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Fantasy Football Woes

Updated on October 18, 2015

I have been involved in Fantasy Football for awhile now.....But this has got to be the worst year ever..

I have some good players, two great quarterbacks for example in the person of Russell Wilson and Cam Newston, and a solid defense with the Baltimore Ravens defense but I have been getting spanked for the last five weeks which is why I'm 0-4-1...GRIMACE!!!!

Yes, I did manage to squeeze out a tie last week, but just a tie...Can someone help me and give me a victory this week.....

...Go Givin' Em The Blues...Right now, only one getting the blues is me..and I need a turn around bad or I will be heading to the Suckabowl...

Oh well, lets hope week five is magical and I get a change of luck? I have even maneuvered and got other players like Boldin and others......I really do need to turn this thing around...


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    • bluesradio profile image

      Marc Lee 4 months ago from Durham, NC

      This year is over and it was only slightly better and I had great quarterbacks...Watson of Houston, Sam Bradford of Minnesota and Aaron Rodgers of Green Bay...Too bad they all got injured early in the season, I made some tactical mistakes and had other misfortunes...yes, another losing season but at least I won the Survivor contest.....a small victory but a victory nonetheless.....