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Fantasy Baseball Tips

Updated on December 29, 2014

It's Time For Fantasy Baseball

If you enjoy watching baseball during the summer, you should try playing fantasy baseball. When you play the fantasy version of baseball, you'll select players and win or lose based on their statistics throughout the season. What could be more fun for a baseball fan! Now many of the games you watch will mean something since you or yor opponent will likely have players playing in them.

Winning a fantasy baseball league will take some effort. The baseball season is long, with each team playing 162 games. You have stay focused throughout the season if you want to win your league championship. Fortunately, there are some great fantasy baseball tips that can help you succeed.

This hub covers some of the best fantasy baseball tips that can lead you to victory. They include tips on joining or creating a league, drafting your team, what you should do during the season, and how to give yourself a better chance to win in the playoffs.

Tips For Creating Or Joining A Fantasy Baseball League

The first thing you must do when you decide to play fantasy baseball is to find a place to play and join or create a league. Fortunately, there many websites where you can do this that will track your statistics for you. Choose one, or multiple ones if you want to, and join or create a league. Here are some of great fantasy baseball tips to keep in mind when joining or creating a league.

1. Play on a major fantasy baseball site - When you decide to play fantasy baseball, you should stick with the most reliable sites. The best are,,, and All of these sites offer various fantasy baseball games that you can play.

2. Choose what type of league you want ot play in - There are different types of fantasy baseball leagues you can join or create. You can select a rotisserie league that will count your total stats for the year or a head to head league that pits you against a different team each week. You can also join or create a league with a snaking draft (1-10 in first round, 10-1 in second and so on in a 10 team league) or an auction draft (bid on the players you want).

3. If you haven't played fantasy baseball before, join a league with basic settings - When you're new to playing fantasy baseball, you're best off joining a league that counts just the most important stats such as hits, runs, home runs, RBIs, and stolen bases for hitters and wins, saves, strikeouts, ERA, and WHIP for pitchers. You should also join a league with a normal number of roster spots. This would be 1 of each offensive position (with 3 outfielders) and a reasonable amount of pitchers (2 or 3 starting slots, 2 relief, and 2 or 3 for any pitcher), along with 5 or 6 bench slots.

4. Check the scoring settings - Some head to head fantasy baseball leagues go by the weekly totals for each stat, while others go by a point system. Know all of the settings before you draft your team so you can pick accordingly.

Fantasy Baseball Draft Tips

When it your draft time comes, there are some great fantasy baseball tips to help you pick the best team possible. The draft is one of the most important parts of the fantasy baseball season, and you'll want to get it right if you want to win. Here are the best fantasy baseball draft tips.

1. Don't reach in the first couple of rounds - You'll want your first couple of picks to be the cornerstones of your team, so you should stick with the best of the best. You don't have to take the highest ranked available player, but you don't want to go too far down the list either. Go after players such as Albert Pujols, Hanley Ramirez, Chase Utley, A-Rod, Ryan Braun, and Miguel Cabrera if you have a top 5 pick.

2. Keep in mind that certain positions are deeper than others - First base and outfield are always deep, and if you don't get one early there will be quality players at those positions available later in your draft. Some positions, such as second base, aren't so deep. Getting a top ten player in some positions is fine, while getting a top 5 in others is a good idea. Make sure to look at who the best available players are at every position while you're drafting.

3. Don't pick a catcher too early - Catchers tend to break down quicker than players at other positions and will get more games off during the season. They also don't usually put up the big stats you'll get from other positions. Joe Mauer is the exception to this rule, and he will probably get drafted by the middle of the second round. If you don't get him, you can wait quite a while and still end up with a top 10 catcher.

4. Wait a bit before picking starting pitchers - Every year there are high ranked pitchers who don't live up to their rankings and lower ranked pitchers that end up with top 15 fantasy stats. Pitchers tend to break down and get injured much more often than hitters, so you are better off waiting for the bargains that you'll find late in the draft.

5. Wait even longer before drafting closers - You need to have some relief pitchers to fill up your lineup, but you have to realize that there's only one major stat category that they help you in - saves. They will some wins strikeouts and can help you on ERA and WHIP as well, but they don't get enough innings of work to make huge differences in those categories. Many teams will also end up switching their closers at some point during the season, so you don't want to over invest in ones that aren't among the best in the game. Even the best closers won't be picked very early in your draft, so you can wait a while before selecting them.

