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FIFA World Cup Football 2010 - Holland V/s Uruguay (Semi Final)

Updated on July 8, 2010

Nederland in Final of FIFA World Cup Football 2010.

It is Nederland , the first team to enter the finals of FIFA World Cup Football 2010. In a tight match the defeated Uruguay by a margin of 3-2. Two of the five goals scored were in first half while the match turned to both sides in second half.

It was Bronchrost who fired the first goal for Holland (Nederland) in the 18th minute of the match. The goal from the Holland captain was a spectacular one. But in 41st minute it was returned by the star striker and captain of Uruguay  Deigo Forlan. The shot that he fired during a quick movement was a very good example for his accurate calculation to goal.

The goals shared made the match a real tug of war. Both the teams tried their best for getting the lead and to put pressure on other. Holland was little bit forward in good movements. But all their movements stopped in Uruguay penalty box by miss passes or defense.  The first half ended without any further progress.

The second half also was going as like the earlier minuts of the match. But suddenly all turned to Holland side at 70th minute. In a group attack by Holland the ball got on the legs of Sneidder. Thinking to be offside Uruguay players raised their hands. But without delay Sneidder shoot the ball into net. It hit Uruguay defenders leg and the Holland player who was on its way to net just removed his leg for an easy entry to net (2-1).

The goal made Uruguay to wake up. But Holland also was in attacking mood. They realized the loop holes in Uruguay defense. At 73rd minute Holland again trembled the nets of Uruguay. The correct cross by Quit from left wing was headed by Arjen Robben. The ball hit the left post and entered to net , while the goalkeeper looked helplessly.(3-1)

The two goal lead made Uruguay players disappointed. Their attack became sharpless. Between this their coach called back Forlan which again blunted their attack. At 86th minute a single man movement by Robben ended by a feeble shot to goalkeeper’s hand when he was only in front. But unexpectedly in 2nd minute of the injury time a goal returned by Uruguay. The freekick obtained to Uruguay was just pushed to Periera and dribbling the man near him he fired the ball. Through the gap of Holland defenders it entered the net (3-2). This goal really heated the match. But it was too late. Shortly there came the last whistle and Nederland entered the Finals of the world cup after 1978.


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