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Derek Jeter: Hall of Famer?

Updated on February 12, 2014

Derek Jeter Effect

Derek Jeter is one of the most prolific players in Major League Baseball. He's captain of one of the most prestigious teams in the game, the New York Yankees. However, does prestige alone justify a player’s eligibility into the Hall of Fame?

I would dare say that the majority of MLB fans would answer "yes" without batting an eye. I partially don't blame them. Hell, Jeter's nickname is "Mr. November" for crying out loud! When it comes to pressure situations, Jeter may very well be the first name that comes to mind. He is the very definition of clutch. Furthermore, Jeter has 5 World Series championships (including a World Series MVP). Also, he is the winner of 4 golden glove awards and has a career batting average of over 300.

With all that said, I still question his legitimacy into the Hall of Fame. From my observation, many baseball fans believe he is a first ballot Hall of Famer due to his post season performances. I'm not blaming them. I think that's how most people do it. But sometimes memories can be deceiving. Sometimes fans, myself included, have a narrow view of something based on limited exposure. In Jeter's case, they may only remember a few great moments, and those moments alone may cloud their judgement. The following is a list of reasons why I believe Derek Jeter does not deserve to be in the Hall of Fame (if he were to retire today, the 2009 offseason):

Top MLB Shortstops

1.) Derek is not the most dominating shortstop in his era.

In fact, Derek Jeter isn't even the best shortstop on his team! Alex Rodriguez is the best shortstop in the game, and Jeter (the Captain) wouldn't even relinquish his throne to the better player. I can easily rattle off four more shortstops that are not only better at the position, but also have a more legitimate bid for the Hall of Fame during his era.

For example, someone who I think should be an automatic bid for the Hall is Omar Visquel. He was an average hitter at the plate, but he's a dominant defensive shortstop. He has the second most glove glove awards with 11 (2 behind Hall of Famer Ozzie Smith). What's even more impressive is that he won it in both the American League and National League.

Number three would have be Jimmy Rollins. He possesses all-star qualities in every aspect of the game from batting to fielding. He hits for power and contact, steals bases, and hardly makes any defensive mistakes. He is a 3-time golden glove winner and holds yearly titles in stolen bases and the 2007 NL MVP award.

Next is Miguel Tejada who also holds yearly titles in RBIs and the 2002 AL MVP award. Much like Rollins, his best asset is his work at the plate. He can hit for both contact and power. He is a dominant force and is someone I would place ahead of Derek Jeter.

And last but not least is Alex Rodriguez. The name alone justifies his bid over Derek Jeter. Not only is Rodriguez a better shortstop but he is arguably the best player in baseball. Although he is currently a 3rd baseman, many of Rodriguez's dominant years was as a shortstop with 2 golden gloves under his belt.

MLB Statistics

2.) Derek doesn't have the stats to back it up

If one looks at it from a statistical standpoint, Jeter does not measure up.

- Offensively, Jeter doesn't hold a single batting title. In my heart of hearts, I think that matters. For instance, he doesn't possess a single season MVP title. Although many look at him as a power hitter, at least from a shortstop standpoint, he has never hit over 25 homeruns in one season (only 3 seasons with over 20 homeruns). Also, he only has one season with 100 RBIs or more.

- On the defensive side of things, Jeter is mediocre at best. Sure he has made some spectacular plays that we all have etched in our minds, but he's really inconsistent. He's never really had a wide range, so on average, he's not going to stop anything past routine grounders. Plus, even when Jeter does manage to get to the ball, he commits a lot of erros. In total, Jeter has 213 errors in 15 years (an average of 14.2 errors per year.). To put that in perspective, Omar Visquel (as mentioned above, 11-time gold glove winner) has a total of 183 errors in 21 years (an average of 8.7 errors per year.)

Or even better, let’s take the average shortstop, someone like Adam Everett. He’s solid and has been a starter for the Detroit Tigers for 9 years. He is your everyday player, but by no means a household name and hardly a Hall of Fame candidate. He has committed 84 errors in his career, averaging 12 errors per season.

New York Yankees

3) Derek is a Yankee!

That’s right folks, whether anyone wants to admit it, Jeter gets special treatment because he is a New York Yankee. If Jeter began his career for any other team, nobody would pay him much attention.

