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Don't Fear the Lime Light

Updated on September 10, 2010

Embrace your inner voice!


The lights flashing in your eyes as the sweat forms on your head;  palms are getting clammy as your heart races faster each beat.  You want to move to the rhythm but your eyes are glued to the screen waiting for the first words to fill with color as they’re sung.  This time the song is different though.  This time it’s your voice you hear over the crowd as eyes are glued to you from around the room.  It’s your time in the lime light.

Karaoke can be intense on so many different levels, but it can be invigorating as well.  It takes a lot of nerve for most people to get up and trust that they can make a song sound the way it’s supposed to in front of a bunch of strangers.  Some people claim they can’t be sober to even get on stage.  Others will get right up there and sound phenomenal.

The trick to karaoke, is to get up there and just do it without regrets.  To enjoy the moment you can’t go up there expecting to be perfect and amazing.  You have to be willing to make an a** out of yourself.  Once you’ve accepted that might happen, you can do anything. 

If you’ve never karaoked before a good thing to do is either sing with a group or go up and do a song that is known for being goofy.  You can attempt to do something that makes even you laugh so you’ll enjoy yourself.  Don’t be afraid to let loose.  The crowd wants to hear you whether you’re good or bad.

A few good suggestions for first timers are “I Will Survive” by Gloria Gaynor, “Friends in Low Places” by Garth Brooks, any Spice Girls song, “Baby Got Back” by Sir Mix-a-lot, “Summer Nights” from Grease, or “MmmBop” by Hanson.  These are only funny and exciting songs, there are thousands more.  Don’t be afraid to practice in the mirror.

Karaoke is not scary if you embrace the glory of it.  So, don’t be afraid to take up a mic and make your request to belt it out.



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      Shakrit 2 years ago

      Oh my .these are just breathtaking. She is evtiyehrng you say she is .Beautiful!! The photography is beyond evtiyehrng. Thanks for sharing ..I didn't breath while looking at them .just BREATHTAKING!