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FIFA World Cup Football 2010 - Ghana V/s Uruguay

Updated on July 4, 2010

Ghana cheated by Sorez.

The soccer city stadium observed pin drop silence when the extra time’s last second penalty kick taken by Azamoe Gyan hit the crossbar and went out. It extended the life of Uruguay and in penalty shoot out as expected Ghana wasted kicks while Uruguay utilized all kicks.

It was Ghana who played well in this match. The strikers in absence of the star player Michael Essiyan were performing very well. Azamoe Gyan was the emerging player of Ghana teamThe  Ghana team had won the Junior World Cup earlier. Most of that team’s members were in present team. Hence there was a chance for Ghana.

The first goal came from Zule Munthari’s boot for Ghana at last moment of the first half of the match. The shot that took from a long distance trembled the nets. Being like a bullet , goalkeeper Muslaera was not able to do anything. But Uruguay returned this goal through a free kick by their hero Deego Forlan. This lead into the extra time play. There also there was attacks and counter attacks. At last in the 30th minute of the extra time Ghana fired the last shot. It conquered the goalkeeper but at goal line there was the leg of a player which prevented the ball. But the ball again got to Dominic Adiyya who fired to net. This time both the players standing on the goal line raised their hands and Sorez got the opportunity to prevent.

The Sorez action made the referee to show the red card and he pointed to penalty spot. The shot taken by the man who singly lead Ghana upto quarter finals of world cup Asamoe Gyan, hit the cross bar and went out. This led to the  tie breaker or penalty shoot out.

 In Penalty shoot out Gyan took the first kick for Ghana  and he easily put it in net. But the team captain Mensa’s and Adiyya’s kicks were caught by the Uruguay goalkeeper .  The first two shots of Uruguay became goal and their third shot also went over cross bar. But the fourth kick of Sebastian Abru touched the net and Uruguay entered the semifinals of World Cup Football 2010 after 40 years gap. Ghana who were about to become the first team to enter the world cup football semifinals returned home with tears.


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