6. Keep an eye on players who were injured last year - You have to be careful on this one, but every year there are good players who missed a good chunk of the previous season who may come back in a big way. You could end up with a great bargain pick or a completely wasted pick.

7. Take a chance on some prospects late - There will certainly be some players who break out this season. You may not want to take a chance on one of them too early, but late in the draft is the perfect time to pick one or two of them to see if they pan out.

8. Avoid players on the downswing of their careers - There are plenty of big name players whose best years are behind them. Avoid the temptation of selecting these players who have name recognition too high if they've been much less productive over the past season or two.

9. Draft more starting pitchers than hitters for your bench - Hitters play almost every game unless they are injured, so filling your bench with them doesn't make much sense. Meanwhile, starting pitchers only play once every 5 games or so. If you have more of them on your bench you can get more games out of the starting pitcher positions, which can give you a better chance for more wins and Ks.

Fantasy Baseball Season Tips

Even if you draft a team that you feel good about, things will inevitably happen during the season that will force you to make changes. This happens to everybody unless they're really lucky. Things are constantly happening to players during the season. These include injuries, suspensions, benchings, and poor performance. You never know what's going to happen, so you should always try to find ways to improve your team - even if you're doing good. Here are the top fantasy baseball tips for season play.

1. Don't be afraid of a slow start - There will certainly be great players that have slow starts, and you may end up having one or more of them. Usually, they'll come around unless they're playing hurt.

2. Don't get overconfident if your team starts hot - If you start fast, you can't just rest on your laurels and expect to keep winning without keeping an eye on the waiver and free agency lists. Your team can fall in the standings quickly if you don't stay on top of things.

3. Look for players with a lot of potential who have good starts - If a player who has star potential looks like he may break out, take a chance on him if he fills a need on your team.

4. Look for good players that get dropped - It happens every year, impatient fantasy baseball managers drop star players who start slow. If you see this happen, put a waiver claim on that player as quickly as you can.

5. Address your teams needs as the season goes on - During the season, you'll likely find that your team has certain strengths on some stats and a weakness in others. You may also find that your team is strong at certain positions and weak in others. Look at other teams that have the opposite strength and weaknesses and consider offering them a trade. You should also keep an eye on the waiver and free agency lists.

6. Take advantage of the injured reserve slots if your league has them - Some leagues have IR slots where you can put players who are out for a while. If one of your players gets hurt, put them on the IR. You can also take advantage of this during your draft if you pick a player who will miss the first month or so of the season.

7. Keep track of any league limits - Some roto leagues have a limit on how many games you can play at each position. Some leagues have limits on how many free agency moves or trades you can make during the season. Make sure you know these.

End Of Season and Playoff Fantasy Baseball Tips

The last few weeks of the baseball regular season are extremely important since they spell the end of the season for rotosserie leagues and the playoffs for head to head leagues. This is crunch time. Here are the best fantasy baseball tips for the end of the season.

1. Drop players who won't play again - If one of your superstars gets injured late in the season and may not play again during the regular season, you are probably best off dropping them, or putting them in an injured reserve slot if they are available, and picking up somebody who's playing. At this point you need scoring from anybody you can get it from.

2. Pick up players who can help you win categories you're behind in - It's pretty much win at all costs at the end of the season or in the playoffs. If you are behind in a category and can give yourself a better chance to win by picking a player who's good at that category, then by all means do it as long as it won't cost you any other categories.

3. Drop starting pitchers who won't pitch again - If you need more wins and strikouts to give your team a better chance at victory, you should drop starting pitchers who are done for the regular season and pick up ones who have another start. These extra starts will also affect your ERA and WHIP stats, so pick pitchers that won't hurt you in these categories. Opposing teams may be doing this anyway, so it's a good idea for you to as well.

4. Be aware of playoff tiebreakers - Head to head leagues will have playoff tiebreakers. These are usually scoring higher on a certain statistic like ERA. Do all you can to win that stat if you might end in a tie.

Finishing Off

 Well, there it is. If you follow the fantasy baseball tips listed above you'll give your team a better chance at a championship. Good luck!


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    • 10aeinhorn profile image


      7 years ago from West Chester PA

      good hub, im a big fan of rotto scoring.

      vote up

    • esllr profile image


      8 years ago from Charlotte

      Nice work! I'd like to use your hub in my lastest how to hub!


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