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FIFA world cup 2010 South Korea V/s Greece

Updated on June 12, 2010

Greece V/s South Korea

After a inaugural draw day today the football fans were eagerly looking for some exciting moments from the synthetic meadows of South Africa. The first encounter of the day was between the 2004 Euro Champions Greece and 2002 FIFA World Cup semifinalists South Korea. Greece has to prove their quality as former Euro champions. Also they have to wash the black mark that not scored a single goal in World Cups yet. Greece being an European country and Korean squad  being possessing six players playing in European clubs the spectators naturally expected a competitive match between them. But the match was a single sided one in my opinion. At most time all of us felt how this Greece successfully qualified from Euro region which has enough number of best teams. So here is the report of the match.

Before start of the match the Korean man Park Ji Sung was the main attraction of this match. He was the star to be cared today , who was the main contributor when South Korea marched to the maiden semifinal of the FIFA World Cup in 2002.In Greece’s line up Gekas was the main attraction who was the successful striker for his club in this season.

In different from the inaugural match South Korea scored the first goal at 7th minut of the game through Lee Jung Soo. The play was mostly concentrated in centre line. Koreans used to practice short passes while Greeks were not at all in picture. They got very less chance to possess the ball. When the game improved Koreans made their attacks frequent and Park Ji  Sung’s attack ended in vein.

On the other side Gekas with Karagounis raided the goal post  occasionally by single efforts. One such effort at 43rd minut by Gekas seemed to result a goal. But it went out unbelievably. In 45th minut also Greeks attacked Korean post in a group. As the play indicated Greece were not at all a good opponent to Korea. When the game aged 52nd minuts the star striker Park Ji Sung  scored the second goal for Korea (2-0). It was a feast to eye.

Eventhough the play was boring , the tackling practices were severe in the match. Mexico’s Torosidis  got the first yellow card of today. As the strikers were not able to score the Greek Coach decided for first substitution. Thus in 58th minut of the game Samaras was called back and Salpidings got in.

At the 62nd minut of the play Korea missed the chance to rise the lead. The header by Choo Yong  went out of the post. It greatly disappointed not only him but all the Korean fans  also. To sharpen the attack through the wings South Korea also made a substitution. Sung Yong was replaced by Nim Il.

Eventhough the Greece coach tested all possible ways of combination , it was not enough in front of South Korea. During the last minuts of the play it seemed the Koreans will lose their lead. The Greeks suddenly changed their strategy and long range passes came in. As a result the percentage of  ball possessed by them also increased. But when the final whistle came the smile was on the lips of Koreans.


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