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Famous Boxing Nicknames-Brockton Blockbuster and Hands of Stone

Updated on June 27, 2012

Famous Boxers

Brockton Blockbuster and Hands of Stone are the nicknames of two famous boxers from different generations, One is obviously a bit before my time, but great boxers they both were and it makes fascinating reading on how they acquired their nicknames.

Brockton Blockbuster

The Brockton Blockbuster had an impeccable record of 49 fights with 49 victories of which 43 were won in knockouts. A record which will probably never be surpassed. Defending his title six times, he is the only heavyweight to retire with a perfect record.

Rocky Marciano weighed in at 12 pounds on September 1st, 1923 and was raised in Brockton,Massachusetts. Before the age of two he contracted a life threatening strain of pneumonia and it was the strength of the young Rocky that kept him alive.

His first sport was baseball and it is alleged he hit a huge home run out of the playing field,and it was eventually found 330 feet away in somebodies house. Brockton Blockbuster beganhis career as a pro boxer began at the age of 24. when he had won 37 fights by knockout, he fought for his first Heavy weight championship against Jersey Joe Walcott in 1953.

Despite being knocked out in the first round , Rocky knocked out his opponent in the eighth round with a devastating punch and many regard as one of the most lethal in boxing history.The punch became known as his Susie Q and the world was introduced to the Brockton Blockbuster

Hands of Stone

The great Panamanian will go down in boxing history as one of the greatest lightweight boxers of all time. He was only 5 feet seven inches tall but he possessed a fierce punch from an early age, and he won his first world title at the age of 21 when he defeated Ken Buchanan in New York, a fight marred by controversy in which Duran was accused of low punches.

Hands of Stone had many memorable battles with Sugar Ray Leonard and he won the world welterweight title after beating him in Montreal on June 20th 1980 after a gruelling 15 rounds.

Roberto Duran finally retired from boxing after a car crash in 2002, a career spanning five different decades ,where he was to win five world title belts,in four different divisions.

The punch that had won Roberto Duran many fights earned him the nickname;Manos de Piedra, translated as Hands of Stone.


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Boxing Nicknames

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