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FIFA World Cup 2010 inaugural match (South Africa V/s Mexico)

Updated on September 14, 2014

Vuvuzela Waves against Mexican Waves.

Will the Mexican waves will be stopped by the Vuvuzela sound waves ? That was the question till the start of FIFA world Cup 2010 at Soccer city Johannesburg. The question raised right from the date which the fixture of FIFA world cup soccer championship 2010 was officially announced. Mexican waves are the waves created by the spectators in stadium which advance from one side to another in a rhythmic way. Vuvuzela is a 2 ft long plastic horn producing a loud sound. It is commonly used the spectators in football matches taking place in South Africa.

As host South Africa has to prove that they can advance in great championships like world cup and to keep their vuvuzela always in horn. Mexicans have good history in world cup and they have to keep their waves in stadium by winning the inaugural match.

The firy hosts

South African defenders were really sweat in the match
South African defenders were really sweat in the match

As Hosts South Africa has to be gentle. ? Do you agree

See results

First Half

Whatever be the expectation of Mexican football fans , the history of the world cup matches is in favour of South Africa. In any of the recent world cup matches the host had not lost the inaugural match. Also being the host South Africa have enough ground support . So South Africa was in full confidence of winning the game even before start of the championship.

But contrary to expectation when the match started Mexico raided the goal post of South Africa continuously. The defence of South Africa have to tackle the Mexican forwards to prevent the attacks. The wild play of Africans began to see. To check the fouls referee has to take cards. Thus the first yellow card of this years World Cup was awarded to Kagiso of South Africa.

The ball possession statics was in favour of Mexico. They even scored a goal at 37th minute of the game. But the Assistant referee quickly raised his flag to show that the scorer was in offside position. So the referee did not allow the goal. All the supporters of Mexico got disappointed on this decision as there was a South African man in the goal post after the scorer. He was not the goal keeper. But Mexicans kept patience and hence the match continued. Without any further scoring the first half came to an end.

South African Players celebrate their goal against Mexico at Soccer City in inaugural match of world cup 2010
South African Players celebrate their goal against Mexico at Soccer City in inaugural match of world cup 2010

Tail End

Eventhough the match was rough for a while, the fighting spirit of both teams gave a feast to the eyes of the soccer fans. The beginning of the championship got a good start.The African strength did not bowed before the experienced Mexicans. Now South Africa can face any country boldly as the nervous inaugural match had over. The coming matches in the championship will also expected to be good.

The Second Half

In the second half of the game there saw a different South Africa. The defending South Africa in the first half suddenly transformed in to attacking South Africa in the second half. The result was also found immediately. The young striker of South Africa Tshebalala scored the first goal in FIFA world cup soccer championship 2010 for his country , a few minutes after starting the second half of the play. The vuvuzela sounds horned all over the galleries and South African people were in full of joy.

The trembled net made the Mexicans to get up from sleep. Smelling the defeat they again began to raid the South African posts with continuous attacks. It seemed the goal will be returned at any moment. The Mexican coach made two substitutions to strengthen the attacks . The veteran player Blanco was the first substitute to the ground to rise the confidence level of players. The change clicked and in the 78th minute of the game Raphael Marques fired sharply to the nets of South Africa. The South African goal keeper was helpless in front of the close range bullet shoot of Raphael Marques. The joyful Mexican fans began to rise from their seats. A Mexican wave went through the crowds in the gallery.

The equalizer made both the teams to fight for a win. The ball raided both the goal post faces many time. It seemed any team may score at any time. The South African supporters roared for their team and Vuvuzela sounds polluted the atmosphere badly. The header by Blanco at 87th minute stunned South African fans but cleared safely. Again the shoot of M.Pehela at 89th minute of the game went out narrowly giving a long breath to South Africa. When the referees last whistle to stop the game came in the score board showed 1-1. History in recent world cups , no loss for hosts repeated.


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    • DynamicS profile image

      Sandria Green-Stewart 7 years ago from Toronto, Canada

      A great way to start the games. I assumed that Mexico wpuld dominate SA, but found that the Sa team had quite the game. They proved to be a worthy competitor! GO SA go!

    • Brainy Maji profile image

      Brainy Maji 7 years ago from India

      good analysis of the match.