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Florida Salt Water Fishing

Updated on August 21, 2016

You can ask permission to go salt water Fishing off docks behind restaurants where boaters dock to come and dine or get showers.

Back of  Captain Hiram's  Watercraft Rentals Dock
Back of Captain Hiram's Watercraft Rentals Dock | Source
Fishing flats of Palm Bay Florida's Indian River shore line.
Fishing flats of Palm Bay Florida's Indian River shore line. | Source

Back of Sebastian Watercraft Rentals Dock

Where to go for the best salt water fishing on the flats.

There are many fish of course a whole ocean full and most tourist head for the day fishing trawlers to take them out for a day of fun. I find these trips expensive and queasy if the ocean is a bit rough out there. I have better luck on the shoreline of the inter-coastal brine waters of the Indian River, flowing through small eastern Florida towns like Melbourne, Palm Bay, Titusville, and anywhere in between where you can park and fish.

Bridges and Causeways Are Great for Salt Water Fishing.

There are many bridges here too. Underneath these bridges is perfect to toss a chicken back tied to the end of butchers string and scoop up some blue-crabs in your hand net for ord'oeuvres. In some cases you might need an extend a pole on your hand net to get them but it is worth it. My mouth is watering already.

Shrimp is good to catch blow-fish... yes, you need to ask an old Southern Fisherman the way to safely clean these but on the barbecue they taste just like chicken breast and your neighbors won't be able to tell the difference... I have had a lot of fun with this.

The other great fish to catch on shrimp under causeways is the flat, black and white striped Sheeps-head fish great for chowders and stews. And, do they give a good fight.

The Best bait to Use.

The bait stores along highway #1 in this area are only too please to sell you live fingerling mullet and live shrimp. This is the perfect bait for snook, red drum, trout and the best salt-water catfish, I have ever tasted. The best way to bait up, is to have a one inch diamond sinker weight tied to the bottom of your line and then one foot from that up your line, tie off a swivel with another foot of line flowing away from your line with your hook sunk into the back of the little mullets head so he can still swim. Instead of buying your bait , with a little practice you can learn to throw a cast net to catch your own bait.

The treat of the day is Salt Water Flounder Fishing.

This flat brown fish you can slice four fillets of meat from and is my favorite. It takes all my patience to catch but do I drool for this fish. To hook this little beauty... you must get rid of the sinker and tie a swivel to the end of your line. Then attach a foot of line with a hook and a live finger mullet hooked through the back. Then he will swim for an hour or so... yes this takes all day sometimes. When the mullet looks tired and worn out the lazy flounder will strike. Patience my fishing friend and you will get one. If you do not catch anything that day you fish... you can always eat your bait. I have had some mighty good fry ups of finger mullet and shrimp under bridges with my camp stove and a beer. Happy Fishing.


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