Derek would be the equivalent of a Yunel Escobar, the Atlanta Braves current shortstop (meaning good but definitely not Hall of Fame material.). The Yankees are a major enterprise. They are, by far, the most recognizable American sports franchise. Since Derek is their proclaimed captain, he receives more attention that may not have been warranted.

Now, I’m not saying that Derek Jeter isn't a good player. In fact, my opinion of him is far from that. He's really good. He hits in the clutch and helps the Yankees win ball games. He does the right things and says the right things. He is a good role model for children all across the United States and is loved by millions. Of course, I know that none of this matters. I can him praise, but most of you will just glance over this part. But the fact of the matter is, I think he's good and very popular.

However, the Hall of Fame isn’t about popularity or at least it shouldn't be. The Hall of Fame is not about clutch hitters during the month of November. And it isn’t about average shortstops that commit 13-15 errors during their golden glove season.

The Hall of Fame is about the best of the best. Who cares if he gets 3,000 hits over an extended period of time? So? Good for him. It's a great achievement, but I don't think it's an automatic bid to the Hall of Fame. The Hall of Fame should be about being a dominant player at your position during an extended period of time. To me, batting titles should take precedence over longevity.

Also, the number of world series rings you have on your fingers shouldn't matter. Winning the World Series is a team effort. Did Derek Jeter help Yankees win those championships? Sure he did. But he wasn't the sole reason why the Yankees won. This isn't basketball. The Yankees won because they had a great team, every single time.

Again, the Hall of Fame is about being the best over the course of many seasons (not just postseason and 15 years of racking up singles). In my humble opinion, Derek Jeter simply doesn’t demonstrate these qualities.


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  • profile image

    NJserious 5 years ago

    "he's in because of his longevity"

    self pwnage.

    here's a link to the "average compiler" stats. Basically, he's not a power hitter so he's not good. When in reality, he has some pop (16 a year isn't terrible especially for a top of the lineup guy).

    "No presence"...just a high OPS guy who gets a ton of hits each year.

  • profile image

    NJserious 5 years ago

    This is probably the silliest, most arbitrary and most poorly construct argument I've seen. I will deconstruct point by baseless point.

    1. "not the best in his era"

    First the writer uses the tired "he's not even the best shortstop on his team" plea that is pointless. A-Rod has not played shortstop in nearly 10 years, if we are going to define his era, it does not stop at 2003. A-Rod moved to third, you do not count him as a shortstop whether you'd like to or not. Plus, he's broken down and been outed for using steroids something that works against him in the discussion.

    I thought the writer was kidding at the point he named Omar Vizquel...but sadly, he wasn't. He decides to marginalize offense and focus solely on defense to make this argument. Despite Omar's career .688 OPS and career WAR (accounting for offense and defense) of only 40.5 in 24 seasons (less seasons when this article was written). If you compare both of their prime playing years (defined as the age 27 season through age 33 season) Derek Jeter played to a 28.7 WAR whereas Vizquel played to a 19.6 WAR. It's important to note that Jeter had significantly better seasons at age 24-26 but I didn't want to arbitrarily skew the comparison. The 27-33 seasons did in fact cover Vizquel's best seasons. So in a comparison over who was worth more wins, Jeter easily beats Vizquel despite the data picked helping Vizquel.

    Then he says Jimmy Rollins, who has a career AVG/OBP/SLG/OPS of

    .270/.328/.432/.760 hardly HOF worthy. He uses the term "all star qualities" well despite Jeter not hitting the 30 homerun mark to which Rollins only reached once, what are they?

    He hits for "power and contact, steals bases and hardly makes fielding mistakes". Rollins, in 13 seasons only hit the arbitrary 25 homerun mark (that you created as a threshold to suggest Jeter shouldn't be in the HOF) twice. Rollins averages 17 homeruns per season, Jeter averages 16. Jeter also slugs at a higher clip.

    Rollins never hit .300 or better (unless you count his first year playing in 14 games), Jeter has hit .300 and way over that in 12 seasons (almost Rollins' whole career) and possesses a batting average 43 points higher than Rollins. Who hits for average?

