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FIFA World Cup - Ghana V/S Serbia

Updated on June 14, 2010

Who will get the ball ?

Black Stars over White Men

The match between Ghana and Serbia was the encounter of two styles. Serbia being the European style and Ghana being the African style. Even though Ghana won the match by 86th minute goal by Asamova Gyan the total play was not at all attractive.

Here there occurred a strange incident also. In most matches defenders get yellow cards for severe tackling. Strikers also get them , but mostly during the second half as they get irritated by the tight defense. In this match the Serbian striker got yellow card in 18th minute itself !! The fowl was against D.Ayew. Also Alexander Lukovic of Serbia got marching order at 74th minute of the match.

In the 20th minute of play there came the first movement to goal. Eventhough Prince put his head to the cross from left wing , Jubulani went out. At 26th minut of play Zigic tackled by Isac Vorsha and referee booked him and whistled for free kick.

Eventhough Zigic and Pantelic raided the Ghana area many times they couldn’t reach the goal. Most time Kingson , the Ghana goalkeeper was the hindrance. Vorsa and Gyan from Ghana side effectively faced the attacks from Serbia. On the other side Lukowic was the single man army to defend Ghana’s African strength.

The single goal in the match came in 86 th minut of the play. The movement of  through left wing entered the penalty box and hit on the hand of Kusmanovic. All at a sudden the Argentinean referee pointed to the penalty spot. Gyan took the kick and easily conquered goalkeeper Stoikovic. The Serbian net trembled in shot and the African spectators sounded their Vuvusela loudly. At injury time again Gyan fired a shot which rebounded after hitting the inner part of the post.

Eventhough the score is 1-0 , the match was totally a boaring one. There were a number of mispasses. Serbians short range passes were captured by Ghana players and viceversa also. Sometimes it felt that , is it a local match or an international match in FIFA World Cup. Both the team has to improve their play style to advance in the group.


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    • profile image

      Sarah 7 years ago

      Your analysis is crap. The black stars worked harder considering the fact that Michael Essien and Muntari were absent from the team.