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FIFA World Cup Football 2010 - Brazil V/s Holland

Updated on July 11, 2010

Zamba Dance no more in World Cup 2010 !!!!

The unexpected at last happened in quarter finals of FIFA World Cup football 2010. The worlds most favoured champion team and five time world cup winners Brazil ousted in quarter finals of the South Africa World Cup. Holland is the team that showed Brazil the way to out. The last score was 2-1. Last year also Brazil ousted in quarter finals by France.

It was Brazil which took lead in the 10th minute of the match itself. The offside smelt goal was by Robinho. But it was a stone thrown to the bee’s gangue. The dutch striker Aryan Roben was the star of the match today. Through wings he supplied ball to his fellows and most of them were wasted by the other strikers. Still in second half of the match there came a new Holland. In a group attack the equalizing goal came as a self goal by Brazilian defender Philip Melo. Melo got red card also making the man the tragic hero of this match.

The second goal of Holland came from a corner kick. The kick was first headed by a Holland man which correctly came to the head of Snedder. He diverted it very quickly to the net where there was no one to oppose (2-1). The goal awakened Brazil , but it was too late. When Philip Melo went out Brazil became 10 persons which also made problem to Brazil. But the day was not Brazil’s.


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