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Dragons, Red Frogs and Another CMLL Running Diary

Updated on May 2, 2017

Did you enjoy last night's running diary? Good, cause like I promised yesterday, there's another one coming tonight. Let's get the ball rolling now, frankly because I cannot think of anything else to add to this introduction. I blame the My Chemical Romance song I'm listening to for that. Moses, go crazy and meme.

8:16: Good bye promoting, hello column! We are live is Casa de Cult, and we're passing time before the show watching the Copa Junior Final between Sanson and Soberano Jr.! Follow along (I'm at the 17:05 mark).

8:17: We have just reached the part where they fight on the ramp! This is pretty exciting considering it leads to the two wandering towards the stage, Soberano powerslamming Sanson and then DOING THE GREATEST 900 IN HISTORY! Like he just did. That spot will never get old.

8:20: Wonder how many people have already forgotten Soberano had three more cool dives after the stage dive. Like the tope con hilo from the barricade into the seats! Sure it's not spinning three rotations off a ten foot jump, but what is? What is I ask you?

8:22: Sanson now with a dive. That poor bastard; if only he could spin three rotations off a ten foot jump. You're gorram right I'm still talking about that!

8:27: I almost missed Soberano getting the pinfall via Fire Driver because there's apparently a Twitter movement calling for Stephen Colbert to be fired. What kind of evil person do you have to be to want that national treasure gone? In any event, Soberano won, Sanson legit didn't shake his hand after (I like that; a rudo shouldn't shake hands afterwards) and Soberano putting the cash thrown into the ring into his trophy is still funny. Really the only bad thing about this is I now have to wait three minutes for CMLL to begin. Gonna be a long three minutes.

8:30: So I'm sitting here, waiting for this show to begin, and there's Blue Panther pictured in the "wait for the live stream to begin" picture CMLL always has. What's the big deal; he's got a full head of hair! Look at CMLL adding hair to Blue Panther! If that's not a sign that both sides are getting ready for him vs. Bryan Danielson next year then I don't know what is.

8:33: It's time to quote Pink Floyd! WAITING (awesome guitar rift) WAITING (awesome guitar rift) WAITING (hold the power chord...and now!) WAITING (awesome guitar rift) WAITING (awesome guitar rift) WAITING (hold the power chord...awesome!).

8:35: Sitting in a behind MY WALL! BOW WOW WOW! Waiting forrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr the worms, them worms, to COME!

8:36: In perfect behind MY WALL! BOW WOW WOW! Waiting forrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr the worms, them worms, to COME! Yes I totally realize this is out of order taking the first Pink Floyd post into consideration, but who cares when we are...WAITING (awesome guitar rift) WAITING (awesome guitar rift) WAITING (hold the power chord...and bam!) WAITING (awesome guitar rift) WAITING (awesome guitar rift) WAITING (Roger Waters rants in his fascist voice) WAITING (longer rant) WAITING (hold power chord...and now!).

8:38: Would you like to see...this CMLL show begin sometime friend (GUITAR RIFT!) all you have to do is follow the worms!!! BOW, BOW WOW WOW! BOW, BOW WOW WOW (Kenny Omega laugh). WOULD?! Would you like to see...this CMLL show to ever friend (EPIC RIFT!). All you need to do is say HAMMER! a thousand times. Let's start now!


8:45: I'm releasing an important message to CMLL.

8:48: According to a search on Twitter, the Tuesday show has in fact begun and for whatever reason isn't streaming. The good news; this means we're missing Bengala and Sangre Imperial having a mediocre match with Espanto Jr. and Grako. The bad news; I'm very worried we may not be getting a stream at all and Dragon Lee vs. Niebla Roja gets missed again! Clearly, some higher power doesn't want us to see this match.

8:52: Still no sign of the stream starting up. I'm not sure how long I'll be waiting to see if they get things up and running, but I'll be sticking around for now. Now to find something else to amuse myself...

8:55: Still nothing. I've reached out to CMLL via Twitter. There's a better chance of Caity Lotz asking me out tonight then them responding, but hey; you never know.

8:59: And still nothing. I'm giving this another ten minutes and then putting Legends of Tomorrow on Netflix. Why stare at a blank screen when I can swoon over the aforementioned Caity Lotz and watch season two again?!

