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My Research On Disney World Packages: The Quest for the Ultimate Vacation

Updated on May 9, 2011

Let's Visit The Magic Kingdom

For nearly 40 years people have made the exodus to the magical kingdom known as Walt Disney World. Comprised of The Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney's Hollywood Studios, and Disney's Animal Kingdom, this highly coveted resort received over 46 million visits last year. How were they all able to afford it?

Granted, some people are just wealthy, but this does not comprise the vast majority of us out there. The average family has a middle-class income and they make up most of these visits. The question is - how can they afford it? The answer? Vacation package deals, like the ones I am about to share with you.

We will look into the cost of taking a family of four (children's ages 12 and 8) from New York City to Walt Disney World for a one week stay in February. After all, isn't the end of winter a great time to seek the sun? It is? Good ... I knew you would agree.

And so, without further adieu, we will direct our attention to setting up a Walt Disney world vacation for 4 in 2010. Prepare the tanning oil, as I hear the average temperature is 74 in Orlando during February.

Walt Disney World Calls Out To You

Ah, the song of the swaying palms as they bounce to the beat of a steel drum. Paradise calls out to your inner child ... longing to have fun.

But your body remains over a thousand miles away, wishing to join the dreams your mind envisions of a land so far away. If only there was a way ... if only it wasn't so far ...

Thankfully, there is a way you can go and it involves finding the right vacation package that will allow you to cost-effectively jaunt across the continent to the never-ending paradise known as Walt Disney World. All we need to do is a little research, and we'll find ourselves there in no time.

For this vacation, we will look at the premise of going the second week of February for a one week stay with the kids ... after all, it's not Disney without children, right? As such, we'll keep them foremost in mind as we plan are vacation together.

A Great Package Deal

I started off this article, convinced I could create the best vacation package by breaking everything into different parts and not paying for extras. After all, who was I too allow Disney to plan it all for me?

Well, that worked out miserably, as the end result proved to be a vacation most of us could never afford. With my ego bruised, I turned to Disney to see what they had to offer, and I was quite surprised. Here's the vacation I came up with:

It all begins with a non-stop flight on Delta from JFK airport that leaves at 8:35a in the morning and arrives in Orlando, Florida at 11:37a. From there, you will be picked up by the Disney Magical Express bus and driven with your luggage to Disney's Port Orleans Resort, where you will enjoy a waterside view from your room.

Next, you will be handed an 8 day Magic Your Way Ticket With Park Hopper and Water Park Fun privileges. These tickets will allow you free reign of the park for 8 days, allowing you to experience and enjoy all Wald Disney World has to offer.

As for meals, they're included too!

And how much will all of this cost? $5180, with everything (including the flight) included! That's much more affordable than what I had conceived possible!

Disney's Port Orleans Resort - Riverside
Disney's Port Orleans Resort - Riverside

Disney's Port Orleans Resort

Located along a quiet river, this resort features a pool, a wooded playground, a fishing hole, a restaurant, a lounge, and an arcade. The rooms are well-kept, with satellite TV and high-speed internet access (for an additional fee). A hairdryer, safe, iron, ironing board, coffee maker, and refrigerator are included in each room. Pizza delivery is also available. They also have a small general store where you can purchase Disney merchandise and any necessities. They also have a coin-operated laundry facilities on the premises.

Should you decide to venture outside, they have 6 heated pools to enjoy. Add to that, a playground, bike rentals, and carriage rides ($45 per carriage) and you have plenty to do before ever heading off to the Magic Kingdom.

Walt Disney World

For this vacation package we purchased the 8 day Magic your way Package. The options we chose are:

  • 8 days to roam in any park of your choice (using the Park Hopper ticket)
  • 8 days to romp and play in the water park

We also chose a food package that includes:

  • two quick-service meals per person per night
  • two snacks per person per night
  • one refillable drink mug
This thoroughly covers food and fun!

Save Up Your Money!

As you can see, a Disney vacation is affordable, and by cutting some corners you can make it even MORE affordable. Options for cutting costs are going for fewer days ... staying in a hotel outside of Orlando ... eating outside of the park.

However, for the most carefree vacation, this vacation package deal can't be beat, as it takes all of your needs into account. So, save up, plan your vacation, and write back to me on how it went. Enjoy! :)

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    • profile image

      poetlorraine 8 years ago

      my family have recently moved to Florida and i need to look into getting over there, as affordably as possible thanks for this hub.........

    • profile image

      lyricsingray 8 years ago

      Yoshi, Thanks!