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FIFA World Cup Football 2010 Spain V/s Paraguay

Updated on July 5, 2010

Spaniards also in last four of FIFA World Cup football 2010

After sixty years long gap Euro champions Spain entered the semifinals of FIFA world cup football 2010. In a sensational match Spain defeated the Latin American power Paraguay. The solitary goal of the match was by David Viyya in second half of the match. By this goal Viyya is leading as top scorer with five goals in his account in this world cup. In a dramatic movement both Paraguay and Spain wasted penalty kicks in successive minuts. First Oscar Cardoza’s penalty was caught by Spanish goalkeeper Icar Cassius. In next minut itself Spain got Penalty kick. Alonso took the kick and Paraguay keeper Viyar saved the ball.

Actually Paraguay exhibited a tight fight against Spaniards. In the first minute of the match itself Paraguay man Santana reached the Spain penalty box. But goal keeper Cassius blunted it. In opposite area Andra Iniesta made some movements. Through right wing Sergi Ramoz continuously overlapped to Paraguay area. But to divert the ball there was none. Once Iniesta’s cross went out without giving a chance to Torez. In Spain’s post Moral’s cross was not able to head by Santana. In Spanish line up Torez was good for nothing.

In  41st  minute of the play there came one controversial goal. Valdez placed the ball into the Spain net. But referee didn’t allow the goal as Cardozo was in off side at that time. A few minuts after from Iniesta’s  miss pass Valdez got the ball. He fired it while running and the ball went out.

In second half Spaniards tried their best to score a goal and hence the form out man Fernando Torez was replaced by Fabrigas. The new man brought speed and accuracy to the attack and Paraguay goal post smelt a goal at any time. But the defense was so strong that Spanish Armada can’t enter deep into the penalty box. At the 58th minute there came the dramatic scenes. Pique caught Cardozo inside the Spanish penalty area. Referee gave a yellow card to Pique and pointed to penalty spot. The stadium came to silence for a moment. But the shot took by Cardozo was caught by Cassius like a flower. In the same minut from the counter attack Viyya entered the Paraguay box and Alkaras pushed him. Referee awarded an yellow card to Alcaras and pointed to Penalty spot. The kick took by Xavi Alonso entered the net. But since the Spanish team members moved immediately taking the kick referee didn’t allow goal , but directed to take the kick again. Alonso took the kick again and Paraguay keeper Viyar saved the ball. Eventhough the rebounded ball fired by Ramoz again it hit the post and went out.

The last ten minut became too sensational to decide the winners. At 83rd minut there came Viyya’s goal. The pass from Iniesta was fired by substitute Pedro to net but it hit the post and rebounded. Viyya caught the ball and fired again. The ball hit the right post and through the goal line hit the left post also and kissed the net ! All Paraguay players were looking helplessly at this time.

The goal made Paraguay energetic. But it was too late. All their attacks ended in Spanish penalty area. At last when final whistle came Cardozo who wasted the penalty kick lied in the ground crying. All the team mates smoothened him but he was too sad. Even the Spanish players came to give relief. Still he was weeping with sorrow. Now Spain will meet Germany in semifinals


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