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2017 Dawgpatch Fantasy Football Grades

Updated on September 4, 2017



The Lions have decided to go young this year at the key positions. They've already hit the waiver wire twice before the season has begun. One of those acquisitions is Browns rookie quarterback DeShone Kizer, who will play the filler for Dak Prescott. The biggest gamble of the draft was the Lions taking Zeke Elliott in the first round with a 6 game suspension looming. All signs point to his suspension not being reduced, which means the Lions will be without their number one pick for a large portion of the fantasy season. The good news is they have some potential in Marshawn Lynch and Christian McCafferey to fill the void until Elliott returns. Lynch teams up with Jamaal Charles to add some serious age and question marks to the running back position. Time will tell but the Raiders offensive line should allow Lynch to have a big year. The receiver class is suspect at best, lead by converted quarterback Terrelle Pryor. It'll take Pryor and Eric Decker excelling for new teams for this team to excel. The best case scenario for this team will be playing the match ups and hoping Dak can produce numbers like last season, but this time without the best running back in the NFL behind him. Draft Grade: B-



Having the number one pick comes with great responsibility. If you screw it up, you have to wait 24 picks before you choose another player. Luckily for the Munchers, they chose correctly with David Johnson. Johnson will see 20 plus touches a game and has no other back worthy to share the field with. Rookie Leonard Fournette is a little more difficult to peg. He will see the bulk of the carries, but it will depend on the Jaguars young defense how many carries he will see, because more than likely they will be trailing most games. Blake Bortles won the starting job and has looked awful in the preseason. Fournette may put up decent numbers, but it will depend on the play of a horrible Jags team. Speaking of which, the Munchers decided to go with two Jacksonville Jaguars in their starting lineup, also adding Allen Robinson to the roster. Not taking anyone else into account, this makes it difficult in itself to trust this team. A solid kicker and defense will net them points each week, and Matt Ryan is bound to put up big numbers again with the Falcons. Outside of this, the Munchers may be mediocre at best this season. Draft Grade: C+



When looking at this team, the first thing that sticks out to me is there are three back up running backs on the roster. This method could work if there are injuries, but it's definitely a gamble to go this route. Todd Gurley is a good back but struggled in his sophomore season. That could be contributed to the lackluster team around him, but he's still a risk as your A1 back. As for the starting receiving corp, the combination of OBJ and Keenan Allen should provide a consistent stream of points week in and week out. Combining that with Drew Brees, who's aging but is still a huge fantasy threat, should be enough to make this team at least relevant in most weeks. Draft Grade: C+



The Acehole Bandits may have finally drafted a championship caliber team. The best pick on this team, in my opinion, is Darren McFadden. With Zeke out for six weeks, McFadden will take a bulk of the snaps in the backfield behind the leagues best offensive line. Pairing him up with Lamar Miller, who will also get the majority of carries in Houston, should make for a formidable backfield. This isn't even including the stroke of luck they received in drafting Kareem Hunt right before the starting RB Spencer Ware went down with a season ending knee injury. Him and Kelley will play as great fill-in backs to play match ups. Aaron Rodgers will put up his usual fantasy numbers and will be able to double dip on points with Adams in the receiving lineup. Overall, this may be the best team the Bandits have had. Draft Grade: A



The points on this team will come from three players; Jameis Winston, Jay Ajayi, and Rob Gronkowski. These were three guys I had near the top of my wishlist, so I like the core of this roster. DJax may be able to provide some support to Winston, but the rest of the team looks to be quite underwhelming. Tyreek Hill is one of the most exciting players in the league. I don't see him putting up huge numbers individually, but he will put up numbers for the Chiefs D/ST. If Jackson can reclaim some of his magic from years past, this team may stay viable and be competitive. If Gronk suffers another injury, the Salads may be in for a long year. Draft Grade: B-


Stomp AKA TEAM AARP. This is one of the oldest teams we've seen in a while. Tom Brady, Frank Gore, Phillip Rivers, Delanie Walker...all incredibly old. On a positive note, Tom Brady is still the best QB situation in the league so he will definitely provide points. LeVeon Bell is one of the best backs in the league, but hopefully his holdout doesn't hurt his production in the early weeks. Brady and Bell will probably average close to 45% of this teams overall points. That could make for a long season. Doing the math, that means they will probably average just over 60 a game as a team. One of the other red flags on this roster is the amount of Colts. Andrew Luck is not healthy and who knows when he will play. I can't trust T.Y Hilton or Jack Doyle with Scott Tolzien throwing them the football. The success of this team will depend on the longevity of the "old men" of the NFL. Draft Grade: C-



Despite accidentally drafting Jonathan Stewart in the first round, Big Red turned it around and drafted one of their best teams on paper in years. Melvin Gordon is the obvious number one back, but Montgomery and Terrance West will serve as great number two back's each week by match up. AJ Green and Doug Baldwin are a great one-two punch at wideout and Greg Olsen is one of the best TE's in the league. The Baldwin pick may end up being better than originally planned since the Seahawks shipped Kearse to the Jets. Kirk Cousins is a wild card. He doesn't have the same receiving corp so it's hard to gauge the type of season he will have. That can also be said for the Big Red Machine. This team usually catches some tough breaks and injuries every year. If healthy, they will be able to compete. One serious injury could drop this team down to where they normally fall. Draft Grade: B