    Now Rollins does steal more bases but Jeter is no slouch (348 for his career) and you have to consider how valuable is the stolen base stat when comparing Jeter and Rollins when Jeter gets on base at a much higher clip (60 points higher).

    Rollins is a better fielder than Jeter, but does that offset his deficiency in the slash line? In the 27-33 years, Rollins has a 24.1 WAR to Jeter's 28.7. You could also argue that Jeter had more than one season that was statistically better that Rollins' 2007 MVP year (1999 and 2006) and Jeter's 1998 was very similar.

    Outside of Rollins' 2007 MVP award he's finished in the top 10 in voting only once (finishing 10th). Jeter has finished in the top 10 in MVP voting 8 times (in the top 3, three times). Since that 2007 Rollins has never hit to an OPS over. 786. Really outside of two seasons (2006 and 2007) Rollins has been an average offensive performer. Certainly not on Jeter's level with the bat. I will argue the importance of consistency and longevity later in this post.

    Next the writer "rattles off" Miguel Tejada whose steroid aided prime inflated his homeruns (the only stat you can base any merit on). With a career OPS of .793 (never reached the .900 mark that Jeter did twice) he didn't do anything better than Jeter at the plate. Jeter hits for a much higher average, gets on base at a much higher clip, steals more bases and has better consistency (understatement of the month). Comparing RBI is the most pointless stat because Jeter hits at the top of the order and is really misleading when isolating individual skill.

    Tejada is slightly better defensively, but not by much and his WAR (again, accounting for defense and offense) in those prime years (27-33) is higher 32.4 to Jeter's 28.7 but if you compare each of their prime years (not using a general age range but the years each was actually in their prime) Jeter's was 40.2 to Tejada's 37.6. This is using their best 8 years.

    It's strange that besides the pointless A-Rod reference, the only other shortstop that compared for a period of time was Nomar Garciaparra. He was arguably better but he was not consistent and couldn't stay on the field which is important when you consider a player's greatness.

    Basically, the writer just rattled off players who weren't better statistically...Rollins and Vizquel being the most egregious offenses.

    2. "He doesn't have the stats". Here, the writer arbitrarily picks 25 homeruns as a cut off point as is homeruns is a condition for offensive prowess. Jeter has a lifetime average of .313, he's hit over .300 twelve different times. He now has 3,304 hit (average 207 per season) and his led the league in hits twice and hit over 200 hits in eight seasons. His career OPS is .829 and has hit above .850 in OPS (to include twice over .900) six times. His career OBP is .382, reaching the .400 mark four times (in 1999 he got on base at a .438 clip). He has 524 doubles (averaging 33 per season), has 348 stolen bases and despite not being a true power hitter, has hit 255 long balls (16 per season). He's finished in the top 10 in MVP voting eight times and three times finished in the top 3 which shows sustained greatness over a long period of time.

    I don't put much stock in AS game appearances but he's a 13 time all-star. Also 4 time silver slugger and 5 time gold glove winner. The thing about his defense, is his glove side range is poor. He has good range to the other side and is an average defensive short stop. The eyeball test will tell you this too. He's solid enough. You suggest that he's bobbling the ball all over the place which he's definitely not. He's not even close to a liability at short and makes great scoops coming in towards the grass and Yankee fans trust him immensely to make plays.

    Jeter will most likely end up in the top 5 or 6 all time in hits. Put that into perspective. Rose, Cobb, Aaron, Musial...Jeter.

    3. "He's a Yankee". You mean to tell me that someone who is approaching being the top 5 all time in hits wouldn't be in the hall of fame discussion if he wasn't a Yankee? You use Yunel Escobar as a similar comparison? A man who hits in the .600 OPS range and .250 range? WHAT?

    You lose ALL credibility. Please go to baseballreference and look at stats...PLEASE. This notion that Jeter isn't that good or doesn't have impressive stats is such a myth. I'm done posting statistics that you're too lazy to look at.

    IF IF IF IF you want to count postseason, which you should. He has 200 postseason hits (.308 average and .838 OPS), 20 homeruns and a World Series MVP for good measure. No one else can do that for so many series.

    Jeter's longevity and consistency also has to be factored. He's been doing this for so long...other players fade out. At age 38 he hit .316 and had 216 with a .791 OPS. That's solid for a shortstop in their prime.

