respect For An Underdog

The sweetest part about overcoming an obstacle in your life is watching the reactions of all the people who doubted you, who criticized you, who marked you as someone who could NEVER succeed in doing what they love. The fire and passion that Dana Brooke possesses is exactly what an underdog needs to thrive under the pressure, hurdle over their obstacles, block that negativity, and reach the pinnacle of their life-long dream.

My respect for Dana isn't just because of the simple fact that she's an underdog fighting for her dreams. It's not because she's a WWE superstar that loves to wrestle. It's not because she's a beautiful, strong, and incredible woman that can kick someone's rear-end at any given time.

I respect her because of how humble she is, how grateful she is, and most importantly than anything else, how much of a down to earth, sweetheart of a human being that she is. People like Dana Brooke are the people you root for in life. They're the ones that you wish they succeed if you, unfortunately, don't. They're the role models to look up to that could motivate and remind you that anything is possible if you work hard, dedicate yourself, and strive to be the best.

Thank you, Dana, for being a role model for those who are in the midst of overcoming monstrous obstacles in their lives. There's no doubt in my mind that there are some people out there who look up to you, as you help them realize to never stop going and to never quit on themselves.

Watching you perform at this past year's Money in the Bank match was an incredible eye-opener for the entire WWE Universe. You pulled out all the stops in that match and I really, really commend you for it.

Although right now you are still the epitome of what an underdog is labeled as in the WWE, I truly and utterly believe that your passion will rise above all else. Keep pushing to persevere and ALWAYS remember that your fans will be behind you no matter what the circumstances.

I cannot wait until the hard work finally pays off and playtime OFFICIALLY is over when you're holding a women's title above your head in glory!

What has been YOUR favorite Dana Brooke moment in WWE?

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      15 months ago

      my sentiments exactly !!!


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