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Dynamic Kicks by Chong Lee a martial arts book review

Updated on February 17, 2012

A Review of Dynamic Kicks by Chong Lee

Published by Ohara Publications

ISBN 0897500172

I am a 1st Dan Black Belt in Kick boxing and am a fully qualified instructor and both train and assist the British Karate and Kickboxing association run by Dave Cartawick and also the British Combat Academy run by Peter Lakin, a long time student of Peter Consterdine, I have trained in kickboxing since 1999 and have also cross trained in various other styles mainly mixed martial arts, karate and Ju-jitsu.

The Author

Lee Chong is a first degree Black belt in Tae Kwon do earning this at the young age of 7! At the age of 11 he took up Thai boxing. When he and his family moved to America he started no contact karate but struggled in this area due to his full contact training getting disqualified for excessive contact. He was also winner of the Long beach International Forms Grand championship 1974


The book is broken down into only four different chapters: -

Stretching exercises

Techniques basic to all kicking

Striking areas of the foot

Dynamic kicks

My Opinion

A detailed book by Chong Lee on kicking, after a few pages detailing Chong Lee the book goes into some stretching exercises. All these exercises are detailed on the left with several photos of the technique given to the right (occasionally these are reversed). After the stretching exercises the format continues with the kicks (about 30 in all). The photos are black and white and give a good insight into the mechanics of kicking with a few good pointers. However most of the kicks detailed are basic (though excellently performed by Chong) and most martial artists will be well versed in these kicks also the standard of the kicks shown may be off putting to beginners. However I feel there are better instructional and more complete books out there for a similar price. If your interested in kicking or have crossed over into an art that contains kicking it may be worth a look though

Marks out 5 of 10


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