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FIFA World Cup 2010 - Portugal V/s North Korea

Updated on June 22, 2010

Portugal butchers North Korea.

When the FIFA World Cup 2010 started , the main threat to the matches were the rain in South Africa. Fortunately none of the matches were interrupted due to rain. The match between Italy and Paraguay which ended in a draw was the only match that affected slightly by rain. But today there was the heaviest rain of the world cup 2010.It was not water shower , but shower of goals. The unfortunate team was North Korea and the team that massacred was Portugal.

The match in death group really slaughtered North Korea. Christiano Ronaldo and others posted seven goals in Korean net while none was able to return. The victory is the best victory of Portugal in world cup history. Also Koreas defeat was their saddest in world cup history. The team that troubled Brazil , North Korea was expected to create history. Eventhough history created it was reverse order.

When the first half of the match was over Portugal were leading by 1-0. That goal was scored by Roul Mayreless at 29th minute of the match. It was expected that Portugal will win the match. But none dreamt such a nightmare. Korea played defensive game against Brazil in first match while today both Korea and Portugal were in full mood of attack.

After the interval, the second half began with Portugal’s goal rain. At 53rd minute there started the goal rain. The seven goals were posted by different players. Actually , Korea failed to plan the game and hence the result came like this. They performed well against Brazil. Also today’s rivals Portugal had poor performance against Ivory Coast , the fourth team in the group. Hence the coach thought that , the group attack is the best one. So all the nine players of Korea camped in penalty area of Portugal. But Portugal utilized the moment and Ronaldo was free to supply ball to his fellows very easily. The defense of the Korean line up failed to prevent Christiano and his fellows and at most time there was goal keeper only. It will take time to North Korea to forget this butchery.


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