Despite the lack of "star" power on this roster, this could end up being a sneaky good team. Devonta Freeman is a no brainer as a number one back, and Powell should see a bulk of the carries in New York since they don't have a quarterback or receivers. And the Jets have been entertaining trade offers for Matt Forte, so it looks like Powell should see 15 to 20 touches a week. Russell Wilson is a great dual threat QB in fantasy and is more than capable of rushing for 40 yards and a TD any given week. That's 10 points without even throwing the football, and could make the difference between wins and losses. There were still a lot of good receivers and backs still on the board when Da Goobs chose Martavis Bryant, so only time will tell if this risky reach will pay off. The downside is Bryant is coming off a year long suspension so there may be a rust and chemistry factor with Roethlisberger. The good news is the Steelers parted ways with Sammie Coates shipping him to Cleveland so Bryant will be the clear No. 2 on the team. One of the best picks of the draft (in my opinion) was the acquisition of Hunter Henry. He will be Phillip Rivers' number one target all year and should put up huge numbers as a red zone threat. There is a lack of depth on the bench outside of DeAndre Hopkins so Da Goobs have to hope there are no more injuries to this team. Other wise the hopes of a championship run could lye in the waiver wire. Draft Grade: B



This team has a good mixture of veterans of young bloods. Antonio Gates, Larry Fitzgerald, and Adrian Peterson are all at the end of their respective careers, while Dalvin Cook is my pick for offensive rookie of the year. Carson Wentz will try and avoid the "Sophomore Slump" on a Philly team who has minimal offensive fire power. I love Lesean McCoy but it scares me to hear Buffalo was entertaining trade offers two weeks before the regular season begins. The Bills just shipped Sammy Watkins to LA, so it looks like this team is throwing in the towel on the season. I don't know if that's going to be a good thing for an aging back like McCoy. It looks like Eddie Lacey gave birth to twins, so maybe the trimmed down back can steal some carries from Thomas Rawls to offset any lack of production McCoy may have. I'm still a believer in AD and it will be interesting to see how he does in New Orleans with an Elite quarterback, even at the age of 31. If Tyler Eifert can stay off the IR, he could be one of the most productive tight ends in fantasy football. That's a big "if" given his track record. Jay Cutler is the most intriguing pick of the draft because this is the most talented roster he's been a part of. It will be up to him not to screw this offense up in Miami. If Cutler performs well, he will probably uproot Wentz as the weekly starter. There are a lot of question marks on this team, but there are some home run hitters who can sway a game by themselves on any given week. It's going to take great coaching to win with this roster. If anyone can do it, Coach Fornoff has as good of chance as any having won the title just two years ago. Draft Grade: B-



I may be biased on this review because Derek Carr is currently my favorite player in the NFL, and I expect a monster season out of the Raider QB this year. With a solid running game and arguably one of the best receiving duos in the league with Cooper and Crabtree, Carr is poised for an MVP campaign in 2017. The running backs are a little suspect with Howard and Hyde pegged as the starters. Both will see their fare share of carries for their respective teams, so there is definitely upside in both. The Bears and 49ers aren't the greatest teams however, and may find themselves trailing in most games and have to go away from the running game. Antonio Brown, Michael Thomas, and Jordan Reed may be the best pass catching trio in the league. With solid backups to use as fillers, the Gamblers may be poised to make another run at the championship in 2017. It will all depend on the contribution from the running game, which is the only thing that scares me on this roster. Draft Grade: A-



Just like Big Red, this DOOM team has the potential to be the best Coach Bakeman has ever drafted. DOOM was able to draft two of the top 5 (in my opinion) fantasy quarterbacks available. This means an injury to one of these guys will not end the season hopes for LOD, or one of them could be used as trade bait later in the season to acquire that skill player to put them over the hump. Either way, it's great to have options. Julio Jones is going to have the best season of his career this year. I can see him closing in on 2,000 yards and 15 TD's. Early prediction, Brandin Cooks will lead the NFL in YAC this season under Bill's west coast offense. Ertz is currently coined the starter at tight end, but Evan Engram will quickly take over that role as the season progresses. This will make an outstanding receiving group for DOOM, challenging the Gamblers by years end. Also like the Gamblers, the running game has potential, but every back could fizzle out each week. Given the difficulty in drafting running backs this season, I'll overlook the risk taken on many of these players. If Gillislee is afforded consistent opportunities, I really think he can put up big numbers in New England, but we know how that offense changes from week to week. Ameer Abdullah is hoping to pull the Lions out of the doghouse when it comes to rushing. They've finished in the bottom half of the league every year that Stafford has been there. I do believe this could be the year for Abdullah if he stays healthy. Draft Grade: A-



The success of the Dawgpound is going to live and die with the pass catchers, just like the previous two teams graded. I couldn't have been happier drafting Mike Evans, Amari Cooper, and Travis Kelce. Pair that with Big Ben who will put up big numbers in that Steeler offense and I may have put together my best roster since winning the league a few seasons ago. DeMarco Murray should be a fantasy stud, but LaGarrette Blount is a gamble. He's older and hasn't been the focal point of an offense in a long time. He will have that opportunity with the Eagles. Whether he can hold up an entire season is yet to be seen. I managed to handcuff Joe Mixon and Jeremy Hill just in case Blount doesn't work out. I'm counting on Mixon to take lead and win the bulk of the carries and have a big rookie season. I'm just hoping he doesn't beat up any females and get himself suspended! My Favorite pick up off the waiver wire immediately after the draft was Chris Hogan. With Edelman gone, Hogan should be able to flourish with Tom Brady and put up big numbers, even with the Pats getting Phillip Dorsett from the Colts this week. I'm not going to lie, I drafted Amari Cooper and Dan Bailey to honor my kids (Cooper and Bailey) and I'm hoping it will bring me the luck I need to snag my third league championship in 2017. Draft Grade: A-


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