9:02: IT! IS! ALIVE!

9:03: So here's the bad news; there's no sound, which I can only guess is the reason the stream is starting late because CMLL was trying to fix that. The good news is that the show is up AND we got to miss that opener. So all in all, not too bad, as long as the sound is back for Lee-Roja. Right now it's Electrico, Shockercito and Stukita taking on Mercurio, Pequeno Nitro and the terrible Pequeno Violencia. On second thought, maybe CMLL could've skipped this too!

9:07: Shockercito is going arm drag crazy right now! Violencia ends the fun, but Stukita is in to hit a gorgeous moonsault to put the rudo away. Electrico and Nitro are now in...except Electrico is now out, so Shockercito can tap out Nitro before Mercurio can make the save. Technicos are up 1-0...or have they won? Or is it tied? HOW MUCH HAVE WE MISSED?!

9:08: Alright, that was just fall one. Fall two begins with Mercurio talking trash to the camera and Electrico squaring off with Violencia.

9:09: Good to see Electrico continuing his string of good performances. He's looked good taking Violencia, Nitro and Mercurio to the woodshed.

9:10: Electrico misses a corner splash, and Mercurio thankfully just slaps him in the ass instead of biting him in the ass. Then again he did bite him in the chest a second later.

9:11: In the span of ten seconds we got to see VIolencia show he can't get out of the ring without fucking up and Nitro nailing an awesome dropkick on Electrico, sending him hard onto the floor. Stukita is then quickly beaten up and the rudos have isolated Shockercito.

9:14: You could've put EDTV in front of these rudos and they wouldn't be as disinterested as they have been during this beat down. They eliminated Electrico with the slowest developing triple powerbomb in all of history and only manage to show some enthusiasm when they were kicking the shit out of Shockercito before Mercurio pinned him to tie it up. Good Grodd it's going to be so nice when the technicos get on the offense again.

9:15: Fall three begins with Violencia beating up Shockercito. It'll be over soon, it'll be over soon, it'll be over soon...remind me again why I wanted this show to start?

9:16: Mercurio taking it to all the technicos. At least he's not biting them in the ass I guess.

9:18: Mercurio actually put on a half decent ankle lock on Stukita. Naturally he follows this up by tagging in Violencia, only the worst, most unmotivated luchador in this match. Now I'm wishing he had bit Stukita on the ass.

9:19: THE COMEBACK HAS ARRIVED! Electrico is owning all three rudos and looking good while doing it!

9:20: Now it's Stukita's turn to look awesome, using his speed to gain the advantage on Nitro with clotheslines and a sweet arm drag. Isn't it amazing how quickly this match picked up with the good guys on the offense? Why couldn't we get to that sooner?!

9:21: Stukita with a springboard arm drag to Violencia on the stage and two backbreakers to Nitro! As the NBA Jam announcer would say, HE'S ON FIRE! Meanwhile Mercurio gets some momentum by super kicking Shockercito. Unfortunately Shockercito gets the advantage right back, leading to a Stukita springboard splash AND an Electrico springboard elbow. Good night and good bye; the technicos win. When Electrico, Shockercito and Stukita were in control, this match was fun! When they weren't, GULP!

9:25: We're up to what I think is our fifteenth "good news, bad news" moment of the night. The bad news; discount Heavy Metal is in this match. The good news; Star Jr. is in this match, along with Fuego, Drone, Virus and Forastero. So it's got a shot even with discount Metal. And who knows; maybe he got lost on the way to Arena Mexico and has been replaced with someone cool!

9:28: Update; discount Heavy Metal didn't get lost on the way to Arena Mexico. Lame.

9:30: Virus and Drone are captains, which reminds me I need to stop calling him Drone and start calling him "DRONNNNNNNN!!!" once again. The captains are starting the match by the way.

9:34: Really strong three and a half minute mat sequence between Drone and Virus. Nothing too flashy, but really well worked and Drone more than held his own. Star Jr. and Forastero are now in.

9:36: Someday Star Jr. is going to get the recognition he deserve. Probably will be the same day he cuts off the Davey Boy Smith braids he's rocking. He and Forastero leave after a good sequence, leaving poor Fuego to carry discount Heavy Metal. Wonder what Fuego did to deserve that.

