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Evolution Baits - GrassBurner Buzzbait - Review

Updated on August 18, 2017

Evolution Baits - GrassBurner Buzzbait - In "Golden Shad"

The GrassBurner by Evolution Baits - truly is a unique bait, with a very unique profile. It has a "prop" head, as a traditional buzzbait would; however, it's followed by a flat-bottom hard body and skirt. My first impressions were that this is a very unique bait - but would it catch fish? And would it be frustrating to fish anywhere near cover, with a single treble hook? The answer is "yes."

Yes this bait catches fish. In part it's because of it's unique and highly detailed hard-body, and undulating skirt - not to mention the loud fish attracting noise created by any buzzbait. But the name "grass burner" may be a little misleading, as this bait has nothing to prevent it from catching every surface, and sub-surface weed - making it at times very annoying.

At first I thought the hard body bait was buyout enough to allow me to pause/stop the bait - and float; however, that's not the case. Your reel must constantly be engaged and in motion to keep this bait at the surface - which is fine - but again, that doesn't do anything to help aid you in navigating surface debris or weeds.

My suggestion would be to fish this bait in open water "around" cover - but not in it - if you want a frustration free fishing trip. The blow-ups on this bait are typical top water bites, which are always intense and fun to be a part of. I've caught both largemouth and smallmouth bass alike (although I will say this is a little large for me to fish for smallmouth confidently), and of course the pike blowups on this bait are amazing.

At at retail price of $19.99, it's a little steep - but if you're like me and many others, then you have recently received this bait in your Lucky Tackle Box for a fraction of it's retail cost.

If you have the ability to fish open water, around (but not in) cover - then I would definitely give this bait a try, for a unique top water experience.

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