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Dennis the Menace Playground

Updated on August 1, 2006

Dennis the Menace Park int he glory days

Good if you haven't been there before but makes you sad if you've been before...

    Located in Montery next to downtown and the Fisherman's Warf, the Dennis the Menace park isn't your usual playground. It has a big area surrounded by water with slides, a rock wall, long bridge, maze, climbing structures for kids of all ages. It's fairly large and will keep your kid entertained for a few hours. If you have never been there before you will be really suprised to what it has to offer. Sadly if you have been there then you will be disapointed because in the last few years they have taken down a few of their old attractions such as the long roller slide and the merry go-round that was about 15 feet in the air (kinda dangerous). Also a lot of the old slides are gone and have been replaced with newer ones which isn't too bad because they are now a little bigger and plastic rather then metal. When I went there when I was younger it was awesome and to go back and see what they have lost really kinda lets you down. But like I said, if you have never been there before, then it is something you should definatly check out if you are in Monterey. After you get bored of the park, you can also head down the Fisherman's Warf for some great seafood and maybe even see the dancing monkey if it's not his day off. 


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      Susan 6 years ago

      I remember the old merry-go-round--that was so much fun. I was really sad to see the roller slide and the steep slides into the sand go. There is almost nothing left of the original but the train. I saw some signs that they may be roping it off as well, because now there is a sign that suggests you shouldn't climb on the train.