    Suggesting that Jeter compiles is ignorant, the man averages over 200 hits a season and average hitters don't last long enough to really even compile. It happens but it's rare. He's at 3,304 hits after 18 seasons!!!!

    Suggesting because he didn't win an MVP that means he wasn't the best. He finished top 3 three times where the voting becomes more subjective. He's had MVP type seasons and played at a well above average level the rest (as his WAR suggests).

    Look at the stats because your argument is weak.

    Jeter is a first ballot Hall of Famer and only tools would suggest otherwise.

  • profile image

    Sekou King 5 years ago

    This is the Dumbest thing i have ever read. The man has over 3000 hits. He is in the top 10 all time for short stops hits, RBIs, runs, and homeruns. You says he is not the best short stop of his era. Please tell me who is. Rodriguez was only a short stop for 9 years (8 full seasons)

  • Tony Siciliano profile image

    Tony Siciliano 5 years ago

    Oh and Greg..correction...make that "will retire with over 3700 hits"

  • Tony Siciliano profile image

    Tony Siciliano 5 years ago

    Lord, give me strength. In my years on the internet I've discovered that Jim Brown, Wilt Chamberlain, Muhammad Ali, Babe Ruth, Joe Montana, Michael Jordan, Barry Sanders, Jerry Rice, Steffi Graf and many more are all overrated. Now Derek Jeter does not deserve the HOF? What a bunch of goofs people are

  • profile image

    Asmar 6 years ago

    "When I look at him, I don't see any pop. I'm not awed by his presence or even excited to see him come to the plate. He's just there with a great team and a great line up. But hey, at least he's a .300+ hitter, right?"

    This quote demonstrates a lack of understanding of what a great baseball player is. You want to see someone with "pop" you should watched archived games in the mid 2000 steroid era.

    Why does he have so many plate appearances? Because, unlike so many other stars with large guaranteed contracts, he plays through injuries. He works hard and he takes care of himself off the field so he can perform on it.

    Derek Jeter is as clutch as they come. As someone who has been watching him for years, he is always the man you want at the plate in clutch situations or with tough pitchers on the mound. He is hard to strike out, goes deep into counts, fouls off a lot of pitches to tire out good pitchers, will still bunt to sacrifice and get bunt hits, and can make contact when he needs to in order to move a runner along. I personally, think this is more exciting than watching a power hitter swinging for the fences all the time strike out 160 times in a year but hit 35-40 home runs.

    Plus, Derek Jeter is, and always was, on pace with Pete Rose, they are usually days apart in terms of age/hits when Jeter makes milestones.

    I admit that although he has won Golden Gloves, he is an over-rated fielder. His pick jump and throw signature move is often only necessary because he didn't get to the ball quick enough to make a normal throw when another SS would have. However, even if Jeter was a DH all of his life he would be HOF.

  • profile image

    Efrain77 6 years ago

    Jeter is not a hall of famer,take all his stats an put Jeter on the Padre or the Nats(Expos)during the yankee's championship runs jeter would had never won any rings...Jeter is fan favorite a good player not a great player.The Hall of Fame is for great not good player.If this happens will start seeing more good player in the Hall of Fame an less deserving player.Lets be real Jeter is not a Hall of Famer,Mo.Rivera is

  • profile image

    Derrick 6 years ago

    @ GREG,Jeter now has 3,138 hits and is one pace to finish the year somewhere around 3,270. Looks like you are getting ready to sit down with a big plate CROW and dig in. HAHAHA

  • profile image

    Derrick 6 years ago

    Is this Article a JOKE? Jeter is better than ALL of the other SS's you mentioned LOL.

    Derek Jeter doesn't have the stats to back it up and yet people like Jimmy Rollins do? LMFAO Funniest Article I've read in a LONG time.

    And to the guy that laughed at suggestion Jeter will reach 3,500 hits. Are you still laughing?

  • somethgblue profile image

    somethgblue 6 years ago from Shelbyville, Tennessee

    Personally I hate the Yankees and am constantly praying for the team's plane to fall out of the sky in a ball of fire but regardless Jeter has 3,089 hits going into the season over 200 homers and over 1,000 RBI's.