9:37: Rudo miscommunication leads to Fuego rolling up discount Metal for a three count (which discount Metal could barely roll into). Drone and Forastero go at it, with Drone managing to counter a corner clothesline with a corner dropkick, followed by a Bala Knee strike to give the technicos fall one. Nice job by Star Jr. super kicking Virus to prevent him from breaking up the pin. Decent fall, with the first two mat sequences between Drone/Virus and Star Jr./Forastero working really well.

9:38: Star Jr. and Forastero will start. CMLL has chosen...wisely.

9:40: Star Jr. was rolling, but a missed dropkick led to Forastero dropkicking him into the lower turnbuckle pad. The rudos have taken control from there, and by that I mean have gone into triple team mode.

9:42: Virus slaps the shit out of Fuego, then gets him in an awesome Scorpion Cross Lock. To the showers with you Fuego! Star Jr. then comes in to be put in a double leg lock bty Forastero and discount Metal, which I thought did the trick till Forastero slammed Star Jr. back down and tapped him with a Triangle Lock. I'm going to assume that was somehow discount Metal's fault. In any event we're tied and this fall wasn't as good as the first. Chumbawumba, story of CMLL.

9:43: Fall three!

9:45: Rudos are still in control...or they were till Fuego got Forastero with a backbreaker. Now we have Star Jr. doing cool shit with Virus...until he's big booted by discount Metal. BOOO!!!!

9:46: DRONNNNNNN!!!!!!!!

9:47: Forastero takes Fuego out, but then gets hit with a Star Jr. dropkick. Lots of back and forth right now.

9:48: Embarrassingly, CMLL ends this match with discount Heavy Metal hitting Drone with a shitty springboard splash to give the rudos the win. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What the hell CMLL? You could've had Virus or Forastero get the pin, and instead you give it to one of the worst performers in the world?! Awful decision. Match was okay, but that really puts a black mark on the proceedings.

9:52: It's Panther time! Blue Panther, Blue Panther Jr. and Panther take on Terrible, Rey Bucanero (aka Rey Rey Buc) and the corpse of M. Bison...I mean Vangellys. Could be okay.

9:53: Terrible and Blue Panther are captains. They will also start this match.

9:54: Never mind! Vangellys and Junior will start. Shit; this ain't gonna help Junior's rep!

9:57: Nothing interesting of note happened between Junior and Bison. Panther and Rey Rey Buc come in, but barely get a minute before Terrible and Blue Panther replace him. Alright then.

9:58: I looked down for one minute and something happened that made everyone unhappy. Whatever it was, Blue Panther and Terrible are back to work a second later.

10:00: Panther Sr. gets a roll up on Terrible that gets broken up by the rudos. I guess that's what was upsetting people. Panther Sr. tries to take out the rudos on the apron, but it leaves him prone to a Terrible knockout punch. Terrible then takes out Panther and Junior on the apron and the beat down is on, complete with hard Irish Whips into the barricade on the floor.

10:01: Terrible holds Panther Sr. down in a hybrid Lion Tamer position, allowing Bucanero to come off the top with a deadly looking rolling senton! Best one of those Rey Rey Buc's done in awhile, and it's enough to give the rudos the first fall. Okay stuff, with things really picking up during the rudo beat down. First time I've said that all night!

10:02: Fall two begins with, you guessed it, the rudos in control. I get the feeling we're closing in on our first "it's time for a comeback!" post of the night.

10:03: Good Grodd; I don't know what Junior was trying to do there, but he probably shouldn't try it again any time soon.

10:04: Well it looked like it was time for a comeback when Panther started getting some offense in; then he walked right into a Terrible Clash and got eliminated. Not looking to good for the Panther's right now!

10:05: That damn Blue Panther; just when you think the match is over, you remember he probably put together this match and that he always does weird, wacky shit. With Rey Rey Buc and Vangellys looking the other way, he managed to get Terrible in a cool arm bar style submission, submitting the rudo captain to tie it up. Good shit. And while it may be too late, I think Panther Sr. did enough to earn his team this!


10:06: Fall three starts with Junior and Panther sweeping the leg, leading to a Panther triple team that ends with Panther Sr. dropping the head into Terrible's balls. The old man can play dirty too!

