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Fantasy Basketball: Oh, No Thank You Players

Updated on October 5, 2012

Monta Ellis

What became the foundation of Monta Ellis' fantasy appeal, his scoring could take a significant dip as a Milwaukee Buck.
What became the foundation of Monta Ellis' fantasy appeal, his scoring could take a significant dip as a Milwaukee Buck. | Source

Monta Ellis is one of the most prolific scorers in the L. The consistency and frequency in which he puts the ball in the hoop is what makes him so valuable in many fantasy leagues. Not to mention that he always plays an abundance of minutes a game. The problem I saw from him last year was not only was his scoring down, but the move to Milwaukee saw his scoring numbers take an even bigger nosedive.

As ludicrous as this may sound, there might be too many mouths to feed in Milwaukee. Just check out the link in Monta's name under his picture so you can see the entire roster. Most of those players like Drew Gooden, Brandon Jennings, Ersan Ilyasova, Samuel Dalembert, and Michael Dunleavy, Jr. need touches. The days of Monta scoring over 20 points a game are over. That's not good considering that was his strength and the reasoning for why so many fantasy owners drafted him. Unless Brandon Jennings suffers a significant injury, Monta Ellis will be just a glorified Rodney Stuckey. Oh, no thank you.

Monta Ellis' 2011-2012 Stats Comparison with Golden State and Milwaukee

Golden St. Warriors
Milwaukee Bucks

Luol Deng

Luol Deng is just awful for not having wrist surgery.
Luol Deng is just awful for not having wrist surgery. | Source

How concerned are you about Deng's wrist?

See results

There are just too many reasons to dislike Deng. Not that he can't be a valuable fantasy player especially when you consider Derrick Rose will miss a significant part of the season. The issue I have with Deng is simply the fact that he didn't have wrist surgery. I think I have mentioned this quite a few times in previous fantasy basketball hubs that Deng is just a player I do not like, and you shouldn't either.

His FG% was awful last season. His points were down. His wrist was bothering him for much of the season. He goes into the offseason and decides to completely pass up the surgery that he desperately needed and plays in the Olympics. Why in the world should you go anywhere near this guy? Oh, no thank you. I pass.

Luol Deng's last two seasons


Antawn Jamison

Last year was the last hurrah for Jamison. Now with the Los Angeles Lakers, it's hard to envision him having much fantasy relevance. He won't be shooting 16 shots a game any time soon unless Pau suffers a significant injury(crosses fingers). Sure, he might be a nice scoring option off the bench, but his mins won't be high enough. I know I felt like I've said this 100 times, but there are not enough balls to go around in LA and not enough minutes to go around. Jamison will be 36 years old entering his 15th season. Doesn't seem like Jamison has been around in the L that long has it? Well, he has. Oh, no thank you.

Paul Millsap

Millsap is one of my favorite players. He's the epitome of the low key, high-motor, high IQ basketball player that coaches love, that players respect, and that fans respect. The problem is sometimes I don't feel like Ty Corbin respects Millsap enough. Maybe it's just me, but I feel like Paulie should be registering well over 35 minutes a game, and if he were, there's no limit to his fantasy upside. But Corbin's frivolousness with his line ups is a bit annoying.

The biggest reason why I'm afraid of Paulie is the fact that Derrick Favors just might emerge into something big time. There's a a logjam at Paulie's position because of Favors. Any qualms about Millsap coming into last year were alleviated when he answered with his best fantasy season yet. But here we are again, and we are not sure what Paulie's minutes will look like. Will he eventually become expendable and get traded where he loses value? Will his minutes a game drop? So many questions and potential problems that I don't want to have. So I'll pass on Paulie.

Click link below for better view.
Click link below for better view. | Source

Lou Williams

ESPN has the audacity to have Sweet Lou projected for 20.3 ppg as you can see in the pic to your right. Look, I like Lou Williams a lot. But we've been burned by him too many times. When it looks like it's set up for Lou to play huge minutes and score a lot of points, something always seems to happen. Everything is set up perfectly for Lou to dominate since he's the current starting shooting guard for the Hawks. A spot that was left vacant after the Joe Johnson trade.

But you know what? I'm not falling for it this time. How do I know he won't be benched for his chucking and bad defense? Devin Harris is sitting on the bench, and Teague could slide over to the shooting guard spot in the starting line up. I love Lou, but he just seems to have a lot of bad luck. Which is why I'm not touching him. I'm gonna have to say "Oh, no thank you" here.