    Recent inductee Barry Larkin played longer, never even came CLOSE to 3,000 hits, didn't hit 200 Home runs and didn't get 1,000 RBI's, never lead the league in any offensive category and has more Errors.

    He did however have a nice smile . . . so based on that alone Jeter will easily make it first ballot!

  • Odessit profile image

    Odessit 6 years ago

    I would like to see you do a piece on Mo Rivera. If Jeter is not worthy, the guy who blew the WS and plays an inning every third day is definitely no HOF.

  • profile image

    Mike 6 years ago

    He has 3000 hits he is automatic in

  • profile image

    Wallflower 6 years ago

    Jeter was already a lock HOFer when this article was written. Dis his post season numbers if you like but they are very close to his career regular season stats- better power wise. He's not a "bad" shortstop defensively, and besides, the Hall is full of Killebrew, Kiner, Ted Williams, Carew and Cepeda, to name just a few, who weren't exactly perennial gold glove candidates. While most of Jeter's gold gloves are undeserved, and his range is quite ordinary, a .976 fielding percentage hardly disqualifies a guy with all his other credentials (even as they were in 2009) Ludicrous!

  • John Lazzaro profile image

    John Lazzaro 6 years ago from Lake Ronkonkoma, New York

    Apparently overrated things like mvps and a 100 rbis mean something. Omar vizquel is a below average hitter who has a 272 career average and isn't in the same area code as Derek Jeter.You say the postseason stats don't matter meanwhile I don't even remember Vizquel being an integral part of a playoff run for any of the teams he played for.If anything you've overrated Omar Vizquel for no legitimate reason. Guy is an upgrade over Ozzie Smith that's about it.Jeter is a proven leader and winner and has accomplished more in vizquel's lifetime. Now to Jimmy Rollins why is he a hall of famer? 250 hitter? I mean what is he excaltly except for shooting his mouth off and getting beaten in the World Series.Guy is the most overrated in the league as a player at least the past 3 years. Miguel Tejada is a joke and lied to Congress about his steroid use and plead guilt to lying to them.Alex Rodriguez already dug his own grave by admitting to the same sort of thing so these last 2 guys have no credibility anymore.Jeter has never been linked to steroids or any other illegal drugs of that sort.If Vizquel was as good as Jeter he wouldn't have become a backup infielder and hardly ever play. Vizquel has never played a meaningful inning of baseball in his life and never had a pressure filled inning in his life or at bat in his life.If he was in New York he would be eaten alive by the fans and he probably wouldn't be able to take it.Vizquel should get hardly any attention to be honest he's one of the most overrated players at best.

  • patrickrnoonan1 profile image

    patrickrnoonan1 6 years ago from ct

    This article does raise good point, about what being in the hall of fame is about but, the hall of fame is not just about stats. The hall of fame can be about firsts.

    Jeter will most likely be the first career yankee, to be in the hall, as a 3,000 hits member with a .300 plus career batting average. The hall of fame is also about standing out. Look at babe Ruth.

  • drej2522 profile image

    Chris 6 years ago from Atlanta, GA

    This article was written about a year and a half ago, but thank you JQ for throwing that recent number out there.

  • profile image

    J Q 6 years ago

    One number. 3,000

  • profile image

    Joe 7 years ago

    Sounds like the hate runs deep.

    (1) Honus Wagner never won an MVP and Jeter was in the top 10 in the MVP voting more times than him.

    (2) Jeter's season averages are 207 hits, .837 OPS, 17 homers, 119 runs, 80 RBI, 23 SB, with a .315 batting average, .285 OBP, and a .452 slugging %.

    (3) His pace for the all-time hit record is faster than Pete Rose and among shortstops he was the hit leader in his 15th season.

  • profile image

    NMS16 7 years ago

    Agreed...and throughout his career he has experienced an unprecedented amount of protection in the lineup. The Yankees are going to have to bring him back and they are going to have to really overpay him. I remember reading a recent article that argued that Jeter, not AROD, is going to be the Yanks albatross.

  • drej2522 profile image

    Chris 7 years ago from Atlanta, GA

    NMS16 ~ I partially agree with you here...I think he's automatically in now.

