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FIFA World Cup and FIFA ballon d’or - the incredible mismatch

Updated on August 7, 2014

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The story of stunning mismatch

Which is the trophy in soccer that every football player in the world that wish to have ? No doubt , the answer will be FIFA world Cup. Yes , every one wish to have a touch, a kiss on it or even a distant direct sight of FIFA world cup. Eventhough 84 years passed only 8 teams have got the luck to raise the prestigious FIFA world cup. That itself shows how much will be desire and wish of each player in the world to have it. Similarly there is a trophy that each football player in the world dreams. It is none other than the FIFA ballon d’or trophy for the best football player in the world. Truly the same which was in the custody of Argentina striker Lionel Messi from 2009 to 2012 , four years consecutively. I told about these two trophies in the world not for a time pass , but there is a notorious mismatch between FIFA world cup and FIFA ballon d’or.

Lionel Messi - Four time FIFA ballon d'or winner
Lionel Messi - Four time FIFA ballon d'or winner


The FIFA world cup and FIFA ballon d'or are the two prestigious trophies in soccer world. But both of them are never bagged by the same country in same year in their history .

case 1: Lionel Messi

Any one those who knows or not knows about football will answer the question who is the best footballer in the world. Others please excuse me , the answer always will be Argentina lion , Lionel Messi. It was in the golden glow of second consecutive receipt of FIFA ballon d’or that Messi and team landed in South Africa in 2010 for FIFA world Cup. The magician of football who solely lead Argentina on his shoulders to lift the 1986 Mexico edition of FIFA World cup Deigo Maradona was the coach of the team. The forward crew lead by Lionel Messi was the dreadful dream of every defence. Unfortunately at South Africa the dreams of Argentina ended in quarter finals in front of Germany. The defeat was not for one or two goals , but for non replied four goals !! Also the FIFA ballon d’or Lionel Messi couldn’t score even a single goal in that world cup. That is FIFA world cup and FIFA ballon d’or will not match.


Case 2 : Ronaldinho

In 2006 Brazil mid fielder Ronaldinho was the FIFA ballon d’or winner. He was in scintillating form with a number of goals in his club career. Football fans were eagerly waiting for Ronaldinho's free kicks which always become a feast to the eyes of spectators. The "falling leaf kick" of Ronaldinho in 2002 world cup against England was never forgettable to any soccer lover. Being the defending champions of FIFA world Cup Brazil was the favourites of most of the soccer fans. But Brazil bowed before reaching the ultimate aim.In that year Italy won the trophy by defeating France in the final match. The mismatch of FIFA world cup champions and FIFA ballon d'or established again.

Owen in Practice
Owen in Practice | Source

Case 3 : Michael Owen

When the FIFA World Cup curtain raised in 2002 at Korea and Japan , the English boy Michael Owen was wearing the cap of FIFA ballon d’or. Owen was in his best performing time for England as well as for his club Liverpool in English Premier League. In 2001 on Owen's performance Liverpool bagged UEFA Cup , FA Cup and Football League Cup to complete triple in Europian championships. Owen fans and England fans were hence eagerly waiting for the dream win of FIFA world cup championship of the next year. But The England team was stopped at quarter finals in that year. Again a story of mismatch of FIFA World Cup and FIFA ballon d’or wrote in history.

Ronaldo in Corindians
Ronaldo in Corindians | Source

Case 4 : Ronaldo

In 1998 the FIFA ballon d'Or cap was on Brazil’s Ronaldo , the evertime goal scorer in the FIFA world cup (Ronaldo's 15 goals was the top score in all the world cups). It was the time in which Brazil scores only when Ronaldo scores! The scoring ability of Ronaldo made all the soccer fans to bestow the FIFA championship if 1998 on Brazil's head. Strengthening the belief of the world soccer fans Brazil reached the final match of the championship. But in the final match Zinedine Zidane’s France butchered Brazil as the world cup 1998 theme song sang…’goal goal goal ale ale ale….’. Yes , France won by a margin of three to nil which became a monopoly win in the final match of a world cup championship. Again the mismatch of FIFA world championship and FIFA ballon d'Or continued.

Baggio in 2013
Baggio in 2013 | Source
Cristiano as Captain
Cristiano as Captain | Source

Case 5 : Roberto Baggio

In 1994 when the world soccer championship hosted by United States for first time in its history, Roberto Baggio of Italy was with the crown of FIFA ballon d'Or. The USA world cup witnessed the greatest fall of FIFA ballon d’or winner of the championship year. Till that cursed moment of the match, Italian super striker , the dream boy of every girl in the world Roberto Baggio was the hero of that world cup. His super performance lead Italy to the final match adding the glory to his FIFA ballon d’or of that year. But the penalty kick in shoot out took by FIFA ballon d’or winner Roberto Baggio rested in gallery with which the FIFA world cup also flew to Brazil. Yes, Brazil won the championship on Baggio's mistake ! Again the truth established , FIFA world cup and FIFA ballon d’or will not match !!!

Case 6 : Cristiano Ronaldo

This time in 2014 at Brazil , Portugal super striker Cristiano Ronaldo bears the FIFA ballon d’or cap. Since the portugal team at present is not at all a good team to do miracles Cristiano himself has doubt in winning the FIFA world cup at this time. The history is also against him. The first match against super Germany will decide their advance in this world cup. Cristaino is suffering from injury and a good substitute for him in the team is not seen. Still Cristiano had the confidence of keeping scoring and to lead his team from front. So I am eagerly looking whether Cristiano will change the history or FIFA ballon d’or will retain the history.


FIFA World Cup Winners
FIFA Ballon d'or Winners
Roberto Baggio
Michael Owen
Lionel Messi
Cristiano Ronaldo
FIFA World Cup and FIFA Ballon d'or winners since 1994

© 2014 abidareacode

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    • abidareacode profile image

      abidareacode 3 years ago from Areacode , Kerala, India

      Messi lead the team upto finals.But it was not enough before Germany.

    • erorantes profile image

      Ana Maria Orantes 3 years ago from Miami Florida

      You are right. After watching the game. Your story is true. My words too. They come from my hearth.

    • abidareacode profile image

      abidareacode 3 years ago from Areacode , Kerala, India

      Thanks erorantes for your opinion. At present most of the favourite teams are depending on single player. Hence this story will be always true in my opinion.

    • erorantes profile image

      Ana Maria Orantes 3 years ago from Miami Florida

      I like the trophy. Who ever wins the world cup are going to be kissing the famous trophy. It is a great feeling for the fans. I like your hub. The players are unpredictable. Some are good, and others are a little slow. Probably exhausted from previous games. I believe that God gives talent and gifts to people who deserve it. Mr. Lionel Messi has a talent to play soccer. Predicting the future of the players is not an easy task. Good luck to all.