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FIFA World Cup Football 2010 - Uruguay V/s South Korea

Updated on August 2, 2014

Sorez scores the goal

Sorez celebrates the goal
Sorez celebrates the goal | Source


Former world champions Uruguay enters the quarter finals of FIFA world cup 2010 and the semifinalists of FIFA world cup 2002 South Korea get ousted from the championship.


Duri in between the match
Duri in between the match | Source

Uruguay Marches to Quarter Final

The first champions of World Cup Football Uruguay entered the quarter finals of FIFA World Cup Football 2010. In a tight neck to neck match the Asian challengers and 2006 world cup semifinalists South Korea bowed in front of Uruguay (2-1). For Uruguay both the goals were scored by Lewis Sorez. The relief goal of South Korea was by Lee C Young. The former champions Uruguay is entering the quarter finals after two decades . The South Koreans had entered to pre quarter finals for first time in a foreign venue.

Both the team was with one super star each. Diego Forlan of Uruguay and Park Ji Sung of South Korea. So the media and spectators were looking to the performance of these players. In first round they had performed well for their respective teams. But today both were tightly caught by the opposite defenders.

That is football. It has always an uncertainty which is the real cause that makes it popular as well as attractive.But finally one will be selected as the winner of the match as the round after the preliminary round is always knock out matches.Here the Uruguay team was determined to win the match and they achieved their goal very simply.

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The goals

In 8th minute of the play there came the goal that struck into the heart of South Korea and its fans. The shot was saved by the Korean goalkeeper by laying on the ground. But the Uruguay striker Sorez was waiting for the cross to whose leg the pushed ball reached. Since the goalkeeper was laying on the ground far away the net before Sorez was empty. He has just to push the ball into net (1-0).

The goal hadn’t made much reaction on Korea. Their attack was not at all reached to the goal. But slowly Korea took the game in hand. At 31st minute of the match a shot by star player Park Ji Sung’s shot went out of the net. Through wings Duri continued to attack , but there was none to support. At 41st minute of the match Duri’s shot from yards away flew like a bullet to the Uruguay post. But unfortunately it went over the cross bar.

After the halftime Korea smelt the danger of getting ousted. They began to play realizing the bitter truth of going out of the World Cup football. It found result also at 68th minute. Lee got the best chance and he utilized it to make the goals equal (1-1). There after both the teams began to attack and counter attack. Hence referee has to take cards even though he controlled himself in most times.

At 80th minute of the match there came the goal that put clouds on the Korean dreams. This time also Lewis Sorez was the hero. He received the ball in penalty box and dribbled the defender and fired to net. The ball passed the goal keeper’s hands and turned to enter the second post (2-1).It was one of the beautiful goals in this World Cup football 2010.

At 80th minute in Uruguay post they just escaped from a goal. The Korean striker received the ball through the gap between the defenders and only the goal keeper was present in front of him. But the shot was week and the goal keeper tried to caught. But it escaped from the hands of the goal keeper and was rolling to net where one ran in to divert the ball. At last when the final whistle came there was no reply to second goal.

The royal return

Eventhough Korea failed to qualify they had proved their class with a good fighting spirit. The former champions Uruguay has to sweat before the short Koreans to enter the quarter final round. The Asian team which was once the semifinalists of world cup soccer championship can return from Africa with their heads up.


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