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FIFA World Cup 2010 : Nigeria V/S Argentina - A detailed analysis

Updated on June 15, 2010

FIFA World Cup 2010 : Nigeria V/S Argentina - A detailed analysis

Even though Nigeria lost the match against former FIFA World Cup champions Argentina , it was a brave surrender. After the 7th minute beautiful diving header goal by Heinze the counter attack by Nigeria was a proof for their fighting spirit. Kaita , Obasi and Taiwo were in constant pace of attack.

On 24th minute of the play Kaita fired the first shot to goal for Nigeria. Following this in 28th minute a group attack from Nigerian side finally reached the legs of Obasi. But the golden chance to score the goal unbelievably missed.

The attacks by Argentina were mainly through Lional Messi and Angel D Maria. Through wings Carlos Teves brought ball to Nigerian area and supplied to Messi. At 37th minute Messi escaped from the defense net created by the Nigerians , but the goalkeeper remained unbeaten. At 40th minute of the play Argentinean defender Gutierrez got the first yellow card for tackling Obasi.

After the first half both the teams seemed to be with new strategy. Sudden attacks and counter attacks continued. Messi’s movement in 48th minute went out. To sharpen the attacks Nigeria made a substitution at 51st minute drawing Obinha out and putting Martins in. At 59th minute Obasi also called out and Odemwingie put in.

At 64th minute of the play all the spectators stood on their seat when Messi fired to post. But the shot lost aim by inches. At the very next minute Higuine fired another shot which the goalkeeper saved.

When the game was 70minutes Argentina defense shook in Nigerian attack. But the final shot went out for a hair difference. At 73rd minute Argentina strengthened both their defense and attack by substituting veteran Veron by Rodriguez. At the same time Taiwo also was substituted by Uche in Nigerian line up.

When the match entered the last 15 minutes Argentina tried to rise the lead while Nigeria to draw the match. At 76th minute Nigerian defender L.Haroona got yellow card for tackling Lional Messi. At 77th minute the Argentinean goalkeeper somehow saved a bullet shot from Martin. The facial expression of the goalkeeper revealed the weight of the shot.

At 78th minute Argentina made one more substitution. Higuin who wasted many opportunities was replaced by Milito. The substitution felt good as Messi shoot to post in next minute itself. But the goalkeeper again remained like a wall. The counter attack from this was very anxious. Yakubu advanced through wings and passed the ball to Uche. But Uche couldn’t manage the ball properly. At 83rd minute Milito made a single man movement , but was not fruitful. At 86th minute Yakubu again fired a shot to Argentinean post from yards away. It was a dangerous shot as the goalkeeper was in advance position. But the shot flew over the post.

In last but one minute Messi made a good movement and Nigerian defense defeated it by allowing corner kick. At last when the final whistle sounded Argentinean coach Diego Maradona put a sigh of gaining valuable three points.

It is observed that the Argentinean line up is too much fascinating. But all their finishing touch is focused on Lional Messi. If he was defended well there is no Argentinean team. Nigeria also lighted the demerits of Argentinean defense. The goalkeeper is found to be in advanced condition at most of the match time. It is not at all in a level of world champions. Really Nigeria left the ground with their heads up.


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