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Decorative, Collapsible, and Lighted Walkings Canes - Your Informal guide on Canes and Walking Sticks

Updated on July 7, 2009

All about Canes and Walking Sticks

If you or a loved one have recently decided to use a walking cane for added support, then read this article all the way to the end. Specifically, we’ll discuss three kinds of walking sticks for you to consider: decorative, collapsible, and lighted walking canes. Keep in mind that the best person to consult about your walking cane is your physical therapist or medical doctor.

There are two main reasons for needing or wanting a walking cane: recent injury or loss of your walking ability without support because of advanced age or disease. Your decision as to what kind of cane to purchase should be based on how long you plan to use a cane.

Lighted Walking Cane

One of the greatest innovations of walking canes is the lighted walking cane. The added benefit of a lighted cane to the user’s walking cane experience is unsurpassed.

Some lighted walking canes have a flashlight device installed so that a more concentrated light can be used. Others have lighting down the whole shaft that is better suited to provide a diameter of light around the user. Either light helps the user see the path ahead to prevent stumbling over objects.

The"C" Walking Cane

The most familiar walking cane is the “C” cane that’s shaped like a candy cane. This cane is best used as a temporary assistant after surgery or an injury. It should be used only temporarily because this type of handle is uncomfortable to hold and is only good for walking short distances. This type of walking cane is for the person who only needs a little assistance.

You can find many decorative designs in the “C” cane. The wood walking canes are made from beautiful hardwoods and are often hand carved in wonderful designs. They also come painted in different colors. The “C” cane also comes with decorative metal handles with wood bodies.

If you are hesitant about walking with a cane because you are worried about how you will look with a cane, a decorative cane may make you feel a little more stylish.

The "Derby" Walking Cane

The derby (also called the function grip) walking stick is very popular with people who need a long-term or permanent walking cane. That’s because the grip is more comfortable than the “C” cane. The derby also gives you better balance and support. You will feel more confident when using the derby.

Some derby walking canes come with padded grips to relieve pressure on the hand when walking for a long time.

The derby walking cane has a history of class and elegance. You can find a decorative derby cane in every material ranging from woods to metals and in every theme from snakes to elegant ladies to butterflies.

Collapsible Walking Cane

A collapsible walking cane can be foldable or reduced by pushing the tip up into the handle.  This type of walking cane is great for travel because of its reduced length.  The collapsible walking cane is adjustable to the height of the user.

The collapsible walking cane is either wood or metal.  The woods are strong and heavy while the aluminum is just as strong and supportive, but lightweight.  This stick is available in a rustic or elegant style. 

Dr. House and his Cane of choice

Which Cane would you use to aid in Walking?

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      7 years ago

      I need a cane temporarily as I am having knee replacement surgery. I will go the "c" cane shape for the comfort, however am hoping to find one with a "ethnic" design and collapsible because I use the train for transportation. Wish me luck!


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