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FIFA World Cup 2010 - Spain V/s Switzerland

Updated on June 16, 2010

Swiss Upsets Spaniards

The meadow of Moses Maheeba witnessed the first upset of FIFA World Cup 2010. The most favoured team of this world cup edition after Brazil and Argentina, the Spain tested the bitterness of failure in a group H match. The Euro champions bowed their head before Switzerland for a margin 1-0. The 52nd minute goal by J.Fernandez decided the fate of world number 2 ranked Spain.

Before starting the World Cup 2010 , Spain was the team at the anchor position of future champions. From there yesterday they fell down to the fathoms. Spain was famous in World Cup 2010 for its balanced and united lineup as 75% of their players were from the same club , FC Barcelona. But all the fame became shame when Swiss sounded their victory whistle over the bull fighter’s country. Further this was the maiden victory of Switzerland over Spain.

The faults in finishing was the cause of Spain’s defeat. They were the kings in Moses Maheeba, but failed to convert the chances into goal. All their efforts ended in Swiss defense wall. On the otherhand  Swiss made occational counter attacks and one such ended in the goal. Another one just hit the post. Spain put 22 shots to goal in which ten was towards net. Swiss made only 3 shots and one of them converted to goal!. Also the none of the 12  corners that Spain got couldn’t convert into goal.


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