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DreamBooking a Dean Ambrose Championship

Updated on February 24, 2016

First things first, I'm the est?

I'm gonna take a few liberties here.
Let's be honest... They won't do what I'm about to propose.
Because it makes too much EC Effin sense.

So here's the deal.
I'm not stretching reality too much. I'm just booking things the way they could be at this pace.
This means....
No changing the matches at WrestleMania.
No impossible appearances.
And no extreme turns.

So, as much as I'd love to see Dean Ambrose defeat Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 32 and get the push of a lifetime, it's not going to happen. The WWE have been saving that heat for Roman Reigns to pick up, probably at WrestleMania 33.
So instead, we keep things the way they are. Paul Heyman and Dean Ambrose dueling promos will be awesome. Ambrose will keep this amazing reckless lunacy up, and Brock will keep attacking him.
As we approach Mania, Paul will keep saying that Ambrose is too small. He's just Roman Reigns' little indy darling brother, and he doesn't belong in the same ring as Brock Lesnar.
Brock Lesnar is the main event, who the hell is Dean Ambrose?
At WrestleMania 32, Brock Lesnar gives Dean Ambrose the beating of a lifetime. I'm talking about dozens of suplexes, a handful of F-5's, and anything else Brock can dream up. Brock Lesnar has to beat the hell out of Dean Ambrose. Ambrose has to bleed, that's how serious this match has to be.
But Ambrose never gives up. He keeps kicking out, and he keeps crawling and scratching and fighting. He hits Brock with a chair until it breaks, he drops the elbow off the top rope to put Brock through a table. He does everything in his power to put Brock away, but eventually, he counters a "Dirty Deeds" into one last F-5, and Ambrose goes down for the count.
Much like Jeff Hardy vs. Undertaker from forever ago, Brock can't believe little Ambrose took that much of a beating, and he gives Ambrose something he hasn't given anyone.
Not Triple H, not John Cena, not CM Punk, not even the Undertaker.
He gives Dean Ambrose his respect.
Dean Ambrose took the beating of a lifetime from a monster, but he never gave in.

This is where it gets interesting.
After Mania, the fans will reject Roman Reigns. Not only did nobody want Reigns to be champion, but Dean Ambrose has become Daniel Bryan.
Despite this, the WWE will try their damnedest to run their show around Roman. He'll likely continue his feud with Triple H or maybe have another program with Sheamus.
If they're smart, they'll give him a feud with Kevin Owens... But...

Meanwhile, Ambrose needs a feud to put him over. And who can put others over without losing credibility like Y2J, Chris Jericho. Remember that feud that never happened after Night of Champions?
Chris Jericho was the surprise teammate for Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose in their match against the Wyatt Family at the September pay per view, and after costing them the match, Jericho brushed against Ambrose.
They never did anything with it.
That can change now. Maybe Ambrose has a match against the League of Nations or the Dudley Boyz, and Jericho is his teammate. After the match, Jericho can turn on him, and they can feud for a while.

