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FIFA World Cup 2010 - Portugal V/s Ivory Cost

Updated on June 23, 2010

Portugal held goalless by Ivory cost.

The group G of FIFA World Cup 2010 is termed as the death group. It consists of five time winners Brazil, last FIFA World Cup  edition semifinalists Portugal , the African Lions Ivory cost and Asian Tigers North Korea. The  matches of this group started today. The first match was between Ivory cost and Portugal which ended in a goal less draw.

Chrystiano Ronaldo was the key attention in Portugal side while in Ivory cost side it was Didier Drogba who was in side benches due to injury. Hence before starting the match all the eyes were focused on these two present football legends’ encounter.

The match started with Ivory cost line up with Drogba on reserve bench. So the play was watched for Ronaldo’s performance. But contrary to expectation the Portugal team was like a local team. On the otherhand Ivory cost proved their class by effectively defending the Europeans.

Both the teams depended only on short range passes. At 10th minute of the play there came the first shot to goal and it was none other than Chrystiano Ronaldo. Unfortunately it hit the post and went . But after that it was the hour of Ivory cost. At 14th minute the free kick taken by Teine was downing to first post. But finally it went out. After two minuts again Ivory cost entered the goal area of Portugal. This time Tiote’s  kick went over the crossbar.

Portugal were not able to escape from the defense of Ivory cost. Ronaldo was tightly marked and hence he was not able to make movements. At 20th minute of the match Chrystiano was checked by the defender Demel. Chrystiano got irritated and he pushed the man nearby. Seeing this, referee came and showed both Chrystiano and Demel yellow cards. It again irritated the Europeans. They severely attacked the African dens. Ivory cost replied in the same coin.

At 32nd minut Dany ran with ball from their half and passed to Deco. But the shot was saved by goalkeeper. But goal didn’t come. When it whistled for interval the score was 0-0.

At 65th minute Ivory cost made the first substitution. Sulaiman Kalu was replaced by Drogba. But Drogba was only the shadow of Drogba in Chelsea. He was not able to overcome the defense of Portugal. At 79th minute Portugal got a free kick for tackling Chrystiano Ronaldo. Ronaldo himself took the kick and it went over the crossbar.

Slowly Ivory cost took the game in hand. In last moment of the match Ivory cost tried to score a goal.At 90th minute Drogba got a golden chance. The recently  substituted Kader Keita passed the ball to Drogba in penalty box. But in hurry bury he lost his direction and it went out . In next minute itself Keita made another  attack which also didn’t find aim. Portugal continuously surrendered before these attacks by allowing corner kicks. But the match result remained unchanged at final whistle.


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    • Donnacha C profile image

      Donnacha C 7 years ago from Ennis, Co Clare, Republic of Ireland

      Group G is branded as the Group of death as opposed to the death group....just sounds a lot more better....