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FIFA World Cup Football 2010- Germany butchered England

Updated on June 27, 2010

England also Out of World Cup Soccer 2010.

In the royal battle between England and Germany in FIFA World Cup 2010 at Bloyem Fountain Germany conquered England by 4-1. Unlike the score indicates the match was a tight one and fight between two equal opponents. But Germany effectively utilized the faults of England’s famous backline. All the goals are from the failure of backline. The last two goal was just like a local tournament goal.

Germany marched to World Cup quarter finals while England got return ticket to London. Germany’s goals were scored by Miroslov Klose, Podolski and Thomas Mueller (2).The return goal was from the header of Upson who was responsible for the first goal of Germany. The much expected striker of England Rooney thus returned from South Africa without scoring a single goal. England and Germany met each other 32 times. England won 13 while through this match Germany won 12 of them.


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