Ultimately, Ambrose needs to go after the title, and Roman Reigns accepts, and their match is set for Extreme Rules.
The build is a lot like the build for FastLane. The two exchange finishers on Raw each week, but they still love and respect each other.
That all changes at Extreme Rules.
Despite the name of the pay per view, it's a regular match. Reigns knows he has the upper hand on Ambrose unless they involve weapons.
So the two face off, and much like at Mania, Reigns can't seem to get Ambrose to stay down.
He takes TWO spears, and he keeps getting back up. He starts getting visibly frustrated, and when he takes a blind Superman Punch, he misses, hitting the ref instead.
Ambrose looks at the ref, and the two start laughing. They have a little chat and Ambrose stretches out a hand. Reigns shakes it and laughs.
Ambrose tries to pull away, but Roman doesn't let him. He pulls him in closer, and then throws him against the ropes, setting up a spear.
Reigns glares at Ambrose, then at the crowd, and then back at Ambrose. He shakes his head, and drags Ambrose by his hair to ringside. He removes the top of the announce table, and powerbombs Ambrose through it.
He runs back to the ring and shakes the ref awake. The ref counts Ambrose out, and Reigns retains.
The following night on Raw, the show opens with Reigns' music.
But instead of coming through the crowd in Shield gear, he lurks down the ramp in a three piece suit with his belt and a microphone.
Here, Reigns cuts the best promo of his career. He goes out, and he gets to be himself.
He talks about how the crowd cheered him when he dominated Survivor Series in 2013. He talks about how they crowd cheered him at the Royal Rumble in 2014...
And then how they turned on him.
They turned on him when he won the Rumble in 2015. They booed him in the Main Event of WrestleMania, and they cheered for a snake like Seth Rollins.
No matter what he did for them, for the people, he was never enough. Because he wasn't some "vanilla midget" from the indies, they rejected him. And he didn't care anymore.
He only cares about himself, his family, and his championship, and he'd do whatever it took to keep it.
At this point, Ambrose comes out, saying he thought they were family. He thought they were brothers.
He comes out and says he wants one more match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. And if he didn't beat Roman for it, he wouldn't challenge him for it again as long as Reigns held it. Roman is considering this proposal when Shane McMahon comes out.
He says "as much as I'd love to see you two go at it again, the June pay per view will be none other than the infamous Elimination Chamber.".
In the build-up, wrestlers are vying for a position in the chamber.
Ambrose insists he gets a match with Reigns, so a fed up Shane McMahon says that Roman and Ambrose will be the first two men in the chamber.
Three men, Sheamus, Kevin Owens, and Ryback all earn spots, but the last spot is left open.
On the day of the pay per view, the five men enter the ring, Sheamus, Owens, and Ryback enter their pods, and then...

Yes, "The Architect" returns!
He walks past Reigns and Ambrose, smirking, and enters the final pod.

Ambrose and Reigns brawl viciously, but neither man can hit their finisher.
Then people start coming out. This is very important, because as we've seen, the WWE don't believe Reigns can carry a match. With many people in the ring, they can hide Roman. I would say he could come out later, but he needs to take significant damage.

Eventually, Ambrose eliminates Owens, Reigns replies by eliminating Sheamus, and not to be left out, Rollins eliminates Ryback. In a way, we have a Shield triple threat for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. At first, Roman dominates. He's throwing the two smaller wrestlers around and wreaking havoc. But eventually, the two start working together. They lift him up and powerbomb him together.
Ambrose hits Dirty Deeds and Rollins hits a Phoenix Splash, and Ambrose pins Reigns.
Rollins and Ambrose are face to face, and Rollins ducks just as Roman Reigns hits a spear on Ambrose.
Warily, Rollins picks up the pin and becomes WWE World Heavyweight Champion for the second time.

Rollins returns, and while he's not a face, he's not the same heel he was before. He's had time off to think about the kind of wrestler he wants to be. While he was stuck at home, watching his own matches on the WWE Netowrk, he realized he didn't want to be that guy anymore.
So he's more of a tweener. He's not going to run out and help anybody, but he's also not going to cheat his way to wins like he used to.
The next night on Raw, everyone and their mother comes out demanding a title shot.
Roman says he has his one on one rematch, Ambrose says Reigns cheated to win, and Gene Snitsky claims it isn't his fault.
So Shane says that at Battleground, Roman and Ambrose will have a no holds barred match inside hell in a cell to determine who will go on to face Seth Rollins at SummerSlam.

The story over the next few weeks will be Roman reminding Dean that he's never won the big one. He's lost almost every feud he's ever had, and despite getting chance after chance after chance, he's never beaten Seth Rollins. He reminds Dean that between Rollins and himself, they've won the WWE World Heavyweight Championship five times while Ambrose has nothing but a forgettable run as U.S. and IC champ.

