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Driving Range Tips You Should Consider

Updated on February 13, 2013


Getting it right at the driving range can help your game out significantly. That's why this article on driving range tips was written. To help people correct their swing and hit the ball in a more consistent manner.

Consistent is the operative word here too! Now I know some of you may be thinking that you are consistently bad but I don't believe that to be true. Even so, the driving range can help!

Driving Range

Slow the Swing Down Too

Another one of the driving range tips that can truly help is to slow down your swing.  This can actually give you greater momentum than if you try to kill the ball.  It provides for better follow through as it gives you a better flow on your swing.  If you do this at the driving range and get used to it, it will become natural in your game as well.

Work with a Friend

One of the best driving range tips that I have discovered is, try to go with a friend who has a fairly good swing. You can help each other out but observing each other's swings and make the appropriate corrections as necessary. If a friend is unavailable try to work with another player that is next to you. This one is a little trickier as some people like to keep to themselves. But it doesn't hurt to ask and you may even get some new friends this way as well.

As you will see from the paragraph below on taking lessons, you really want to take tips from someone that is very good, preferably a pro golfer. There can be plenty of people that play better than you but still swing wrong, etc.

Let's Go to The Video Tape!

One other of the driving range tips that most people don't take advantage of, is to set up a video camera on a tripod and record your entire session.  This can get tricky as to where to put the camera but if you can make it work it can really help you later observe and try to correct the bad areas of your game.  I think driving ranges are missing a business opportunity by not providing this feature for their customers.  They could even charge for the video as part of the service.

Learning the Wrong Way


Practice, Practice, Practice, With a Caveat...

We've all heard the expression that practice makes perfect but unfortunately if you do not learn the correct ways to play you will be practicing the wrong things. Over time you will improve just from the nature of playing more. But imagine if you learn the correct methods. If you don't you will need to relearn and break your bad habits. It's actually a worse situation to be in because you have to take steps back before you can progress forward.

Take Some Lessons

As I stated in a previous paragraph, if you learn the incorrect ways to play then you will practice them incorrectly. This will adversely affect your game. So one great way to start playing good golf is to learn the right ways right from the start of it. And I'm not talking about from the guy who is better than you and has all the answers. He probably learned wrong too and doesn't play as well as he could. He plays better than you but if you haven't been at it for any length of time, that's not saying much.
I am talking about taking lessons from a real player, a bonafide pro. Now, I know you're thinking that it costs way too much money. But what will it cost if you have to relearn the game when you really get hooked and are playing wrong? In the end the choice is yours but learning the correct way to play makes the game so much more fun.

How to Play More Golf

These driving range tips can extend out to your regular game. It's important to keep at it and if things still aren't working well, seek a professional instructor. An instructor can observe what you are doing and guide you on the proper ways to swing a ball. If you take the advice of video taping your sessions at the range, you can show it to your instructor as well. All of this will truly leap frog your swing and help improve your game and enhance your enjoyment as well.

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