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Eight Reasons Why You Should Bike To Work

Updated on March 5, 2015
Cyclist on his way to work
Cyclist on his way to work

Are you developing a double chin due to lack of exercise? Are you always late for work even if you live nearby? Do you want to save money? If you’re saying yes to all, then you should get off the car seat and sit on the saddle instead. Here’s why.

Biking is healthy
Biking is healthy

It’s Healthier

Biking to work will make you a healthier person. As obvious as it is, it can give you a free exercise. It’s an excellent cardio workout that won’t hurt your knees. And if you’re healthy, you’ll look better and feel better too.

It’s Cheaper

It’s hard to make a living nowadays so you must save as much money as you can. If you bike to work, you don’t need to pay for transportation. Also, you won’t be stressed out with skyrocketing gas prices. Moreover, a bike is easier to maintain than a car.

Parked bike
Parked bike

No Need to Worry About a Parking Spot

Circling around the block for a parking spot is annoying and time consuming. But if you use a bike, you won’t worry about parking anymore. It’s easier to find a parking spot for a bike than a car. If you’re going to park your bike, make sure you use heavy-duty locks. Also, you can even bring your bike along with you inside the office. In fact, there are millions of high-quality folding bikes available out there.

You’ll Get to Work Earlier

In big cities, traffic is a nightmare especially on mornings. But if you use a bike, even if the road looks like a parking lot, you can get to work on time. And if you’re always punctual, you’re more likely to be promoted. Also, you will avoid the stress that traffic brings.

It’s Good to Your Lungs

Cycling can strengthen your lungs. It also improves your endurance. But if you think you’ll inhale more harmful gas if you cycle to work, you’re wrong. According to bike expert, Umbra Frisk, driving a car is more hazardous than riding a bike. Inside a car, you’re closer to the exhaust of the vehicle in front of you. However if you’re on a bicycle, you can distance yourself from the tailpipes.

It’s Eco-Friendly

Cycling is the most eco-friendly way of travelling. Despite the technological advancement, there are still lots of vehicles that produce harmful smoke. By cycling to work, Mother Nature will be proud of you. Well it won’t turn you into Captain Planet. But it’s a practical way to contribute.

You’ll be More Productive

Cycling to work will boost your productivity. In fact, a study in the Netherlands shows that people that ride a bike to work are less likely to get sick. And if you’re feeling well, you can perform better in your job.

It Cures Sleeping Problems

You need to be well-rested if you want to perform at an optimum level. So if you have sleeping problems, cycling is the cure. According to a research done by Stanford University School of Medicine, cycling at least 20 minutes a day can improve your sleeping habit.

Are you convinced yet? If so, then start riding this two-wheeled muscle-propelled machine now. But if you’re clueless about which bike to buy, here check this out.

Photo Credits: Pixabay


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    • NScarpediem profile imageAUTHOR

      Carpe Diem 

      6 years ago from Philippines

      Please do. You'll have fun, I'm sure.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Awesome! I'm gonna try this sometime.

    • NScarpediem profile imageAUTHOR

      Carpe Diem 

      6 years ago from Philippines


    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Nice post! I love it.


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