Miami Heat Players Not Named LeBron, Wade, and Bosh

The Big 3 is the only thing remotely interesting fantasy-wise in South Beach.
The Big 3 is the only thing remotely interesting fantasy-wise in South Beach. | Source

It's no secret that not really anybody outside of the Heatles are great fantasy plays. Mario Chalmers is a decent option, but even he is not worthy of owning in every single fantasy basketball league. If you wanna know just how ugly the fantasy situation is in Miami, think about this. No player outside the Big 3 has averaged double figures in points since LeBron and Bosh infamously joined Miami. Yeah, it's that bad.

Ray Allen already showed signs of the wheels falling off last year. A bum ankle cost him 20 games last season, and when he did return he was not his normal self. He playoff numbers were a career low. Whispers coming from Miami are that he might not even be fully healthy. Seems like his ankle issue will be a problem for the rest of his career. So that's just another reason why I won't touch him.

Rashard Lewis had the worst season of his career in over a decade last year. Coming over to a stacked Miami team doesn't exactly help him. He, just like Ray Allen, should give the Heat plenty of firepower from deep range. But unfortunately, that won't translate to much in fantasy. Of anyone outside of the Big 3, Ray Allen probably has the most upside given Wade's injury history, but just stay away from all of them.

Moar Oh, No Thank You Players

No No No to all these players.
No No No to all these players. | Source
Steve Nash
Los Angeles Lakers
If you've been following my articles, you know I'm not touching him. Too many mouths to feed in LA.
Blake Griffin
Los Angeles Clippers
The most overrated player in fantasy basketball.
Serge Ibaka
Oklahoma City Thunder
He can carry you in blocks, but what else does he do? Pass.
Andre Iguodala
Denver Nuggets
Goes from an offense that he could control to an offense that doesn't really need him. No thank you.
Eric Gordon
New Orleans Hornets
Do I really have to even say anything here? Isn't Gordon always hurt? Pass.
Brook Lopez
Brooklyn Nets
Getting a lot of hype, but still can't rebound. Add the fact that the Nets have more scoring options than ever before. No thanks.
Manu Ginobili
San Antonio Spurs
He's really good on the court, but that's when he's on the court. He's rarely healthy and he's 35.
Gordon Hayward
Utah Jazz
I couldn't trust Ty Corbin as far as I could throw him.
Kyle Lowry
Toronto Raptors
Jose Calderon.
Nikola Pekovic
Minnesota Timberwolves
I still don't even know who this is.
Jameer Nelson
Orlando Magic
Looks like he could be primed for a huge year without Dwight Howard. Then he'll decide to get hurt. No gracias.
George Hill
Indiana Pacers
Team is too balanced, and he's not that great of a passer. You should want assists and steals out of your PG and Hill won't give that to you.
Kemba Walker
Charlotte Bobcats
I'm higher on Kemba Walker than most, but not high enough to warrant recommending a FG% killer like this in your everyday line up.
Evan Turner
Philadelphia 76ers
You can see the upside in Turner's game, but will he ever put it all together? Will Doug Collins give him big minutes? I'm tired of waiting, and you should be too.
Tristan Thompson
Cleveland Cavaliers
There's no doubt he has upside, but that upside is Emeka Okafor.
Tim Duncan
San Antonio Spurs
For the same reasons I don't like Steve Nash and then some. Pop will rest him on back-to-backs and rest him later in the season. The Spurs will also blowout a lot of teams.
David West
Indiana Pacers
Used to be one of my more favorite fantasy players. Always so underrated. Now he's stuck on a team that is just too balanced to justify going any where near him. His trademark blow up games will be few and far in between.
Glen Davis
Orlando Magic
I think a lot of people are gonna reach for him in drafts because of the appeal of no Ryan Anderson and Dwight. The fact of the matter is he's not a good shot blocker. He's not a good rebounder. He's inefficient from the field and the stripe. Al Harrington is the better fantasy play.


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    • GiancarloLorenzo profile imageAUTHOR

      Ray Williams 

      5 years ago from Little Rock, Arkansas

      It's been like one month.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Your predictions are mostly wrong. Monte is having a solid year, Tim Duncan is killing it(he's going to be rested later but he's a good early season pick up and be later used as trade bait, right about now), Lou is having a solid year being that 6th man, and god Kyle Lowry is superb. Kemba, serge Iblaka, Iggy... Are all having a great year. The list goes on.

