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FIFA World Cup Football 2010 - Argentina V/s Germany.

Updated on July 3, 2010

Argentina also out !!!!

The Berlin wall again stood on the way of Argentina and this time it was too strong like a steel. Germany fooled Argentina and taught the second most favoured team of the World Cup Football 2010 by 4-0. It was too big fall from which it will take time to wake up for Argentina. Yesterday Canaries tears fell down in the ground while today the Argentineans.

The show by Germans were extremely sensational. They took lead in third minute of the match itself through Thomas Meuller. The frekick by Lucas Podolski was correctly headed by Meuller which entered the net by hitting the goal keeper. After that it was the Argentinean attack for s goal. But the German defense was exactly like the old Berlin Wall. It was Germany which fired a number of shots to goal while Argentinean shots were very feeble one. The  shots of Podolski always were too dangerous . The first half ended with the score 1-0.

But the boots of Germans were filled with goals in second half. Argentina and their coach Maradona didn’t recognized it. At 68th minute of the match there came the easiest goal of this world cup. Podolski came through the left wing and dribbling many passed the ball to Miroslov Klose. Eventhough the only remaining defender and goal keeper stretched their leg the ball passed them and Klose was to complete the last action. He just put the ball into net (2-0).

At 74th minute there came the third goal. This time it was proved that the Argentina defense is nothing. Through the left wing again Podolski came to penalty area of Argentina and after dribbling almost all the players of Argentina he passed the ball to Friedrich. There was no reply to the Argentinean goalkeeper (3-0)

Then Argentina roused and tried hard to return even one goal. But all their attacks came to an end in Geraman penalty box. But Germany didn’t stop their reign. One more goal was written to be entered in the Argentina net. As expected Klose once again did it in 89th minute of the match. The cross from Podolski reached the lonely waiting Klose who without any delay fired to net. The ball trembled the Argentina nets (4-0).This was Klose’s 14th goal in World Cup football and he is now only one goal behind Brazil’s Ronaldo’s record of 15 world cup football goals.


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