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FIFA World Cup Football 2010 Brazil V/s Chili

Updated on June 30, 2010

Fabiano Scoring for Brazil

Brazil also in last eight of World Cup football 2010.

Brazil entered the quarter finals of FIFA World Cup football 2010. In a thrilling match they defeated their neighbours Chili by a margin of 3-0. Contrary to the score indication , the match was an exciting one. Brazil came to their traditional style when they got an opponent of their own style , Chili. Yuan , Liu Fabiano and Robinho were the scorers of Brazil. In quarter final Brazil will meet Holland.

Unlike from first round matches Brazil performed well today. Star playmaker Kaka came back in Brazil line up after one match’s suspension due to the red card in the match against Ivory Cost. Also Robinho who was given rest by Dunga in last match against Portugal came in. The return of both in forward line up enhanced the strength of attack.

The match started with Chili’s movement which ended in a corner kick in first minute itself. But it didn’t make any problem to Brazilian defense. At eighth minute of the match there came the first shot to Chili post. The shot by Gilbarto Silva from 30 yards away was powerful enough. The Chili captain cum goalkeeper Bravo by an acrobatic style saving pushed the ball to out leading to a corner kick. In very next minute Kaka fired a shot which also went out.

At 34th minut of the match there came the happy moments of Brazil. The corner kick taken by Micon from right wing was clearly to the heads of many Brazilian players. Yuan who was lucky to get it diverted the ball to net by his head. The ball touched the net passing just over the hands of goalkeeper Bravo(1-0). Hardly after four minuts there came the second goal also. It was the result of joint effort of Robinho – Kaka – Fabiano trio. Kaka received the ball from left wing advanced Robinho who just pushed it to Fabiano. Chili defenders raised their hands appealing for offside. But referee didn’t whistle. Fabiano dribbled the advanced goalkeeper also and placed the ball into the net (2-0). This was Fabiano’s third goal in this world cup. The first half ended without any further goals.

In second half also Brazil was the king. Their pace with control on ball was not at all reachable by Chilians. In such a movement from centre the midfielder Ramirez advanced to the Chili area and passed the ball Robinho which he easily put into Chilian net (3-0). Immediately following this goal there came another bullet shot by Dani Alvez of Brazil which just went out of post.

Eventhough Chili made a number of movements all ended in Brazil penalty area. There the defenders blunted the sharpness of all attacks. But at 66th minut Valdevia fired a shot for Chili which went over the crossbar for inches. The three goals didn’t made Chili to rest. They continued attack and in 74th minut Suazo’s shot also pushed by the goalkeeper. At 77th minut Suazo again connected a corner kick. When it also went over the cross bar it is proved that the day is not good for Chili.

At injury time also Chili tried to return a goal. The bullet shot from Valdivio again went out. Thus Chili had to return consecutively third time by falling before Brazil in quarter finals of world cup.


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