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FC Barcelona: 'More Than a Club'

Updated on March 15, 2012
Official Logo of FC Barcelona
Official Logo of FC Barcelona | Source

Més que un club. More than a club. And every year, FC Barcelona keeps proving to the world that they are. Whether you are an azulgrana or a casual fan of 'the beautiful game', you can't help but be mesmerized at the passion and style of this team when they play. Their nearly perfect passing, their dominance in offense, their iron defense, are all what make FC Barcelona the best . However, as the world's second richest football club, FC Barcelona has been prone to some controversy.

For instance, recently former FC Barcelona vice president, Alfons Godall admitted that in the past the club has received help from the referees. Real Madrid fans ate up the news and gloriously mocked FC Barcelona as cheaters. Of course, no football team is free from corruption, after all, it is a sport and a business. However, people need to look beyond the politics and look at the game itself. While favorable calls from referees help, we must remember that it is the players who are playing the game. It is not the referees that are actually passing and scoring goals, it is the players.

Help or no help, FC Barcelona has proven its worth and its passion for football in all its matches. In 2009, Barcelona was the first Spanish team to win La Liga, Copa del Rey, and the Champions League. If winning three championships wasn't enough, later that year they also won the Spanish Super Cup, UEFA Super Cup, and the FIFA Club World Cup, giving a grand total of winning six championships in one year and being the first football club to win all six in one year.

As the 2011-2012 season is coming close to an end, I'm excited to see how FC Barcelona will fare in the Copa Del Rey and the Champions League. People may grumble and groan at how FC Barcelona is a rich team filled with overrated and overpaid players, but it doesn't matter to me. Maybe it's because I'm naive, but whenever I watch Barcelona play, I am entranced and that is one thing that's never happened when I watch another football club play. Perhaps it's because FC Barcelona is more than a club.

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