But Ambrose persists. He doesn't give up, and despite the fact that every Raw ends with Roman standing tall, Ambrose never loses confidence.
Much like the build to the triple threat at FastLane, Ambrose is neglected in the feud.
Seth Rollins talks about how he made the Shield and how Roman Reigns was nothing without him. He talks about how Roman only won the title because Rollins was on the bench. When healthy, Roman doesn't stand a chance against Rollins.

None of that matters however, when Dean Ambrose defeats Roman Reigns at Battleground.
No distractions, no cheap tricks, Ambrose just comes away with the win.
Bloodied in the ring, Roman Reigns is furious. He's throwing the debris of tables and chairs around, and he's furious.
Just like he was after TLC.
Ambrose offers him a hand and instead, gets a Superman Punch.
Reigns is gearing up for a huge spear when...

The lights go out, and when the lights come back on, Roman Reigns is alone in the cell...
with Da Undertakah (Teddy Long voice).
This builds up to a great Reigns vs. Taker match at SummerSlam in the "second main event".

The next night on Raw, Ambrose comes out and talks about all he's been through in his life. Growing up on the streets without anyone to take care of him, scratching and clawing his way to the WWE, fighting every day just to keep food on the table.
Then he talks about his brothers, the two men he met that gave him his first idea of what it meant to be part of a family. He talks about how he loved them, how they conquered the world together... and then how both of them betrayed him.
He talks about how none of that matters, because his eyes are on the prize, his focus is dead set on the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

Out comes Rollins, and don't forget the stigma that Ambrose "can't win the big one".
Rollins reminds Ambrose that he's never beaten him.
He goes over SummerSlam, Hell in a Cell, Extreme Rules, The Elimination Chamber, Money in the Bank, no matter what, Rollins has always beaten Ambrose.
"So what's changed?" he asks.
"I'll tell you what's changed, brotha. I survived Suplex City. I broke down the Walls of Jericho. I burned the Roman Empire to the ground. And you may have started this, you may have been the architect, but you didn't build the Ambrose Asylum. I did. I built it over 30 years, and now it's time for you to check in"
Or... something good, because... Ambrose is a monster on the mic when he's allowed free reign.

They don't wrestle until SummerSlam.
This is very important.
We've seen Rollins vs. Ambrose a million times, but not in a few months.
In fact, as champion, Seth Rollins should rarely wrestle. He should knock the rust off, but he should win convincingly every time, building him up like he wasn't able to be before.
So when they do meet at SummerSlam, it feels like a big fight.

And Ambrose wins.
He wins clean.
He wins like he's won all year. Rollins hits him with everything. He hits a couple pedigrees, he hits the Dirty Deeds, and he even lands the Phoenix Splash... but Ambrose keeps kicking out.
Ambrose pulls off the win, and the two shake hands in the ring.
As a babyface, Rollins can go on to do anything now. He can go feud with Roman, he can have that match with Triple H. He can even join the New Day. Have a ball, Mr. Rollins.
Reigns will beat the Undertaker at SummerSlam, and be the hottest heel in the company. He can have a main event feud with everyone, but if I'm booking? Have him win a feud with Cena on his way to beating Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 33. Imagine how over he would be. He'd be unstoppable, and he could carry that momentum over when he turns face.

And ol' Dean?
Dean can do anything now.
He can feud with everyone.
Ambrose is such a wildly entertaining character that he can carry the show with the belt and mic alone. And if his act gets stale, we've all known he'd be an amazing heel this whole time. Don't forget that everyone thought Ambrose would be the one who turned heel on the Shield way back when.

It's very strange, because the WWE haven't had a legitimately "over" babyface as champion since Daniel Bryan (see the above article). Roman got a mixed reaction, and John Cena always splits the crowd. Lesnar, Sheamus, Triple H, Randy, and Rollins were all heels with the belt. It's time the fans actually liked their champion, and this is how they should do it.

Not that they will.

don't you miss Roman Reigns before the hair extensions?
don't you miss Roman Reigns before the hair extensions?

What do you think?

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