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Family Camping Tips And Information

Updated on September 9, 2013

KOA Campground Cherokee North Carolina

KOA Campground Cherokee North Carolina
KOA Campground Cherokee North Carolina
Little Cabin At KOA Campground
Little Cabin At KOA Campground | Source
Snowy Day At KOA Campground in Cherokee NC
Snowy Day At KOA Campground in Cherokee NC | Source
KOA Campground Cherokee NC
KOA Campground Cherokee NC | Source
River Valley Campground Cherokee NC
River Valley Campground Cherokee NC | Source
Trout Fishing At River Valley Campground Cherokee NC
Trout Fishing At River Valley Campground Cherokee NC | Source

Family Camping Tips

One of the funniest memories of my childhood is our family going camping and my Dad just wasn't into camping. His ideal of camping was a trip to the Holiday Inn. And while he did keep going camping with us I'm not sure he ever learned to love it though when blow up air mattresses came along he got along better than when he had to sleep on the ground.

You can run into some real calamities going camping and I would strongly suggest you first try going camping at a long established campground where you will find showers , bathrooms , electrical hook ups , running water and fire pits. Most long established large campgrounds will also come with swimming pools , mountain bike rentals , river tubing , game rooms and much more. If your planning a trip to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park consider making the KOA Campground at Cherokee NC your camping home. You will find all the luxuries of home and much more and you will be camping in one of the most beautiful places on earth.

Just outside the gates of the KOA Campground are three trout ponds that are kept stocked in the spring , summer and fall with delicious trout that you can pay a small $7 fee and catch , cook , and enjoy. And all throughout the Great Smoky Mountains you will find some really Great Campgrounds that your family are sure to enjoy.

You may want to consider getting the children a tent of their own and with blow up air mattresses everyone can now be comfortable when going camping. Be sure that you take blankets or sleeping bags , matches , flashlights with extra batteries , cookware , forks and spoons , food and think about what will be easier to cook on an open fire , fishing gear if your going to be going fishing , trash bags , wipes , paper towels and always take along a first aid kit stocked well with first aid supplies. Always be sure to take mosquito repellent with you as it can be expensive at remote camp grounds.

Always take things like soft drinks , and plenty of snack foods for you and your family. If your staying in a area where bears could be around be sure to store your foods in tightly closed containers. Some places theft by raccoons of food can be a real problem and you will want to store your food in your vehicle if this is the case.

Lists are always really important. Be sure to make lists of everything you are taking and be sure to check your lists before leaving home. And remember that when packing your ice chests that the last thing that goes in your ice chest is the first thing out. So pack your ice chest with that in mind. If room allows I strongly suggest that you take along two ice chests. One for your food and one for your soft drinks and other beverages.

Do you know that the three favorite foods to serve when camping are tin foil dinners, smores and hotdogs.

Some of the most important things to consider when choosing a campground are.

1. How near is it to water where your family can go swimming, fishing, or just play in the water.

2. Is the campground dog friendly? Can you bring your dog camping with you.

3. Is the campground in a area where you can see nice views and are there things for your family to do in the area?

4. Does the campground have clean showers and bathrooms? Are they kept clean especially on weekends?

5. Is the campground family friendly? Do they have a quite time like from 10 P.M. to 8 A.M. Some do not so be sure you ask. You won't have much fun if you can't sleep at night.

6. Does the campground have a store where you can buy things like lighter fluid, charcoal, fish bait and etc. You should take things like canned foods and soft drinks with you. They are likely to be much higher at a campground store.

7. If the campground has a swimming pool is there a lifeguard on duty. Many campground pools are swim at your own risk. So be sure that you do ask.

8. Is the campground wildlife free or will you need to keep food put away in a safe location to prevent raccoons or bears from coming into your camp space looking for food. Never feed anything to wildlife.

9. Always ask where the nearest large grocery store is located. Especially if your going to be staying for a week or more. You will always find cheaper prices at a large grocery store.

Family Camping Tips - GO Outdoors

Camping Can Be A Great Family Adventure With A Little Careful Planning

Camping Can Be A Great Family Adventure With A Little Careful Planning
Camping Can Be A Great Family Adventure With A Little Careful Planning | Source

Think and Plan And Your Family Camping Trips Will Be A Success.

1. When you pack items like shampoo , mouth wash , toothpaste etc make sure that you pack these items in plastic bags so if they come open it won't get all over everything else. All to often I and others have had this happen. So always put these items inside a zip lock plastic bag that they will fit into. You won't ruin your clothes or have to wash everything in your suitcase if you do this.

2. When your packing your bags and putting your bags into your vehicle think about the order you will be needing those items. Be sure to put items you will need as soon as you arrive at your destination so you can get to them right away. Pack these particular items last so they will be there where you need them.

3. Keep maps , flashlights , and cameras in the same part of the vehicle as you where you can easily get your hands on them.Consider buying a set of walkie talkies and you can stay in touch with the kids down at the fishing pond and lay there and enjoy your book at the same time. Walkie talkies really will make your vacation a lot easier.

4. Be sure that you maintain a camping checklist and add or remove items from your list as you take various camping trips and find out exactly what you will need. If you go camping in different parts of the country you would need different items for the mountains of North Carolina than you would need for camping in the Florida Everglades.

5. Think about ways you can save space. For instance pack your socks inside the walking shoes you are taking along. And always roll your clothes instead of folding to prevent creases. If you roll your clothes you won't create wrinkles and creases that will be there if you try to fold your clothes.

6. Be a fanatic about labeling everything. Make a list on the outside of items about what the box or package contains. That way if you need the sewing kit you will know exactly where it is.

7. Always keep in mind that an organized camper is a happy camper. Purchase a supply of extra tent stakes and pack them with your spare tire. And a large roll of twine can be a real life saver at time. You can easily create emergency close lines to dry clothes where you and your family got caught in that surprise thunderstorm. Always think about things that could happen and what would you do just in case. A couple of large rolls of duct tape packed with the spare tire could come in real handy.

8. It doesn't matter if the campground owner tells you on the phone that they don't have a mosquito problem assume that there are going to be mosquitoes there when you arrive. And arrive prepared with a good supply of mosquito repellent. Don't wait to purchase it at the campground because a $6 can of mosquito repellent can be $10-$12 at that campground. Take things like mosquito spray with you. Other things to take if you have the room are soft drinks, sun tan lotion, fish hooks, fishing floats, towels, laundry detergent, dishwashing detergent and etc. The more of your items that you can take with you the less you will end up having to pay for high dollar items at a campground store.

Those are some really great tips and as you become more and more experienced at camping you can write down and come up with a lot more. Always keep in mind that you need to stay organized.

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