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FIFA World Cup Football 2010 Semifinal - Spain V/s Germany

Updated on September 11, 2014

Final Justice

That was the justice of the match. Germany was not at all in the semi final match today. All good movements were made and lead from Spaniards side only. The absence of Thomas Meuller in German line up made a deep gap that the one and only striker of Germany Miroslav Klose did not get ball at all. The duration of ball that Klose possessed was very very less. The European champions Spain scored the solitary goal of the match by Karlos Puyol’s bullet header to a corner kick and entered the finals of FIFA World Cup Football 2010. Spain is entering the finals of the world cup football championship for the first time. They will meet Nederland in the final match on July 11th.

The first half

The match was fully under the control of the bull fighters today. Germany totally forgot their attacking game that they played against England in quarter final and Argentina in pre quarter final matches . In the crucial match none of their movements reached the Spain area. In first half Germany had zero shots to goal. On the other hand the back line of the Spain was too much improved from the quarter final match against Paraguay. The defense in the leadership of Puyol was stern and strong against the German attackers Klose and Podolski.

In the first ten minutes of the match itself the Spaniards released their goal today. David Villa’s attack was somehow saved by the German goalkeeper Manual Neuar. Following this Iniesta crossed the ball from right wing and Puyol’s sudden stunning header went out. It was after thirty minutes of the start of match that German can organize an effective attack to Spanish post. The shot by Trochowski in this movement was saved by Spanish goalkeeper Icar Cassius by a diving save. Then in injury time of the first half Ozile’s movement ended without harm and in the counter attack Pedro’s shot was saved by German goalkeeper.

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Puyol (Red) scored for Spain in the Semifinal match against Germany
Puyol (Red) scored for Spain in the Semifinal match against Germany

The Second Half

The second half started with Spain’s thirst for goal. At 48th minute it seemed that their thirst for a goal satisfied. Pedro dribbled the German players one by one and entered the penalty box. He passed the ball to Alonso whose shot just went out. In very next minute again through the opposite wing Xavi passed the ball to Alonso and this time also Alonso’s bullet shot went out. In 54th minute again Xavi- Villa pair exchanged the ball and finally received by Villa. But it also went out.

At 58th minut there came the golden chance for Spain men to score . The grounder from left wing rolled parallel to the goal post. David Villa ran in , but couldn’t touch the ball. If touched he would have the top scorer of the championship in sure. Five minuts later again Alonso gave a cross which Ramos lost catch by inches. The tiki taka game of Spain was marvelous to see in these moments.

Germany was not in the picture at this time. But Germany realized the danger and arranged a sudden attack. It was at 68th minut of the match Podolski crossed the ball to Spain area. The just substituted Tony Kroos got the ball over the heads of Spanish defenders. But his shot was directly to the hands of goal keeper Cassius. This time for a few minutes Germany was in full attacking mood.

At 72nd minute there came the goal that Spain and their fans wished for a long. The corner kick took by Xavi correctly launched into the German penalty area. Puyol who was out of the penalty box till then ran in and correctly headed the ball. Like a bullet it trembled the German net (1-0). The whole stadium stood up to congratulate Puyol.

The goal scored by Spain made Germany to sharpen their attack. But the Spain defenders didn’t allow Germans to enter their area. At 81st minute of the game, from a counter attack Pedro lonely entered the penalty box of Germany where there was only one German defender. But instead of passing the ball to Torres he himself tried to score which blunted by another German player who ran in. Soon Pedro was called back by the Spanish coach. But the loss of golden chance to score did not made problem as Germany was not able to return the Puyol goal.

When the match came to an end it became a card less match in this world cup. The tackling and fouls also were very less in number.


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