10:07: Panther and M. Bison are in. Panther immediately turns on the jets, sends Vangellys to the floor, fakes a dive and then hits a hurricanrana from the apron to the floor anyway, sending Vangellys into the barricade. Panther rules!

10:08: Blue Panther and Rey Rey Buc in. Panther Sr. dominates before Terrible breaks up a potential submission. Panther Sr. cares little, hitting Terrible with a crossbody and then dodging a Terrible knockout punch. Junior then comes in for his first action of fall three.

10:09: Junior looking better here than he did in the Copa Junior. He gets caught in a Vangellys Fisherman Suplex though and has to be saved by Panther. Panther Sr. then slams Vangellys down, allowing Panther to hit a nice Frog Splash.

10:10: Rey Rey Buc now in, and we're officially in "break up the pin attempts" territory. Well that and a whole lot of back and forth!

10:11: Hot damn; dueling roll ups out of nowhere by Panther and Junior! The Panthers get the surprise win while Rey Rey Buc looks like someone just made off with his copy of That 70's Show season one. I'm not sure if this was good, but it was fun, with Blue Panther's unique match layout making this different than the norm and everyone in the match working hard. Not perfect, but entertaining.

10:12: Bruce Buffer, take it away.

10:15: The match we've all wanted to see has arrived; Dragon Lee takes on Niebla Roja in a straight singles match. No titles, no Guerreros; just pride and Niebla Roja's reputation on the line. He can do a lot for himself with a great match here.

10:16: We're off! Important to note; Edgar is the ref. That's a great thing.

10:17: They lock up. They trade headlocks before Lee snapmares Roja to create some distance. Crowd seems quite hyped for this one.

10:18: Lee takes Roja to the ground with a leg lock. Roja rolls him over to get another headlock. Lee counters. Roja counters. It's pretty good pace here.

10:19: Lee tries a Monkey Flip, but Roja lands on his feet. Roja tries an arm drag but Lee lands on his feet. Stalemate; this is pretty much the beginning of every trios match they've had the last few weeks...or it is until Lee breaks out the third perfect Standing Spanish Fly of his career! Only with Roja can he land these. It's enough to put Roja away and give Lee fall one. Good start; mat work was very good and the Spanish Fly worked great as a finish

10:20: Fall two is off. Or is it? Roja kicking the ropes in frustration as the crowd goes wild.

10:21: Slap exchanges leads to a Dragon Lee kick. He runs to the corner, and Roja follows with an AWESOME clothesline. Roja stomps Lee into a mudhole and then plays to the crowd, who is none to fond of him.

10:22: Lee rolls out of the corner, then handsprings out of a Roja hurricanrana. He can't get out of a Roja crossbody though, which gives the rudo a near fall. Roja then nails an awesome dropkick while Lee tries to leapfrog. Lee tries to rally, but ends up getting caught on the top rope and is PLANTED with a Tiger Pancake Driver thingy. I don't know what it's called! I do know we're tied and this has been really good thus far.

10:23: Time to bring the Mortal Kombat meme back. Fall three!

10:24: Lee comes in with a hurricanrana sending Roja to the floor, and then rockets through the ropes for an awesome suicide dive! Great start!

10:25: Lee has just gone nuts! He dropkicks Roja to the floor, then hits an amazing tope con hilo. Couldn't ask for a better start to this fall. Lee sends Roja back in, goes up top and nails a great Frog Splash for a near fall.

10:26: Roja finally gains control by sending Lee flying through the air and nailing a kick to the head for a near fall. Crowd is really into this one now. They take a minute to get to their feet and OH MY GRODD ROJA JUST REVERSED THE HURRICANRANA OFF THE APRON INTO A POWERBOMB ON THE APRON! HE IS BROKE IN HALF! Roja then follows this up with an even better tope con hilo then the one Lee did a few minutes earlier!

10:27: We're back in. Roja takes his time before hitting a springboard splash and a Lionsault. Lee barely, and I mean BARELY, got out of it. Really nice job of Lee milking that.

10:28: Lee back in it with a knee, a Northern Lights Suplex and a dead life Vertical Suplex. Only gets a two on the cover though.

10:29: Crowd has really gotten behind Dragon Lee. They're now trading slaps in the center of the ring. Can only be a matter of time before Roja breaks out the elbow.

