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Exercising with your child through rollerblading

Updated on July 30, 2009

Skating away

Skating away. Picture by Flickr
Skating away. Picture by Flickr


Rollerblading is an activity that we enjoy doing as a family. Every weekend my elder boy and I will go for our weekly rollerblading lessons in the nearby park. I find that it is a great way of exercising andhaving fun at the same time.

Many place(parks) conduct rollerblading classes. Here in Singapore there are two main companies which conduct classes.

My boy and I are learning with Inline Culture and are enrolled in their Fun to Skate program. It is essential to learn how to skate properly to reduce the chance of injuring yourself during skating.

During the 1st lesson you will learn how to fall properly so that you are able to absorb the impact of the fall. In subsequent lessons you will be learning how to stop and move around on your skates.

You can burn up to 450 calories during your 30 min workout on your rollerblade. It is a real high intensitiy workout.


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