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FIFA World Cup Football 2010 - Germany V/s Uruguay (Looser's Final)

Updated on July 11, 2010

Germany finishes third in world cup football 2010

Germany retained their third position in World Cup football. In a sensational match they overcame the challenge of Uruguay by 3-2. The match was so dense with attacks and counterattacks. In 19th minute of the match Mueller scored the first goal for Germany. But Uruguay took lead through Cawani and  Forlan. But Janson and Khedira put the Germans in drivers seat in second half. The free kick  of Forlan at the last minute of the match kissed the crossbar through which Uruguay lost the chance to extend the match to extra time and Forlan to become the top scorer of the tournament. Now Mueller, Forlan, Viyya and Snider are on top with 5 goals in each account.

The star striker of Germany  Close  was on bench due to fever. Close lost the chance to break the record of Brazil’s Ronaldo’s record of 15 world cup goals. So far close has 14 world cup goals. In German line up captain Lam , Podolski and goalkeeper Newar were also in bench.  On the otherhand for Uruguay injured Forlan came in first eleven. Also Suarez came back after one match’s suspension.

Uruguay was in lightning form during the first half of the match. Germany replied through quick counter attacks. Germany reached near to a goal in 10th minute itself. Ozeile’s corner kick was directed to net by Freidreich. But it hit the cross bar and rebounded. The second attempt by Mueller was saved by Godwin near goal line. But the attacks Germany found goal in 19th minute. German defender Janson advanced through left wing and gave a back pass to Shweinstiger. He fired the ball from 35 yards away. The bullet like shot prevented by Uruguay goalkeeper Muslera. But the rebounded ball easily placed to net by Mueller (1-0).

The goal raised the fighting spirit of Uruguay. In 25th minute Forlan’s header was saved by Matesaker by allowing corner. But the German lead didn’t prolong. From the centre circle Godwin got the ball from the legs of German captain Shweinstiger. He passed it to Suarez. Suarez pushed the ball to Cawani who through a grounder conquered the German goal keeper Butt (1-1). At 42nd minute Suarez’s shot with goalkeeper only in front went out.

The second half started again with Uruguay’s control over match. In a counter attack Arevalo crossed the ball to German box.  The ball correctly came to Forlan who through a fantastic volley placed the ball into net without allowing the ball to touch ground (2-1). Keeper Butt was nothing to do but just to look. It was one of the beautiful goals of this world cup.

But Germany was not tired. The reply came soon. Boeteng advanced through right wing and crossed the ball to Uruguay box. Keeper Muslera jumped to catch the ball. But it was so calculated that passing over his hands it came to the head of Janson who converted it into goal (2-2).

Both the teams tried their best for taking the lead again. At 82nd minute Germany took the lead again. This time Oezil’s corner kick was correctly to the head of Khedira (3-2). Uruguay smelt the threat and sharpened their attack. At last minute of the match Uruguay got a free kick. Forlan came to take the kick and all expected the equalizer. The kicked ball passed over the German defense and also the goalkeeper. But there was crossbar as the last barricade. Thus Germany retained their last world cups third position.


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