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FIFA World Cup 2010 - England V/s USA

Updated on July 8, 2010

Unfortunate Green

England Army tied by USA marines.

The most beautiful and fastest play without a single second time waste, I wish to say this match so. Yes , the match between former FIFA World Cup champions England and the comparatively the infants in soccer USA was really enjoyed with blink less eye.

The England team was one of the most favoured team of FIFA World Cup2010. It has a number of fans all over the world. Like the first eleven team a second eleven is ready at side lines. Actually the coach is in dilemma whom to play in first eleven. Football magicians like Rooney , Lennon , Gerrard , Terry , Carragher , Huskey , Cole , Lampard …(the list is going on) were there in England’s line up. So a coach like Fabio Kapello has no need to worry about a first round win.

As expected England scored the first goal before  USA taking the position and joining with crowd and ground. It was the captain of England Steven Gerrard , the scorer who lead his team from front. The goal in 4th minut came from a best pass by Huskey.  The movements to the goal was really very very attractive. This was the fastest goal in the FIFA World Cup 2010.

The early minuts goal didn’t made England to hang on it. They continued to attack in the leadership of Lennon and Rooney. Through wings Johnson made quick advances which always threatened the US gal post. But the goalkeeper of USA Howard who is the keeper of English Premier League team Everton also was there like an iron wall. At the 28th minut of game the cross saved by Howard was really amazing. Just a minut before it James Milner got yellow card and hence Kapello called him back in 30th minut of the play itself. The substitute was Philips.

The continuous attack in group by England really trembled the USA post. But the defence in leadership of Onyewu prevented them. The frequent attack made USA to   take some more arrows. As a result Cherundolo of USA got an yellow card.

Both the team attacked each others post frequently. It seemed the goal will be returned is any second. At the same time it also felt England will rise the score at any time. But it was the time of USA. At 40th minut a hard shot by USA striker Dempsy was  handled by England goalkeeper Green. But the new technology ball ‘Jabulani’ didn’t rest in his hands. It slipped from his hand and his crawling effort to catch the ball again was a sorrowful scene to witness. Thus score became 1-1.

The equalizer goal really hurted the lion in the den. All the ten players of England jointly attacked the US area. USA defenders blunted all the attacks. At 48th minut was not able to connect the cross from Lennon. In the next minut itself Rooney got a golden chance , but referee flagged it as offside. The attack through right wing continued by Lennon and at 51st minut of game it seemed fruited. But the direct hard hit from a short range by Huskey caught like a flower by Howard!! At 62nd minut Lampard also tested Howard.

In a counter attack to all these USA reached very near to a goal. Altidore advanced through the left wing and reached at zero angle to the second post of England. The shot hit goalkeeper Green’s hand and rolled to post. But it hit the post and went out to England’s relief.

At 74th minut again an attack came in Rooney’s leadership. It went out by inches. The roaring galleries couldn’t believe  the direction of the ball. Following this another sudden attack came in from captain Gerrard itself. But the connecting header by Huskey went out . When all the attacks came to be waste Fabio Kapello called back Huskey and put Peter Crouch in. It also didn’t fruit. At last when the last whistle came the score board showed 1-1.

Really the ninety minuts of play was attack and counter attack. It is a warning to all teams by USA that they are not infants , but have some thing to exhibit. The goal shot analysis itself is a very good indication of the play. England made 18 shots while USA fired 12 shots to goal.


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    • BJBenson profile image

      BJBenson 7 years ago from USA

      I think they really surprised everyone yesterday.

    • Brainy Maji profile image

      Brainy Maji 7 years ago from India

      USA is going to be the dark horse in this fifa edition

    • BJBenson profile image

      BJBenson 7 years ago from USA

      GO USA!