    I wrote this article almost a year ago when it was still kind of a controversial issue (although, his hitting numbers were pretty substantial even then).

    As his stats continue to climb, and he breaks the 3,000 hitting barrier, he's going to be a first ballot HOFer, no doubt.

    My only argument out of this whole argument is that Jeter is in there due to his longevity.

    When I look at him, I don't see any pop. I'm not awed by his presence or even excited to see him come to the plate. He's just there with a great team and a great line up. But hey, at least he's a .300+ hitter, right?

  • profile image

    NMS16 7 years ago

    Sorry the pasted link is not correct. It is:

  • profile image

    NMS16 7 years ago

    According to the Baseball Almanac, there are currently 21 HOF Shortstops ( Let’s assume that Jeter is inducted into the HOF today (9/27/10). How would his regular season stats fair? Of the now 22 HOF Shortstops he would have the following rankings: AVG: 3rd, OBP: 7th, SLG: 5th, Hits: 4th, HR: 4th, RBI: 7th, R: 2nd, and SB: 8th. His lowest ranking is 8th!

    In fact, assuming we give each of these categories equal weight, his average position would be 5th out of 22!

    With all due respect, I don't see how you can deny his admission to the HOF based on his current statistical merits. He is essentially in the top quartile of his current HOF peer group and he has won a Golden Glove in 25% of his seasons played (including one at the ripe age of 35).

  • drej2522 profile image

    Chris 7 years ago from Atlanta, GA

    NMS16 ~ Thanks for least yours was civil. :)

    Yeah, Ozzy Smith's hitting numbers don't match up with Jeters...sure

    However, Ozzy does have a record...the most golden gloves ever. I think that's an automatic 'shoe in'. If you hold the best in something, you should be a HOFer.

    Besides, Ozzy was a great defensive shortstop (golden glove record aside). Again, defense is just as important as offense, especially in the shortstop position.

  • profile image

    NMS16 7 years ago

    @ drej2522: Hmm, Ozzy Smith (2002 HOF): never won an MVP, never hit more than 6 home runs in a season, never won a batting title (only had one season with a BA over .300), does NOT have 3,000 hits. Looks like your standards are a bit off...

  • profile image

    shek 7 years ago

    Jeter is Mr Clutch? Given the fact that Jeter has almost 20% more at-bats and plate appearances in the postseason than ANYONE else EVER he's is exactly what this post describes him as which is good. His postseason numbers look so good, because he's been at the plate so many f'ing times, nobody seems to remember that he also struck out over a hundred times in the postseason, or that in almost every stat that looks at quality (OBP, SLG, AVG) he's not in the top ten (or probably even the top 50.

  • profile image

    Eric 7 years ago

    Well this article's a wash. lol

  • profile image

    Greg 7 years ago

    I love this article! i totally agree with it! Haha!! yea right "jason", really?? 3,500 hits? lol!

  • profile image

    jason 7 years ago

    you CAN fluent his 5 world series rings cause he was so instrumental in it happening. He played better than everyone else when it mattered most. He will retire with 0ver 3,500 hits, a career lifetime average of .300 easily and top 5 all time runs in baseball history, along with alteast 5 rings, how is that not hall of fame? even right now he is hall of fame bound. EVERYBODY except for Palmerio who is ELIGIBLE for the hall is in that has as many runs as Jeter.

  • Stimp profile image

    Stimp 7 years ago from Upper Midwest

    All I can say is WOW!!! These sporty hubs get alot more heated than the forums.

  • drej2522 profile image

    Chris 7 years ago from Atlanta, GA

    Yankee fan ~ Hmm, a little hostile, aren't we? First off, I never said I was a 'yanker-hater', in fact, I don't have anything against them (other then they 'buy' championships, but that's a different subject entirely.) So, if anything, it sounds like you're being biased especially with a user name such as YANKEE FAN.

    Now, let's dissect your 'stat' analysis. No doubt Jeter is a great leader, with 5 World Series Championships and a World Series MVP. However, baseball is a team concept, more so than other sports like basketball and even football. In those particular sports, an individual player such as Michael Jordan or Payton Manning can literally take over a game and win it for them. Baseball is a game of situation and an overall team effort. In MLB, individual players can have amazing stats, do everything right and never make it to the playoffs much less the World Series. For example in '98 when McGuire and Sosa where going for the homerun record, did their teams make the playoffs? NO.