    • GiancarloLorenzo profile imageAUTHOR

      Ray Williams 

      5 years ago from Little Rock, Arkansas

      I appreciate your well-thought out post. Much more posts like these are needed on hubpages in the comments section of articles. You bring a very compelling argument.

      For starters I want to say that I wouldn't completely shy away from him, especially if he just fell way too far in a draft. My reasoning for staying away from him is predicated on me believing he's not worth where he's being drafted in most leagues. His average draft position(ADP) in ESPN formats is 27.5. I can't justify taking him over somebody like Goran Dragic and Stephen Curry(if healthy) who can contribute in the same cats and can get more assists. Or guys like Paul Millsap, Greg Monroe, David Lee, Mike Conley, and even Andre Iguodala.

      The biggest reason why I'm staying away from Ellis is because I fear the one thing that made him such a great asset in fantasy will be diminished in Milwaukee. Milwaukee is a very balanced team and won't need Monta to score a lot of points on a consistent basis like the Warriors needed him to.

      His fantasy appeal has been largely due to his scoring and playing nearly 40 minutes a game. Ellis' other statistics aside from steals aren't that impressive enough from the point guard position if he's not getting nearly 25 points a night.

      I think for the first time in Ellis' career, he will be a better real-life player than a fantasy player as the Bucks make the playoffs.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      obviously you only wrote out the unforeseen, unpredictable negatives rather than pinpointing players' fantasy stats based on their skills and overall values. A trade comes some adjustment and it takes some players awhile to get comfortable with the teammates, coach, game plan on a weekly basis, and team's needs/wants.

      The Bucks ranked third in the league in assists with 23.48 per outing – their highest average in 18 seasons with Monta joining them during the mid-season. Bucks scored 100-or more points 33 times (when Monta scores 20+ PTS) and won 25 of those contests (when Monta passes 7+ AST). The team also improved and sank 10 or more 3-pointers in 12 of those contests and won 11 of them, largely due to Ellis, not because of Delfino, Ilyasova, and Jennings. There are only few combo guards ( PG, SG, G distinction) but none that can give you 20+ PTS, 2.8 3PTS, 4 REB, 8+ AST, 1.5 STL. Bucks improved as a team with Ellis on board statistically.

      The idea of Ellis glorifying with an injury to Jennings would put more focus on him as Bucks do not have another legitimate ball-handler - therefore Ellis would have a hard time getting an open shot. Last year, an ankle injury to Curry dropped Ellis' 3PT stats from .425 to .398 and his points per game dipped around 5-6 ppg. Despite the hole, Ellis posted 13 games of 30+ pts or more, 45 games of 20+ pts or more. Some may see that he's an inconsistent performer (ie., 30+ PTS one game, 14 PTS the next), and that's because he is playing for an inconsistent team last year and those duds were blow-out games in both losses and wins. You can blame Skiles for sitting him out because the team is either up or down by 20+ PTS.

      His FG% will remain a constant issue for some but someone like Kobe Bryant over last three years (2009-2011) posted similar FG% as Ellis.

      Kobe Brant: 45.6, 45.1, 43.0

      Monta Ellis: 45.1, 43.3, 43.2

      He's only 27 and starting his first full season with the Bucks. Personally, and with the likes of other panels of writers of sports, Ellis will have a great fantasy and a career year. So, why shy away from drafting him?

    • Alphadogg16 profile image

      Kevin W 

      6 years ago from Texas

      Nice Hub, although I think Andre Igoudala, who is a slasher type player will most likely thrive in Denver's run & gun style of play.

    • GiancarloLorenzo profile imageAUTHOR

      Ray Williams 

      6 years ago from Little Rock, Arkansas

      Thanks. That's what I'm kind of thinking for Monta as a Milwaukee Buck. I think for the first time in his career, he'll be a better player in real life basketball than in fantasy basketball.

    • Paul Kuehn profile image

      Paul Richard Kuehn 

      6 years ago from Udorn City, Thailand

      Good hub. If Scott Skiles gets Monta Ellis to play defense and fit in and share the ball with Jennings, Ilasova, and Dunleavy, he won't score like he did at Golden State. Voted up and sharing.


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