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FIFA World Cup 2010 - Italy V/s Paraguay

Updated on June 14, 2010

Attack and counter attack

World Champions held by Paraguay

Four time FIFA world cup champions and defending champion Italy was the prediction of today’s match winner. Eventhough Paraguay made history in Latin American qualifying round matches , before the European style of Italy most of the football fans favoured Italy over Paraguay. Before the rain drowned match at Green point stadium in Capetown Italy team and the coach Marcello Lippi was in full confidence of getting through the prime match. But the champions of previous FIFA World Cup Edition was held by the boys of Paraguay in 1-1.

So far in almost all world cups I seen, Italy played a defensive game. They will score a goal in first half or second half. Then they will draw back to the totally boring defensive game. So the play to become a feast Italy has to be in lost position. What happened yesterday is the same. Paraguay scored the first goal in 39th minute of the match through A.Alcaraz and Italy had to struggle for equalizing. But before the goal itself Italy was in attacking mood indifferent from their usual style. Hence the game was very fast and very much interesting.

The forward line up with leadership of Gilardinho , midfield line up with Pepe in left wing and Zambrotta in right wing , the defenders with leadership of captain Cannavaro and the keeper under goalpost Bufon was a dream team of every country. So Paraguay was estimated to have very hard to play this match to win. But their strikers Lucas and Valdez occationally broke the famous defense of Italy to fire shots to Italian goalpost. At 19th and 20th minute of the match Italy allowed corner kicks. But the counter attack from this corner really tested the Paraguay goalkeeper. In next minut the ‘Jabulani’ rolled to Italy’s area with same pace. But the shot by Torres went out.

At 34th minut of the play Zambrotta advanced from their half and entered the Paraguay area . From yards away he made a shot to goalpost. But due to the less experience with ‘Jabulani’ the kick went over the crossbar. A few minuts after there came the delightful moment of Paraguay and their supporters. They got a free kick   at a distance of about 40 yards from Italian goalpost. Valez took the kick. In front of the goalpost Italian defenders and Paragian players jumped for ball. Among them Antolio Alcaraz’s head was sharp to divert the ball to left corner of the net. Bufon and all Italians stunned to see the shaking net.(1-0)


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