    So, did Jeter win 5 championships? Really? I can't believe you are flaunting that AMAZING STAT at me. Great players are all over the place and just because they don't win 5 championships doesn't mean they aren't great. On the flip side, just because somebody owns a handful of championships doesn't automatically make them as a great player. How about this, another Yankee, Chuckle Knoblauch...2nd baseman, has 4 championships, golden glove winner, 2 silver slugs, rookie of the year (some of those stats look awfully familiar don't they?) he a hall of famer? No, not even close. Who cares? Now, does he have Jeter's hitting stats? No, but don't dangle your teams 5 World Series rings in my face and say that Jeter is a hall of famer because of it. Don't get me wrong here, it's a fantastic accomplishment, but it shouldn't be included for a hall of fame bid. The Yankees won 5 championships not Jeter.

    Now, lets go with stats...has he reached 3,000 hits yet? No...has he had a season MVP yet, No. (I mean, just that one alone should be a red can you NOT be the best player in the league for at least one season and be a hall of famer? Think about it!). Lets see...has he had a season with more than 25 homeruns? No. Does he hold a single batting title for any season?...No

    Look...I'm not questioning Jeter's talent. He's a good player. And yes, I would gladly have him on my team. But the hall of fame isn't about good players. They are looking for great, the best...Not only the best, but the best at their position during their era. And at this point, I don't think Jeter has accomplished that greatness quite yet. Just an opinion, Yankee Fan.

  • profile image

    yankkee fan 7 years ago

    Are you serious? Jeter not a hall of famer? Did anyone see the catch he made against the Red Sox diving into the stands...that heart, grit....leadership...his stats are amazing...All-Time Yankees hit leader....5 rings....Rookie of the series MVP...4 gold gloves...more clutch then anyone I ever saw....pull yor head from your arse and stop yankees hating and recognize Jeter is a ball player, and anyone who says they wouldn't want to build a championship around him at short...obviously want's a losing team.

  • drej2522 profile image

    Chris 8 years ago from Atlanta, GA

    Cableguy ~ Thanks for your comment, now allow me to retort. Look buddy, I have the stats down. In fact, aside from the Reyes analysis (which I may revoke after further reading) all my other picks were dead on. Even you admitted that ARod and Tejada are better candidates for the part. As for Rollins and Vizquel, those are just personal opinions. If I were building a World Series team, I'd want my Captain(my shortstop) to be able to produce outs. I'd gladly take defense over offense in that position. These are qualities that I just don't see in Derek Jeter. But that's just a personal preference. So, when it comes to that argument, you can't deny that Vizquel is a better defensive shortstop over a long period of time. And Rollins, despite his post season performances, has been rock solid from a defensive and offensive stand point. There's really no argument. He outshines Jeter in almost every category. And let us not forget that Jeter has never won a season MVP, Rollins has.

    In the end, this article was not a critique on who should be in the Hall of Fame. In fact, it was far from that. This was just an analysis on whether Derek Jeter belonged in the Hall of Fame. My answer is no...

  • profile image

    cableguy 8 years ago

    Omar Vizquel??? Yes, a fine glove, but his offense is too weak to be considered a serious candidate for the Hall in an era in which a SS must produce. Vizquel's output is not remotely in a class with Jeter's. Take any important measure (OBP, OPS, Ave., Hrs., RBIs, SB%) and either you immediately disqualify Vizquel if you do not believe Jeter worthy of the honor. Vizquel becomes merely another in the class of "good field - fair hit" - actually they're dime a dozen and in truth they are not the difference for World Series champs. Famously Davey Johnson said of Raf Santana -"He's what a championship team needs at short - he just has to make the routine plays." In light of the new measure for Hall SSs, Jeter may not qualify but the good field - fair hit guys surely do not. ARod surely qualifies before Jeter and perhaps Tejada too but Rollins, whose stats and glove fail in all regards, never, and as to your comment about Reyes, really. The poor guy's career may be over before this season. Hey, guy, you gotta check the stats before entering the opinion arena.


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