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Fantasy Football Madness

Updated on January 26, 2013
Championship HighRPMs
Championship HighRPMs

Aahhh, yes, I can feel it now. Fantasy Football season is upon us. Invite after invite to various leagues has me excited about my favorite season of the year. And it's not Fall, Winter, Summer or Spring. WE'RE TALKIN' FOOTBALL SEASON!

This is the time of the year, where the everyday couch potato can actually for several months, own his/her very own professional sports team! Even you can be an owner/coach! Not only do you get to call all the shots on trades, team logo, news publications and drafts, but you are also the coach. You choose who gets to start and when. If Chad Ocho Cinco is spending more time hooking up with hot chicks on his Bachelor-wannabe reality show than picking up necessary points come Sunday, you can bench him. Who cares what he makes in salary. It's up to you if he plays or not. You don't have to abide by any CBA contracts or player's union in Fantasy Football, either. It's your call.

Some owners even spend lots of resources developing fantastic logos like the one displayed in this article. This particular concept was developed by a couple of very brilliant powerhouses within the fantasy football community. As shown, It's basically a football player tucking in his football as he pops a wheelie on his crotch rocket to cut through the line of scrimmage. The developers of this concept are a team of brothers who spent countless hours and dropped some serious paper coming up with this catchy logo. It animated the HighRPMs name and will haunt any other fantasy football team owner's dreams at night for decades to come. This dynasty will far surpass the Patriots, 49'rs, Steelers, Cowboys and Packers.

Every year, owners/coaches spend countless hours scouring through scoring trends of individual players to add to their teams come draft day. They develop their own draft formulas that are aimed at creating the perfect line-up to score the most points every weekend and grab a hold of that Superbowl trophy the last week of the NFL regular season. If your team wins the glorious fantasy Lombardi, the royalties of championship stardom pile up in your mom's basement like you wouldn't believe!

And it doesn't just end there. Fantasy owners have a special communication network of their own where they can kid each other about each other's teams. This is not your normal trash talk. Some communication networks allow you to publish team articles aimed at explaining how how your team is far superior than the others. You can hire the most clever writers and photographers to create witty stories and benchmark the ultimate pictures off the world wide web. Beware, though, this takes lots of experience and talent, so most fantasy sports team owners are spending top dollar for the best personnel for this job.

The trickiest part of the most successful team owners is actually the most difficult to grasp. Some owners actually have other obligations to clients who help them pay their monthly bills. Most of the general public calls this group of people "employers", but if you ask anyone within the Fantasy Football Federation community, these situations are simply formalities to gain favorable opinions from the general public.

These obligations generally get in the way of day-to-day operations of owners who are watching the waiver wires and surprise rookies who outperform their current contracts from their office computers and emails. The best owners are able to keep their pulse on the league wilts answering the pesky emails and phone calls that seem to have the worst timing during the day. I salute any of these owners that can work around these distractions and still build a stellar team that has plenty of depth to make it through the fantasy playoff season.

If you think you have what it takes to build a well-oiled machine of a fantasy football team, this is the right time! If you have trouble finding a league that's best for you, just check the underground networks in your normal social circles. Almost everyone knows someone that can help you get your foot into the door of the most amazing journey that you can experience as a sports fan. The possibilities are endless, and the explosion of fame, infamy, and boatloads of big-corporation money are a few clicks away on your computer.


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