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Expedition Off Road Camping Trailers

Updated on June 28, 2012

Expedition Trailers

Expedition - Adventure Trailer camping... Summer is fast approaching!

This is for those that love to camp with the entire family for a week or so. If you are a real hardcore camper, and love getting out into the middle of nowhere to camp, but can not seem to get everything and everyone in your SUV, you need an Expedition Adventure Trailer. An Adventure trailer can nearly double the available cargo area. Families traveling in a compact SUV deal with the cargo constraints, and usual resort to a roof rack, Cargo Basket or Roof Cargo Bag to allow for passenger room. A trailer is a much safer and more efficient solution than the above. Having a larger payload and storage capacity, it also gives you access to bring all the modern conviences with you even into the deep backwoods. Once in camp, you can unhitch the trailer and have a base camp set up in minutes.

There are multiple options of trailers, with multiple options to include: Generator, Kitchen sink with or without a water pump, different tent styles, Stove options, Food storage (including bear proof containers), extra fuel tanks, water tanks, tent heater, outdoor style shower, spare tire, kayak or canoe mounts and even a fridge.

An effciently designed off road trailer will combine all the comforts of camping, cooking, sleeping and storage. This can be sometimes difficult to accomplished in an SUV. The trailers primary function is to store gear and a tent, where the vehicles goal is to carry people (2 and 4 legged ones). Here is a great checklist for a family camping trip.

An added benefit to having and using a trailer is that most families use their SUV as a daily driver during the week, which could mean a lot of packing to get ready for a trip after a long day of work. With a trailer everything can be packed and ready to go at any time. Including water, extra fuel, all of the camping gear, and food. Which will make trip planning easier and enjoyable to include a lot less stress the day you leave.

An adventure trailer is also a great idea for the avid Hunter or fisherman. It is just a perfect idea for anyone who loves the outdoor!

Also for all those preppers a trailer can also be utlized in an emergency such as during a natural disaster, just hook up the trailer and add food, then you instantly have water and a shelter. 

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    • wynnestudios profile image

      wynnestudios 5 years ago from Phoenix, AZ

      Wow, I didn't know these even existed. Thank you for sharing this information, I will have to check into this a bit more. Camping is such a wonderful way to enjoy nature while being able to bond with family and friends.