10:30: Lee nails another perfect Standing Spanish Fly after blocking the elbow and taking a hard knee! Roja just gets out. They go up top again and Roja hits the Tiger Pancake again for a near fall.

10:31: Roja dropkicks Lee into the corner, where Lee lands on the back of his head because duh! Lee quickly recovers and suplexs Roja into the turnbuckle! These two.

10:32: UH OH! Roja gets caught hanging in the ropes and there's the double stomp! BUT IT'S NOT OVER! Roja grabs teh ropes, saving the match. Thank Grodd; I want more of this!

10:33: Lee went for the Orange Crush but Roja got out and THAT'S A GORRAM POISON RANA! When's the last time we've seen that one? Roja goes for the cover and HOLY CRAP HE JUST BEAT DRAGON LEE! Wow! I'm a little disappointed that's all there was, but other than that this was as great as everyone expected. Lee was excellent as usual and Niebla Roja really rose to the occasion. I don't know if he's legit this good or if Dragon Lee and him just click, but he was sensational in this match and came off as a star. Tremendous effort from both guys and hopefully it's not the last time we see. Thus it totally will be.

10:38: It's main event time; or as these six guys are calling it, "the match after the real main event where we go through things quickly so we can hit Super Astro's restaurant after the show." Atlantis, Rey Cometa and Valiente take on Cavernario, Felino and Mr. Niebla of La Peste Negra. Cometa came out with the belt and you know he and Cavernario just love to tear it up every few months. Just a thought.

10:39: Sounded like Atlantis and Niebla are captains. It was tough to tell as the rudos immediately went after the technucos to start the match. Best part; Niebla is keeping the fro on. ABOUT TIME NIEBLA!

10:40: RIP Cometa's balls. I'll leave it at that. Meanwhile Niebla taps out Atlantis with a brutal looking leg lock, upsetting a guy in an Atlantis mask that looks like Son of Havoc. Maybe it is Havoc! Who knows; either way this fall was really quick, as expected.

10:41: Into the stands goes Cometa to start fall two.

10:42: Atlantis is beaten up by Cavernario and Niebla in ring. Valiente then comes in to take some licks. Now it's Cometa's turn. Best part of all this is Niebla is still wearing the fro!

10:43: Cavernario and Felino hold back Atlantis for Niebla to beat up, till Atlantis breaks free and sends Niebla to the floor. Valiente and Cometa take it from there, with Cometa hitting a beautiful Frog Splash to put away Cavernario and Valiente getting Felino to tap via his submission. We're tied. They are working hard to get out of there quick!

10:45: Fall three. Cavernario and Valiente start. It's almost over folks.

10:46: Cav taking it to Valiente while simultaneously losing his mind. Valiente quickly recovers and takes control via speed, arm drags and more speed. Felino comes in and he cannot turn the tide, getting the same dose of medicine.

10:47: Niebla in and it's comedy time after he takes a few Valiente slaps. Quick Niebla; shield your chest with the fro!

10:48: Cometa and Cavernario in and their nose to nose. Cometa hits the ropes a few times then gets Cavernario with an arm drag. Felino comes in to put the technico down. Niebla is with him, which suggests the spot where Felino hits Cometa and Cometa hits Niebla. Called it!

10:49: Cometa sends Niebla to the floor, Felino ducks out to the floor and it doesn't matter because Cometa is there for an awesome hurricanrana. Big ups to Felino for his sell there. Atlanti sand Niebla are now in.


10:51: Cometa hits a great Asai Moonsault on Cavernario, while Niebla floors Atlantis and does his "catch his spit" spot. Gross. Luckily Valiente is in quick to roll Niebla up with a hurricanrana, while Atlantis gets Felino in La Atlantida. Good night and good bye folks; the technicos win again. This was quick, well worked and very okay at the end of it all; pretty much what you'd expect. The only notable thing is nothing was set up from the match; guess that means next week is a, gulp, reset show. Grodd help us.

That'll do it sports fans. Two running diaries in two days; it's a tough job but someone has to do it. For now though I go to rest, watch Legends of Tomorrow, daydream about Caity Lotz and prepare for a column tomorrow where I talk the 84th Anniversary Show. You'll see what I mean. Till then, THIS!

Please change disks to continue...


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