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FIFA World Cup 2010 - Cameroon V/s Japan

Updated on June 14, 2010

Cameroon V/s Japan

Asian Power over African Strength

In an Asian – African encounter the 1990 FIFA World Cup black horses Cameroon lost to Asian challengers Japan by a single first half goal. Once again the play being the encounter of two styles it was not at all a good match. Jubulani moved back and forth to both goal posts , but almost all ended in mispasses.

The match was very slow in progress. The mispasses and advancements that always ended in opposite goal area lost the colour of the game. World class striker Samuel Ettoo was with the captain’s arm band for Cameroon. But today his shadow was there in the ground. As Rojer Milla , the 1990 FIFA World Cup hero told , Etoo was not at all performing good under nations jersey. The team mate Mbia was comparatively good.

The first shot to goal by African side was at 37th minut of the match. It was by Eyong. He defeated the defense wall by Assou Ekotto and shooted. But it didn’t touch the net.

At 39th minut of the play there came the rejoicing moment for Japan.  The attack through right wing entered the area of Cemeroon. Suddenly it came in the form of a cross. The Cameroon defenders jumped for ball. But it flew over them and K.Honda was free to connect the ball. He did it very easily.(1-0)

After first half , Cameroon came with a determination at least to draw the match. So the ball possessed by them more time. Japans played with short range passes and before the body strength of Cameroon , they were nothing. No attacks that can be counted were not there from both sides. But at the end minuts Cameroon played well to return the goal. At 81st minut a bullet shot was saved by the goalkeeper. Eventhough the rebound shooted again, it hit the cross bar . When the shot by Mbia at 84th minut also returned by hitting the cross bar it was proved that the result will be against Cameroon.

When the final whistle came Cameroon players were in a stunning mood to realize the defeat.


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