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FIFA World Cup 2010 - England V/s Slovenia

Updated on June 23, 2010

England escaped from immature death.

From the brim of death well England just escaped by a solitary first half goal against Slovania in FIFA World Cup 2010. England was in full of trouble with two draws against USA and Algeria and their champion hopes were under danger. They needed victory only , no other compromise. Coach Fabio Capello again and again murmured in the ears of each and every player of England team. He was afraid of the football fans of England if it was not qualified to second round. Hence all the attention of the day was to Nelson Mandela Bay of Port Elizabeth.

When the group deciding draws were over it was thought that England will advance very easily. But ,even  a pond snake can block the dinner. USA held England and Algeria also held England creating tension to all English football fans. The second world cup playing Slovinia was leading in the group with one draw and one win. Also after 1958 England hadn’t failed to qualify the first round. Also 1990 world cup is in all football fans memory where the first two matches of England were ended in draw and in last match they defeated Egypt. In that year England advanced upto semi final of the tournament.

Just like the previous editions of England’s matches in this World Cup W.Rooni was the spear head of England’s attack. Also England lost the service of believable defender Carraugher due to two yellow cards. Instead of him Mathew Upsen came in. In forward line up Defoe also was there with Rooni. Since both the teams were not ready to compromise the match was a tight one. But England possessed the ball for more time. At 23rd minute of the play there came the rejoicing moment of England. Milner who advanced through right wing crossed the ball into the penalty box of Slovenia to which Slovenian defender came in. But before his leg reach, English man Defoe stretched his legs and the goalkeeper couldn’t do anything.(1-0).

After the scoring of goal there was enough time to return the goal. Slovenia  tried their best. But all their efforts ended in English defense wall leaded by captain Gerrard , Terry etc. England also played attacking game and to sharpen it in 72nd minute of match, Rooni went out and Joe Cole came in. Also in 85th minute the goal scorer Defoe was called back and Heskey came in. But there was no further result.


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